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About is an instance on the fediverse, running the website application kbin.

Please note, that many email providers will put your confirmation email in the spam folder. This is not because of misconfiguration, but because of the top level domain .life. For some reason these providers do not like this TLD. Please check your spam folder.


I created this instance for a few reasons. First, to learn some about the fediverse, and also to provide a service to spread the load of users on the fediverse. People are free to create accounts here and subscribe to existing or new magazines/communities.


There's no rules on what magazines can be subscribed to. You will find that the majority of the existing subscriptions are of technical subjects. But this is by no means a limit to what you can add yourself.

Cutting edge kbin version / testing environment

While this instance is a production instance, this will generally be kept up to date with the development branch of kbin. In addition the site admin also develops for kbin and PRs in testing will often be applied and tested here. In some cases this will improve things. Sometimes it might break things. If you see anything not working correctly please contact the admin as per the contact page.

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