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As part of the fediverse, some information about you and your use is shared with other instances (servers) within the

The type of data we collect

When you create a post, comment or interact in any way with content stored on this instance, or any other fediverse
instance information will be collected and stored locally.

User registration

During user registration the following data is collected and stored in our database.

  • Your username
  • Your email address
  • A one way hash and salt for your password. This can only be used to verify the password and is not the password itself

User registration using google login

When registering a user, using your google login, the following data is collected and stored in our database.

  • Your username
  • Your google email address
  • Your google profile id. This is a numeric value that is used to link your profile on with your google profile.

We collect this data so that we can identify when you login, and send emails to you such as for user activation. Your email address and password hash will never be shared outside of our database.

General site usage

During browsing of the site, we collect the following information via logging in the web server.

  • IP Address
  • Resource accessed (the page being visited, or images loaded*)
  • User Agent (this contains information about your browser product and version, operating system and system configuration)

* images from are not hosted from this server and is operated by cloudflare, please see their privacy policy

We collect this data to produce statistical breakdowns of visitors by region, browser, platform etc.
The detailed data is retained for 14 days.

Creating or editng a post, micro-blog or comment

When creating a content on the site, we will create information about the content created as follows

  • An ID associated with your local user data
  • The community the content is being posted to
  • The content of the post, including but not limited to subject, text and media

We collect this data so that the content can be rendered by visitors to the website and shared with other fediverse instances. The sharing is detailed later in this policy.

Liking or disliking content

When liking or disliking content, the following data will be collected and stored

  • An ID associated with your local user data
  • The community the content is being posted to
  • An ID associated with the content being liked or disliked
  • Whether you liked or disliked the content

We collect this data to ensure that the same user cannot like or dislike the same content multiple times and to ensure the like/dislike information can be rendered to visitors of the site.

The type of data we share

kbin is a fediverse application and as such this site exchanges data about the posts and comments with other instances.

Posts, comments, microblogs

  • Your fediverse identifier (username@instance)
  • The post/comment title and text

We share this data so that your content is visible to other instances such that they can render it to their visitors.


Information shared when you like a comment, post or blog entry is as follows:

  • Your fediverse identifier (username@instance)
  • The comment you liked or disliked
  • Whether you liked or disliked

We share this data so that your likes or dislikes may be visible when other instances render the content liked or disliked and to ensure the same user does not like/dislike the same content multiple times.

Information that is available publicly

Some data is available publicly. This is mainly used by other instances to look up data about users or content, but may be queried by anyone.

User Information

Information about the user can be requested. The following information is provided upon requested

  • Your fediverse identifier (username@instance)
  • Other fediverse users that are following you
  • fediverse users that you are following
  • Any text you entered in the about field in your profile
  • Your avatar

We make this available so that other instances can retrieve your user information and render it next to your content when they render it.

Posts, comments, microblogs and likes

Information about a specific post, microblog entry, comment (including like information) is made available to other federated systems but may also be queried by anyone.

  • Any post requested by post ID
  • Any comment requested by post and comment id
  • Any microblog by id
  • A list of posts, comments and microblogs made by a specified user

We make this available so that other federated instances that perhaps have only part of a comment thread, or only received information about a like can request the hierarchy of comments up to the post so they can render it in context to their users.

The list of user posts and comments is used by the web service to show content about a user being queried.


Cookies are stored for the purpose of keeping a login session between page browses and to store preferences used by the client side code to change how the data is rendered. Importantly there are no cookies used for forming a profile about a user and very specifically no advertiser cookies.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]
Fediverse @r00ty

Last updated: 09/07/2023

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