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why is such a toxic queerphobic shithole?

i have had multiple times where my comments were removed for being lightly snarky to a bigot meanwhile they’re allowed unabated making shitty comments about my queerness. like most recently the mods of /c/fediverse on removed my entire post announcing the new sharkey instance at for no reason just...

How to watch my plex media when work wifi just blocked plex?

as of today I noticed I can’t access my plex server at all when on my work’s wifi. But if i swtich to 4g i can watch plex just fine. But obviously mobile data isn’t truly unlimited high speed. And yes I only watch shit on my break. I have remote access enabled etc. Not sure what I can do?...

Help, looking for laser printer recommendations, rough around 100-200 range?

There’s so many models and companies these days and hard to know what’s quality and refills won’t cost an arm and a leg, or what long term will last at least half a decade. Previously went with Inkjet printers, but I’m done with them since I rarely print photos. TIA for any recommendations and thoughts on your...

Do you ever feel the "dormant person feeling"?

The dormant person feeling is a feeling I find myself having on the Internet often. Casually browsing the Internet, I find myself reading through threads and websites that don’t look like they’ve been updated since 2009, or 2010, or ${currentYear - 10}. Profiles that haven’t posted in so long either....

Does one have to be an iconoclast or revolutionary these days to be validly left? I consider myself to be left of center, and very much in favor of progressive policies.

However I find myself being disagreed with quite often, mostly for not advocating or cheering violence, “by any means possible” change, or revolutionary tactics. It would seem that I’m not viewed as authentically holding my view unless I advocate extreme, violent, or radical action to accomplish it....

How long does your country need to appoint a government after election

Looking at France panicking because 2 weeks after snap election there isn’t a clear majority, nor a coalition ready to propose a prime-minister to the president. What would be the standard time to do these negotiations in a functional democracy where doing coalition is common but doesn’t take years (so US and Belgium do not...

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