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Hiker, software engineer (primarily C++, Java, and Python), Minecraft modder, hunter (of the Hunt Showdown variety), biker, adoptive Akronite, and general doer of assorted things.

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Greater Idaho movement: 13 counties in eastern Oregon have voted to secede and join Idaho (

On Tuesday, voters in Crook County passed measure 7-86, which asked voters if they support negotiations to move the Oregon/Idaho border to include Crook County in Idaho. The measure is passing with 53% of the vote, and makes Crook County the 13th county in eastern Oregon to pass a Greater Idaho measure.

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Look at lemmy. Same country, different laws per instance and different laws in the communities.

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The country is Lemmy the software itself.

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It could become independent with sufficient funding. I think that’s part of the idea.

Though, being able to use other indexes is likely still helpful.

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All these stories make me feel good about my habit of locking the car doors the second I sit down in the driver’s seat.

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I was on a hiking trail … I could see at least 50 meters/yards back.

I stopped and took a couple pictures of some deer super close to the trail. Looked back, then kept walking… Nobody there.

A matter of moments later, I hear footsteps behind me. I had headphones on but I wasn’t playing my music very loud. I take a quick glance back, the guy is wearing a grey T-shirt, a blue ball cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers. Literally the most generic outfit you can possibly have and he’s looking at the ground so I can’t see his face.

I decided to call my friend who’s always home on my phone. He picks up and I just start some BS conversation. Probably 15 seconds later, the dude vanished just as quickly as he’d come.

I don’t know if he was just a really fast walker and my situational awareness was way off that day, but it did freak me out.

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Do they actually require it or do they “require” it.

A lot of things that are browser based “require” Windows or Mac but don’t actually require it.

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You should be worried about being on any Windows computer connected to the Internet that Microsoft is no longer patching period…

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Oh christ…

Is there a website that collects Donald Trump's most incoherent speeches and tweets?

Sorry if this is the wrong community for this. I’m looking for a compilation of Trump’s most rambling moments (e.g., “Look, having nuclear”; Gettysburg being beautiful; etc.). Does anyone know of any sites that would have something like this? Thank you!

Dark_Arc , avatar…/trump-claims-database/

This is the best database I know of but it’s also old now… And more oriented on lies

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Some of those apps are optional but advertised as if they aren’t. For instance, I’ve yet to encounter a router that actually needs the app to set it up, but most will tell you to do that rather than trying to give you the “old school” instructions.

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I mean, the purchasing model was fine. It was like any other game store. It’s just it was a new service and lots of people already had existing libraries they wanted to take with them … which just isn’t how that sort of thing normally works. Particularly with the way Google had it designed so that you could play purchased games without a subscription.

Trump floats idea of three-term presidency at NRA convention (

Donald Trump flirted with the idea of being president for three terms – a clear violation of the US constitution – during a bombastic speech for the National Rifle Association in which he vowed to reverse gun safety measures green-lighted during the Biden administration....

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Trump can’t be both “different from everyone else” and “everyone’s worries about the guy are unfounded, he’s just another politician.”

While I know you didn’t say he’s the same, per se, you might as well by comparing alarms that Obama or Romney are going to be forever presidents to the guy literally “joking” about being a forever president that’s taken possibly criminal steps to subvert the results of an election already.

It’s not just the fringe paranoid folks saying “this could be the end of democracy as we know it if Trump wins.”

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The reason the US and Canadian governments are doing this is to stop that $10k car from destroying the auto motive industry in North America resulting in layoffs that make the recent tech layoffs look like peanuts.

I agree we need cheaper EVs in North America, I want one too… There’s an Ars Technica article where Ford basically goes “we thought everyone wanted expensive trucks … we made those electric … we realize we missed the mark, we’re going to work on smaller, cheaper, EVs.” So, they are coming hopefully within the next couple of years.

I’m not sure how important manufacturing still is to the Canadian economy, but for the US economy … trying to protect domestic production is important (and we should’ve done it years ago instead of letting cheap Chinese imports destroy a large amount of the factories in North America).

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That reduces a lot of relevant context, like why they needed the 08 bailouts in the first place, how many times they’ve been bailed out, and the fact that China has heavily subsidized these cars to the point that even if they were making the same vehicle, it would be significantly more expensive.

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Well… That sucks. It looked like a decent update on Dirt Rally 2 as well

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Agree on the first part … disagree on the latter.

Joe has invested heavily in domestic production of “the next generation of technology” (chips, solar panels, electric vehicles, etc).

This is in no small part about protecting that … and I don’t think there’s much in terms of negotiating that China could do here.

