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I feel relief after pulling off my toenails, whats wrong with me?

When I pull off my toenails I feel relief. It still hurts to do but afterwards I get a sense of overwhelming calm. Ignoring the pain aspect, It’s kind of similar to the feeling of having a blocked nose become clear. Is this indicative of anything?/ does anyone else experience something similar?

Could you suggest a reputable career advisor/counselor with expertise in remote employment opportunities and immigration assistance?

Looking to develop my skills in order to get a foot in the door on a new career path but unsure where exactly to proceed, so would appreciate a good counselor suggestions if you’ve had a positive experience with them. Ideally someone who specializes in the state of things globally, not just in America.

What all youtube channels can you recommend so that i don't fall behind on movies and series trailers ? (

EDIT : I am using pipepipe which is a really good client for youtube without ads and bullshit but with added features like downloading anything, beyter search etc. Adding this because a comment told me the downvotes were because it feels like i’m seeking ads ....

"MAGA Communism" potentially becoming a threat beyond the terminally online.

I was looking at an old thread about “patsocs” and I saw the following comment, which I believe to be true - I have written this in a rush so sorry for any mistakes. EDIT: I was asked what the question was, so tl;dr it would be: is the threat of patsoc, particularly the “MAGA communism” development a significant threat...

[SOLVED] Post I was reading disappears and can't be found anymore, am I the only one.

It happens so many times that I enter Jerboa to read a (random) post, exit to go somewhere else and if I want to go back to that first post I can’t ever ever ever find it. For example I was reading the post What apps would you love to have open-source alternatives for? on [email protected], I went to search something on...

Who is the culprit: me or the married man who enabled me to develop a crush on him?

Let me be extremely clear that I am not a homewrecker and have never condoned infidelity. This married man is senior to me at work but not my direct boss. We recently worked on a project together for months and had many phone calls for at least an hour, sometimes almost two, nearly all initiated by him. It was mostly about work...

How to deal with problematic construction workers?

Next to the house where I live there was an empty lot, where now they’re building a house or something, they’ve been working since last year. At first, I didn’t payed too much attention, but then they started hammering the walls. For what I understand, when building a house you need to make your own walls and don’t use...

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