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Building a from-scratch IP-KVM/Pikvm board. Tips?

I have a spare SBC (Pine A64 LTS) that I currently have no other use for, and recently I got the idea of turning it into an IP-KVM. However, the software support for this board is a little middling, and the board’s been somewhat overlooked by the community. That leaves me with no ready-made solutions for turning this board...

Doorbell kamera solution

Hi, anyone have any good self hosted solution for a doorbell camera? What I need is to have the option to look at who is at the door and be able to actuate a lock (relay operated). I have a cheap Chinese brand solution, but it uses an unknown cloud solution and is very unreliable. A phone app would be fine, but if there’s a...

Never buy .xyz

I just wanted to post this here because I want to help you all and hurt as much as possible. I had a .xyz domain through which I used to host jellyfin, homeassistant, and other basic things for friends and family. My domain recently became inaccessible without any notice. After a while of troubleshooting, I found...

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