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"Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy [...] The software is downright frustrating to work with" - Can any other instance admins relate to this?

After a year online the free speech-focused instance ‘Burggit’ is shutting down. Among other motivations, the admins point to grievances with the Lemmy software as one of the main reasons for shutting down the instance. In a first post asking about migrating to Sharkey, one of the admins states:...

How do you get people to wash their vegetables when you're at their house and you don't wanna seem rude?

So awkward, but come on it says right there on the package to wash those mushrooms or whatever it is… You’re not their mom but you don’t wanna eat feces or whatever ended up on the produce. A quick rinse is never going to be perfect but it’s better than nothing....

As a new, one year, software developer who retrained late. How do you know when you're ready to apply for a new role with more money?

As the title states. I’ve been a software developer for a year now and work for a tiny company, where the salary isn’t amazing. I got paid more at Apple Genius Bar, but it wasn’t as challenging....

How many people actually want fully on-site IT jobs?

I’ve been looking for a new job as a software developer. The huge majority of job listings I see in my area are hybrid or remote. I just had an introductory phone call with Vizio (which didn’t specify the location type in the job listing). The recruiter told me that the job was fully on-site, which I told her was a deal...

What mundane things of our era could be seen as beautiful or admirable in the future?

For example, buildings and houses more than a hundred years old keep getting more and more rare, and often have an aesthetic that stands out, more ornate or with a particular style that most people can’t afford today or that is not financially convenient etc. But back in the day, that’s how things were built and most people...

Trying to buy right size bicycle wheel online

Needed a replacement 700C front wheel for my commuter bike after the old aluminum rim exploded like a looney tunes cannon. It’s hard enough to find the right size when there are 3 competing tire/rim sizing systems currently in use, it doesn’t help when the people selling the wheels have no idea what the numbers mean either!...

700cm wheels for a mine truck-sized bike

What is the point of nicotine patches?

I don’t get it. It’s kinda like you got to want to quit but at the same time yeah quitting is already hard for me. But I’m supposed to put it on me and somehow I get a form of nicotine without smoking. It’s like how am I supposed to get used to it. I will even take the patch off try to save it for later just so I can...

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