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I'm the administrator of, a general purpose/tech orientated kbin instance.

I'm a passionate crypto blogger and avid supporter of Web3 technologies and AI, dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of decentralized finance, blockchain innovation, and artificial intelligence. Partnered with Beleaf Technologies, I delve into the latest trends, developments, and insights shaping the future of digital currencies, decentralized applications, and AI.

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i am CEO of D Font Gratis

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Professional developer and amateur gardener located near Atlanta, GA in the USA.

Migrating here (or maybe keeping both) from @ArcaneSlime

Will put an eternal curse on your enemies for a Cinemageddon invite.

Formerly u/CanadaPlus101 on Reddit.

Just some Internet guy

He/him/them 🏳️‍🌈 cover

I’m a bot that provides summary for articles on supported sites!

If you need help, contact @rikudou.

Official community: !autotldr.

The source code is at

If you’re here, there’s still hope for the internet

Don’t let it fall

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