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@kcarr2015 Fionnula Flanagan is a legend. @allstartrek

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See, this is downside of living for 100s of years, the insane litigation you'd end up being open to!

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@kcarr2015 Yeah, the whole "is this person still that person" was interesting. It's one thing that Star Trek does pretty well presenting these dilemmas, Measure of Man, is another case, as well as the VOY episode where the Doctor wrote a holonovel and his publisher is like, you're not a person so this work belongs to us. @allstartrek

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My first client is late today, so y'all get my braindumps this morning. I am 46. I guess that's in the window of possibly starting to experience . I haven't been able to determine if my temp regulation issues are because of or perimenopause. But they started getting really bad last yr. My husband had bought this same Wave Cooling Bracelet for his dad when he was going through chemo. It had helped him, so he bought one for me. 1/

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@Ilovechai @actuallyautistic
As a teen I would never have discussed anything to do with menstruation with my male GP, or in the presence of any other man. My male partner is more at ease on that count even now, compared to me.

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@Susan60 @actuallyautistic
🥹 I understand. There are generations of patriarchal socializing and shaming 😒 that produce an unsafe and female body shaming environment. It's in the water as the say... has come a ways, but there's a ways more to go.

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@ApproachingSteed @bookstodon

Fantastic! Thank you! 🙏🙌😁

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Landed in Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France. Apx. flt. time 9 h 25 min.

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~ 4,740 gallons (17,944 liters).
~ 31,770 lbs (14,410 kg) of jet fuel used.
~ $26,546 cost of fuel.
~ 50 tons of CO2 emissions.

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"And the Band Played On is a 1993 American television film docudrama directed by Roger Spottiswoode. The teleplay by Arnold Schulman is based on the best-selling 1987 non-fiction book And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic by Randy Shilts, and is noteworthy for featuring both a vast historical scope, as well as an exceptionally sprawling cast."

Matthew Modine, Alan Alda, Ian McKellen, Richard Gere, Lily Tomlin, Swoosie Kurtz, Steve Martin, etc.

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I was looking up the scientists involved and apparently Dr. Don Francis (Director of CDC's AIDS Laboratory Activities) is dyslexic.

According to Wikipedia, it was his dyslexia that led him to science, as subjects where reading was a central focus were difficult for him. (UC Berkeley undergrad, UCLA Med Center residency).


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I saw elsewhere here someone saying to stop using because it's ultimately camping food. One of my friends recommended it & my order came today. I'm sharing because for many people food prep is very draining & getting the we need can be a challenge. I have the privilege of a very thoughtful & culinary partner who's kept me fed for over 2 decades. But this new career post gradschool has messed up my eating routine & I hope this will be a good supplement.

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Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure


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Judging by my bank account I’m transitioning to non-profit status as well.

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These are delicious. Needs more pickle imho

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@decryption paging @potatochipwatch

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Friends of mine in education want to join Mastodon, for education-focused accounts. (Yay!)

I am looking for instances to recommend to them that:

  • Are a good home for a K12 (and sometimes K16) education account.
  • Have good moderation.
  • Stable instance, probably going to last for a while.
  • probably not a massive instance, medium-sized is better.

I'm aware of

If you have recs, please share. Thank you!

@edutooters 1/3

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Surprised no one has suggested Knowledge Commons as an instance that is a haven for scholarly people. Perhaps more in higher education, but K12 educators would be welcome and well taken care of with the good moderation. Formerly Humanities Commons, it has expanded into STEM education and other fields to be more inclusive. Based at Michigan State University, it has government grants and other support to sustain its services.

I also recommend Knowledge Commons for blogging or maintaining a free Website. I was just starting to discuss research repositories and criticizing Academia Edu at without having space to suggest open access alternatives like Knowledge Commons. Its repository welcomes teaching materials, syllabi, and all sorts of genres, to which I've been happy to contribute, at

@ShaulaEvans @edutooters @academicchatter @academicsunite @hello

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Landed in Austin, Texas, United States. Apx. flt. time 2 h 36 min.

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~ 1,310 gallons (4,957 liters).
~ 8,777 lbs (3,981 kg) of jet fuel used.
~ $7,334 cost of fuel.
~ 14 tons of CO2 emissions.

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IV Regiment of “the Great Prince Konstantin Konstantinovic“ returned from the Wars to station at four o`clock in the afternoon on the 3rd August 1913, where it was welcomed and greeted by a great number of Belgrade citizens.The regiment then went to the camp in Banjica to join the troops which paraded through the capital city, particularly ready for the official reception of the victors on the 11th August 1913.

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Courtesy of Jugoslovenska Kinoteka ( ).

Subtitles available in CC.


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Can anyone help me find a novel I enjoyed years ago, set in a village on the rocky Cornish coast?

The main character had come to live there and finds himself drawn quietly into the community. He owns a small boat, moored on a river that opens into a bay which is guarded at the sea-edge by dangerous rocks where ships have been lost, and where one historical tragedy in particular is scored into local memory. Eventually, there's the need for a rescue to be attempted.

Anyone know it?

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@DavidBridger someone in the Dutch book group @boeken who knows this?

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@Maker_of_Things and any other bookworms, you might like this...

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Paging @Kuchenschwarte and @bookstodon and @onezero and @kaltmamsell and ... everyone who loves books, sewing, pockets OR ALL OF THOSE!!

Great Video and account, thanks to
@suearcher and @Maker_of_Things for sharing!

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