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This reminds me of the new game Andrew Gower and his brothers have been working on, Brighter Shores. It’s a pure passion project based on a from scratch game engine that was created to make programming (even massively) multiplayer online games much easier.

The goal isn’t profit but rather, to have fun, and make a cool enjoyable game. He’s said they’ve made more than enough money from the sale of Jagex and RuneScape back in the day (which FWIW, he regrets that sale and a lot of what has happened at Jagex/to RuneScape).

I love to see game developers (and people in general that … “make it” and then go “you know what, I do have enough”).

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That sounds like a really cool title for a game if nothing else!

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I’m opposed to the idea, we’ve got enough people that think their ideas need to be broadcast to everyone in the world.

Why Didn't Democrats Do More When They Controlled Both Houses of Legislature, The White House, and The Supreme Court During Obama's First Term?

I’ve been wondering for a bit why during the time the Democrats controlled the legislature, executive, and judicial branches during Obama’s first term in 2008 more wasn’t accomplished. Shouldn’t that have been the opportunity to make Row V Way law and fix the electoral college? I understand the recession was going on but...

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Not to mention this was the first 2 years, the years an administration is typically least effective.

If Biden gets years 4-6 with a democrat majority in the house and senate it will be a big deal.

Fewer people in the US plan to buy EVs this year, study shows (

The number of buyers in the U.S. considering an electric vehicle purchase in 2024 has fallen from a year ago due to a shortage of affordable cars, inadequate charging infrastructure and ignorance about EV benefits, a study by J.D. Power, opens new tab has shown....

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their only hope for a cheap option was artificially doubled in price overnight

Not true.…/ford-rethinks-ev-strategy-is-wo…

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I’m waiting on the EV makers to pivot away from huge vehicles (…/ford-rethinks-ev-strategy-is-wo…). I’m waiting for better charging infrastructure or at the very least a consensus on what plug is going to be used. I’m waiting for cars to be able to power homes during a power outage.

I don’t think this is far away, maybe 2025 or 2026. However, it’s not a great couple of years to buy right now. As I have a Camry in pretty good condition and don’t drive a ton … I fully intend to wait until I’m really ready to buy. As much as I want an EV, I want a good EV not debt for the sake of an ideal.

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If you turn completely around are you going to same direction you were when you started?

I think it’s valid that it’s “completely turned my life around” and “I pulled a 180 and changed my life.”

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I’m with the other person, virtue signaling in words is not helping the issues.

I do not believe the homeless community came out and said “I hate the word homeless, call me unhoused.” There issue is AFAIK with houses, not name calling.

Saying “unhoused people” instead of “homeless people” doesn’t make them sound any more like a person; it’s just a different qualifier.

EDIT: Even worse in this case, there are a number of people that are trying to use “unhoused” to distance “homeless” from the traditional image of an unemployed person that may or may not be asking for money on a street corner. They want to capture people that may have employment but live in a car or something.

Like… This is pretty clearly about the former (someone struggling to make ends meet and begging for moeny), not someone struggling to buy a house.

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The term homeless people puts the emphasis on homeless, and allows NIMBYs to forget that these people are, in fact, people.

I really think this needs to be challenged. Sociologists need to prove this actually has some positive effect; I don’t believe it does. Particularly in this case, homelessness was not an offensive term.

We just get ourselves into pointless debates about the politeness of a particular term, people looked down upon for “using an outdated term to talk about the issue” (and patting themselves on the back for “doing something for the issue”), while real people endure real suffering.

I don’t believe anyone is going to suddenly see a person as a person because someone told them “we’re relabeling that.” If they’re the dude in this article, they’re going to roll their eyes and keep handing out fake money until people actually hold them accountable for their bad behavior.

This is not much different than the former University of Akron president trying to rebrand the university as “Ohio Polytechnic Institute” (to community outrage I might add).

The left wing of the US needs to stop relabeling shit and actually do something about it. Even at the local level, we have way too many mayors trying to solve homelessness by spending extra money to make urban design hostile to homeless people. That’s not Republicans, that’s not the labeling, that’s a failure of the establishment to actually address affordable housing concerns and gaps in the social safety net.

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It’s the WSJ, it’s the Fox News of print. It’s going to have that “mostly true, but also any regulation is bigger than life” vibe.

NYTimes reported on different forms of this bill way back in December when things were still in infancy…/wall-street-housing-market.html

If signed into law, the legislation, called the End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act of 2023, could upend a growing sector of the housing market, and potentially increase the supply of single-family homes available for individual buyers. Homeownership, long a cornerstone of generational wealth in the United States, is increasingly out of reach for Americans as home prices and interest rates soar.

