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Is rpi still the single board go-to?

Hey all, I’m looking to build a couple dashboards out around my house. I’ve done this before with rokchip boards and they are… fine, but not great. Is rpi the best option right now? Are there alternatives you really like? I’d like to keep it a single board to easily mount behind things where it doesn’t take up a lot of...

Problems running *arr stack on Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone, I have a Raspberry Pi 4B with 2GBs of RAM. I am trying to run all the *arr stack via docker containers(5 or 6 containers) but this causes my Raspberry Pi to lag very much. I could not use any of the stack’s web interface or SSH to the pi during the lag and to fix it I had to reset the pi....

Good mini PC for around 100€

My current setup consists of a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4gb RAM and a 1tb external SSD. I’m thinking of getting a used mini PC for around 100€ to replace that tho because it would give me a lot more power and especially RAM (I currently need to use an 8gb swap file). My plan so far is to get a used mini PC that’s quiet, has a...

What's a simple logging service?

Hiya, I’m looking to keep track of my different services in hosting via Unraid. Right now I’m hosting roughly 12 different services, but would be nice to have the logs of all my services in one place, preferably with a nice GUI. Are there any such services that could easily connect to the different docker containers I have...

Is it normal for a new lemmy instance to display n+1 registered users on the status page?

I created a lemmy instance and noticed the stats on the index page showed that the instance had 2 users registered, even though only the admin account existed at that point. I created a second account, and now it shows 3 users. However, the database query SELECT name from person WHERE local=‘t’; only shows only the admin...

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