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why is such a toxic queerphobic shithole?

i have had multiple times where my comments were removed for being lightly snarky to a bigot meanwhile they’re allowed unabated making shitty comments about my queerness. like most recently the mods of /c/fediverse on removed my entire post announcing the new sharkey instance at for no reason just...

Is everyone so depressed now partially because modern science has probably proven there is no god / afterlife?

By that I mean, it must be an inherently comforting thing to think - we inherently know this and want there to be something after death, because it feels right, or more meaningful. There’s a reason basically every civilization ever has some sort of afterlife ethos....

Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.

I am potentially looking at buying a new car in next coming months. I’m looking at the Nissan rogue because my current car is Nissan and I’ve been pleased with it for the past 12 years and I would like the extra room an suv has. The only thing I don’t like is that the majority of suvs are AWD. Nissan does make the rogue in...

How do I get over this regret about missing an interesting video opportunity?

I regret something and could use some advice on how to move past it. Recently, I was browsing YouTube and saw a comment from someone asking for help removing a stuck ring because their finger had swelled in the morning. I responded with a possible solution. A few minutes later, I deleted that comment and reposted the same...

Do people still sculpt? Any sculptors here on Lemmy?

I’m confident the answer to the initial question is “yes”, but in my little corner of the world I’ve never met a sculptor - no students, no teachers, no amateurs or professionals - and I don’t recall hearing about significant sculptures being erected anywhere in the last few decades....

What do to if I survive a nuclear blast in my city?

I recently saw a comment chain about nuclear bombs, and that led me to thinking about this. Say there is a nuclear explosion in the downtown of my US city. I survive relatively fine, but obviously the main part of the city has been destroyed, while major zones extending from the center were also badly damaged. What would be a...

Why are there "driveway connections by permit only" signs on roads?

I get signs telling you there’s a bump ahead, or deer might run out in front of you, but I’ve never understood why there are signs telling people not to build unlawful driveways. Are that many people doing it on a daily basis in that area that they need a fully visible sign? Surely it’s just an ordinance, why does it need...

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