In separate legislation, Representatives Jeff Jackson and Alma Adams of North Carolina, both Democrats, introduced the American Neighborhoods Protection Act on Wednesday. That bill would require corporate owners of more than 75 single-family homes to pay an annual fee of $10,000 per home into a housing trust fund to be used as down payment assistance for families.

The bills were introduced three months after The New York Times published a story examining the impact of corporate-backed investment on Charlotte, N.C., where, in 2022, investors purchased 17 percent of the city’s homes in cash, often outcompeting first-time buyers who rely heavily on mortgages.

Investors buying up 17% of a city with nearly a population of 900,000 people is just nuts. If you say 4 people per household, that’s roughly 38,250 homes.

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No, because it’s more about the curation algorithm than it is about the data or privacy.

Regulating curation is a clear violation of free speech laws for citizens, but foreign entity that controls TikTok has no such protections. Giving them this protection could be a dangerous precedent.

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This is a really good read about how TikTok regulation fits into the historic skew of legal precedence and past regulation…/677806/

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Ironically going to use Kagi to summarize the blog post:

Kagi is trying to expand into too many different products and services beyond just their search engine, which is stretching their resources too thin.

Kagi spent a significant portion of their funding (1/3) to set up a t-shirt printing business to give away free t-shirts to their first 20,000 users, which seems like a questionable financial decision.

Kagi was not paying sales tax for two years and had to retroactively pay up, indicating potential financial mismanagement.

Kagi is heavily focused on developing AI tools and features, to the point where the author believes it is becoming the main focus over improving the core search functionality.

The author is very critical of Kagi’s founder Vlad’s dismissive attitude towards privacy concerns and his belief that email addresses are not personally identifiable information.

Vlad has a “my way or the highway” management style and is unwilling to consider feedback or criticism about Kagi’s direction.

Kagi’s dedication to privacy is questionable, as the founder does not seem to take many privacy concerns seriously.

The author believes Kagi’s AI-powered features like “FastGPT” and the “Universal Summarizer” are inaccurate and unreliable.

The author is skeptical about Kagi’s long-term sustainability and viability as a business.

Overall, the author has lost faith in Kagi due to the company’s questionable financial decisions, overreliance on AI, and the founder’s dismissive attitude towards user concerns.

I did actually read the post (and I think this is actually my second time seeing this). I’m majorly unconvinced by the author … and yes, the criticized AI summarizer is that good. I regularly use it after reading something to share the details with friends (or get a rough idea of what’s being discussed and decide if I want to read something non-trivially long).

It also works on YouTube videos (presumably using the transcript) which can be a HUGE time saver.

Ultimately the search is good; it’s better than what Google offers me, and I’ve found their AI tools fairly useful (despite having distrust for GPT-style chat bots/BS generating AI, I think summerization of some specified source is something they might actually do well – the major concern of piecing together random pieces of random sources of varying integrity is largely mitigated).

Whether the company will stay private / whether it lives on beyond Vlad is the biggest concern I have with using it. However, “what’s the other (practical) option to invest in?” I find myself in a similar position with Steam and Proton (at least the latter open sources much of their work). For now anyways, the weather is fair, so I’ll stay on board.

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I am not that person, but the only way I see YaCy being useful/usable long term is as a web crawler for specific sites that you personally find high value in/regularly pruning irrelevant index data.

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I mean it’s entirely possible this was for crossplay or cross save … I doubt this is about the number of accounts created in a given year.

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Yes, but presumably you have accounts with those games? If not, you can play with people on those platforms but you can’t play with specific people on those platforms (e.g. a friend on the platform – which is the bigger deal in my mind with crossplay).

Like, the PSN account is the equivalent of a Bungie, Paradox, or Crytek account, something that allows the game developer to maintain a cross platform friends list? No?

I suppose they could use a room code invite system for crossplay but that’s way less convenient.

I never got into Hell Divers because it legit would not run on my system so I’m not super up on all the details but that’s been my impression of why they might want it.

Either way… With all the negative feedback I’m surprised they’re not screaming from the rooftops “we’ll do something else!” I understand Sony is tying their hands as well though.

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Fanatical and all of the discount sites are basically “you bought it, you own it, no refunds.” That’s part of why they offer discounts, it’s kind of a risk you take.


Issuing a chargeback for a product that was delivered could land you in court even if it works. More realistically will result in Fanatical permanently banning your account.

Never buy a game on these sites if you are at all uncertain about it. There is no refund and the key has been exposed.

Dark_Arc , avatar

Missed that part, but you’re right… They might make an exception but I wouldn’t count on it.

Dark_Arc , avatar

Yeah, the court thing was more a general thing… I doubt they’d actually do it.

All the same, I completely agree about not buying from these sites if you’re uncertain about things like this

💯 I look at them as a gamble/only buy things I’m SURE I want.

