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Richard_Littler , to random avatar

🧵 Recently, I set out to create new digital artwork that can't be replicated/imitated by . AI's Achilles heel seems to be its failure to deliver true details, or rather that its complex imagery is actually specious - the illusion of detail that often doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
With this in mind, I came up with this artwork called 'A Drawing of the Shelf Unit Beside My Desk on February 27th 2024 at 2:35pm'....

Richard_Littler OP , avatar

This is the first in a series of 'non-AI-able' digital illustrations.
(I think it probably helps to be for something like this.

Kencf618033 , avatar

@Richard_Littler @actuallyautistic Fascinating and instructive. Thank you. Feeding prompts generates which is, quite literally, surreal, which variants of sheer automatism I call "Pam In Lojbanland".

yianiris , to linux avatar

Corporate Spam Bot

is a booster-bot not really of linux, I would say ANTI-LINUX, and promotes constantly marketing by 3-4 corporations that seek to dominate linux and displace all alternatives.


Portrays as linux the products of IBM (systemd, Qt-corporation) and the distros that promote them by prohibiting alternatives.

BAN the corporate spam bot from all servers!

yianiris OP , avatar

The majority of people speak of junk/fast food 3 brands of soda, 2, 3 brands of coffee/tea, 2 brnands of tropical fruit ,3 brands of power-drinks, 3 brands of beer,
as nutrition, 2 brands of phone OSs, and it is all crap if not bad for you.

So what is your point?

What is popular is what has been marketed, and it is usually both dominant and a very poor alternative to what it sells for.


Rustmilian , (edited ) avatar

You should just block 99% of Linux insistence if you’re that butt hurt over what’s popular.
Also, the Linux community consistently doesn’t give a rats ass about marketing, we only care about what works well.
X11/Xorg for example is dying not “because of marketing”, it’s dying because it an unmaintainable mess with numerous unfixable problems and downright design flaws. That’s why in collaboration with Xorg devs created and develop Wayland.

giotras , to science Italian

Pacific Islands Academy of Sciences and Humanities: A Pivotal Step Towards a Resilient Future


sleepstimulant , to random avatar

i’m a bit confused on how to find communities and edit my profile… but overall this is a pretty cool platform.

i think once i find my people, it’ll be even more enjoyable :) if you see this, and would like to be friends.. add me (or whatever) hahah

sleepstimulant OP , avatar

@itsmeholland oh, no way! thank you so much :) i’ll definitely try to find/get into some groups soon hahah

itsmeholland , avatar

@sleepstimulant yeah! I follow @tea now, & @actuallyautistic i think. :)

selzero , to random avatar

Fill in the blanks.

I am often mistaken as ______, because ______

I'll go first.

I'm often mistaken as an adult, because I happen to have been born half a century ago.

Vincarsi , avatar

@selzero I am often mistaken as flirting, because people think my smile is pretty.


I am often mistaken as angry, because I'm trying to not be mistaken as flirting.

@actuallyautistic problems....

gutenberg_org , to random avatar

English novelist, biographer, memoirist, historian and short story writer E. F. Benson died in 1940. Benson was a precocious and prolific writer. His first book was Sketches from Marlborough, published while he was a student. He started his novel-writing career with the fashionably controversial Dodo. The Mapp and Lucia series, written relatively late in his career, consists of six novels and two short stories. via @wikipedia

E. F. Benson at PG:

Title page of Miss Mapp, 1922.

riggbeck , avatar

@gutenberg_org @wikipedia

Huge fan of the Mapp & Lucia series. I even made the pilgrimage to Rye, an almost perfect match for Tilling in the novels, where Benson lived while writing them. Specific places were repurposed for the narrative, so you can read the books and accurately follow in the footsteps of the characters.

I think of Mapp & Lucia as two dinosaurs locked in an epic struggle for dominance, while constrained by the social rules of the 1930s.

clmorgan , to random avatar

My non-scientific observation of the major social media outlets people use for

It looks like some people are either sticking or have migrated back to twitter.

Blue sky is a bit diffuse and quiet.

Masto is also pretty quiet! Not a lot of discussion, just broadcast.

Linked in seems to have had an uptick in use, fairly bombastic "I'm delighted to announce-y" but it is useful.

Tiktok archaeology is still a bit siloed and a lot of the major players promote tours or discuss news.

clmorgan OP , avatar

The great fragmentation runs apace.

ClaireFromClare , avatar

@clmorgan Maybe & & the new abilities to consolidate comments may bring discussion together again?

I have been pondering the fragmentation of comments here on Mastodon (different readers see different parts of a discussion), & more importantly their impermanence (we can go to "original page" to see all, but replies may be purged). Having a copy of record on a site under personal control might be good. Fellow-historians, any thoughts or models?

@kawulf @lizcovart @histodons

giotras , to science Italian
giotras , to science Italian
taladar ,

There can’t be more than a couple of thousand tons of satellites up there considering how expensive it is to launch stuff into orbit.

cmnybo ,

It’s negligible compared to the amount of space dust that enters the atmosphere and burns up every day.

kaiserkiwi , to random avatar

I'm so tired of reading about mass layoffs.

andrew , (edited ) to selfhosted avatar

Feishin: An open source self-hosted music player that can connect to your Navidrome and Jellyfin libraries


HotChickenFeet ,

Anyone with Navidrome should consider trying this. It provides a means to create & modify the smart playlists graphically & makes it easier to rate songs with stars vs the web UI

khorak ,

Symfonium is great, it supports a bunch of sources and works really well. Absolutely worth supporting the dev (check his ko-fi too)!

neko , to random avatar

Help. need a job. Ive been counting for 1 years as a senior counter. Numbers ive counted include 4, 5, 7, 13, 2627.. etc . My hobbies include a few numbersm... i will make a good counter, you just need to trust me. Thanks again

Available March 2rd.

Thanks again

I am available on march the 2rd

thanks one more time.

neko OP , avatar

@pernia im... i need a job... huntry...

pernia , avatar


FeralRobots , to random avatar
FeralRobots OP , avatar
peachfront , avatar

@weirdwriter @bookstodon @FeralRobots

i don't know that anybody reads on Inkitt, tech bros like this kind of thing because they want to sell to credulous investors not because they think they're going to get any readers

AFAICT, nobody reads serial fic in English anywhere except wanna-be writers, so while Inkitt sorta does seem like a pyramid scheme, the writers do know what the (lousy) deal is in advance & it's on them if they publish there anyway

Herr_Dings_aus_Bums , to random German avatar

Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu hier und suche Mitmenschen mit mit welchen ich mich austauschen kann.

Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking for people with with whom I can exchange ideas.

Dr_Obvious , avatar

Hi! Neben dem kannst du am besten auch hinzufügen und der Gruppe @actuallyadhd folgen oder diese anschreiben.

Herr_Dings_aus_Bums OP , avatar

@Dr_Obvious @actuallyadhd vielen vielen Dank für den Tipp!

Mrfunkedude , to random avatar

Can anyone point to a good resource on how to be a better parent to an autistic adult?

I really feel like I'm swimming in circles and I'm not always sure I'm being the advocate and support that she needs me to be.

Any help from other parents of autistic adults is welcome. If you're not autistic or the parent of someone who is, please don't comment.

Thank you, and please boost for reach.

samhainnight , avatar

@Mrfunkedude Also, follow the hashtag for insights from autistic adults. But don't post under it, as it's for Autistic people.

@actuallyautistic is a good follow too, same rules.

nddev , avatar


That's good advice.

If you have questions, you can also post using the AskingAutistics hashtag.

@Mrfunkedude @actuallyautistic

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