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cmeu ,

His “art” looks like it’s just him going places and taking pictures of flipping the bird at some landscapes? Edgy

cmeu ,

Same been running netdata for years. They’re monetizing now where it used to just be free. Good for them, it’s a great product. And it’s foss

cmeu OP ,

Whom created capitalism, or any economic strategy?

cmeu OP ,

How does this Wikipedia argument address whether or not we’re a blight, or if we should be?

cmeu OP ,

I don’t know what human nature truly is, or if there can be a singular definition.

However, judging by the historical record, we seem to be quite good at exploiting things and beings for our own benefit at their expense, which doesn’t really make a compelling case for worthiness

cmeu OP ,

Great, but why are you convinced?

cmeu OP ,

I agree that existence is truly a wonder.

Yet I don’t see how everything else being great around us means we’re so great for just seeing it all… I’d ask, a net positive to what group? Our own, of course, because we procreate. But… at what cost? Does the cow share your zeal for humanity, you know

Is the point of existence merely for wonders to be observed?

cmeu OP ,

This perspective is really interesting to me

I have admit,I tend to agree. I make comments like “individual people are smart, but people at large… they’re idiots” it’s the way I can rationalize how we’re facing a rematch of Biden v Trump in the US the year… And other things that defy reason

But in weighing the positives and the negatives of the totality of our impact - how many good small acts does it take to overcome a Khmer Rouge? What about when those loving families are torn apart by religion, patriotism, morality etc and the angels fight? Conflict, like death and taxes, seems undeniable - maturity, much less so

cmeu ,

I think many of the people in Palestine felt betrayed that they did not use the words cease fire. When faced with this existential crisis, nothing less is acceptable.

The icj used language that practically meant cease fire, but mid east news expressed disappointment.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you’re admonishing “Western” media, but if that was the perspective you heard - No cease fire was called for - it probably accurately represents the sentiment of many of the people there.

The South Africans understood what the icj said, and their comments immediately following the decision illustrated that.

Scientists show how ‘doing your own research’ leads to believing conspiracies — This effect arises because of the quality of information churned out by Google’s search engine (

Scientists show how ‘doing your own research’ leads to believing conspiracies — This effect arises because of the quality of information churned out by Google’s search engine::Researchers found that people searching misinformation online risk falling into “data voids” that increase belief in conspiracies.

cmeu ,

I’ve seen this myself - so you could say this article confirms my bias. People who otherwise appear to be reasonable and intelligent - they are falling for what seem obviously untrue. But after doing research, and seeing the same ideas regurgitated in many places, it gives credence to the original idea.

This happens over and over again and I think people exacerbate the problem by then engaging in dialogue with other users, where they argue and become entrenched. Now their ego is tied to this position and changing course based on new information means admitting something they’d rather not . .

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