After years of being told I was part Cherokee, someone was mad that I wasn't. (

He is now denying the validity of dna tests. I don’t want to say the past 35 years of having him treat me worse than he treats his sister had anything to do with his assumptions of my dna, but he was upset to learn that I am more Irish than him. I wonder what he thought of my mother before these results…

Dark_Arc , avatar

Yeah, I had one of these in my family as well. I didn’t do the DNA test but went on ancestry and kinda pieced stuff together way back to when the majority of the family tree crossed over the Atlantic. There’s maybe one or two people that are suspect (orphan like circumstances). I can’t follow their trees or place them but I don’t have strong confidence either of them were the missing Native American. It’s made harder by the common practice of making Native Americans take more English names.

I do wonder if the DNA testing could get it wrong in any case. There are so few Native Americans still alive to collect the DNA and really get a “this is what Native American DNA looks like.” There were a lot of Native American nations before Europeans showed up … and a lot were driven to near extinction between smallpox and war.

I’m also the only man I know that’s got an effectively hairless chest naturally despite a lot of hairy European lineage… That’s been linked to Native Americans (or was at least more common) so maybe there is something to the stories. I don’t particularly want to take a DNA test to see what it would say.

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Assuming you’re in the LGBT spectrum … sorry to say even there you might not be safe if Trump gets a second term. Things have softened for the LGB so those folks might be okay, but trans folks … I’d be worried.

It also weakens purple states and national power when blue voters move out of purple states… Personally, I’d highly encourage folks moving to purple states to turn them more blue.

Michigan or Pennsylvania might be a good choice. I keep holding out for Ohio, but we need to give the gerrymandering issues (hopefully we finally will this year).

Dark_Arc , avatar

I’ll miss your vote, but I totally get it. Stay safe!

Dark_Arc , avatar

The problem is Biden has no way to speak to the people without Israel also hearing.

Dark_Arc , avatar

It’s not that simple though; Israel wants to eliminate Hamas (and they have plenty of reason for that – if Mexico attacked the US like Hamas attacked Israel, there would simply put no longer be a Mexico).

It would be tone deaf to Israel to say “leave Gaza” without that mission accomplished. They claim they don’t even want the area, they just want Hamas gone.

Furthermore, Hamas is fighting with guerilla tactics. They’re intentionally trying to provoke war crimes. Israel doesn’t have to be so dang willing to fall for the trap. However, Hamas is making it exceptionally hard to fight a clean war from what I’ve read. Citizens in the Gaza strip are not just being abused by the IDF but by Hamas.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden has his own Intel to back that all up. If it were as obvious as people want it to be, I’m pretty sure we would’ve stopped sending aid by now.

Dark_Arc , avatar

No nation disputes it’s sovereignty over it’s lands.

That’s not true, see Ukraine and plenty of other nations over history.

Mexico is also the closest to “has a terrorist organization capable of carrying out an attack near the scale of 9-11 living right next door and running the government.”

You’re right it isn’t even close because the US government would never let it get that close.

Israel geographically surrounds Palestine.

Neither the Gaza strip (where all the fighting is going on AFAIK) or the west bank are “geographically surrounded.” I checked a map because you legit made me question my geography.

One actor has the power to improve conditions in Gaza

I don’t think that’s entirely fair either. Israel can’t “fix” Palestine anymore than the US can fix the problems in Mexico … unless they take over Palestine. Nobody wants that…

They could definitely do more to let aid in. They could definitely do better about not hitting civilian targets… But this is not a “just do nothing and everything will get better silly Israel” situation. I think that’s a pretty absurd take as popular it seems here.

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You do understand Hamas, the same Hamas that attacked Israel, is effectively the government of the Gaza strip right? The Palestinian authority had no recognized authority there.

So that’s also a “terrible metaphor” because “it would be like the government of Mexico was the drug cartels, the drug cartels (which are the government) attacked the US and we in retaliation started bombing Mexico out of existence.”

There’s no perfect metaphor.

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Wait what? Like an outdoor reservoir/lake like thing or something else?

Dark_Arc , avatar

That just seems like a bad call to me in ways … Maybe this is more normal than I think, but … what if fish get in there, ducks, other animals, some runoff, etc?

Part of that is mitigated by the size I imagine but that should also apply to human urine… I would think anyways?

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What’s the bet that the shooters were also police?

What does that mean…?

Dark_Arc , avatar

What if a kid murders one of their parents? Should the other parent be jailed for bad parenting? Should the parent’s parents be jailed (if still living) for parenting a bad parent?

I think it’s an extremely flawed world view that parents have ultimate control over their child. A child is a person and a person can do some bad things no matter what the parents may have taught them.

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