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Could We Build a Decentralised Social Platform Rooted in Place? (

Over the past year or so I’ve been playing with the idea of a decentralised social platform based on your location. By putting physical location at the centre of the experience, such a platform could be used to bring communities together and provide a source of local information when travelling. Please let me know what you...

Discoverability of communities across instances

If the spirit of the fediverse is to spread everything across small instances, then i think it would be really important to make communities, especially niche communities, easier to discover across instances. Since it is not planned to crawl federated instances community catalog, i think instance admins, or maybe even the lemmy...

Russia's first politically motivated block of a Fediverse server (

Admin team of LGBTQIA.Social Mastodon instance received abuse email from Russian censorship agency, where they demanded to remove an account. The account in question represented a small group that ran a collaborative blog for LGBTQIA youth and adults in Russia....

Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice (

I realise this is a known issue and that isn’t the only instance that does this. Also, I’m aware that there are other things affecting federation. But I’m seeing some things not federate, and can’t help thinking that things would be going smoother if all the output from the biggest lemmy instance wasn’t 50%...

Regarding sublinks and feeling concerned about what is going on with it (

Right now, I’m feeling concerned and wondering what is going on in regards to Sublinks here, since I have created a community for discussion on koalas about a week ago on here and have started and been doing work on it recently. But now I’m hearing about Sublinks and feeling concerned if I created it on the wrong instance or...

Talking to Manton Reece about IndieWeb, Federation, and Personal Blogging (

We sat down and interviewed Manton Reece, the creator of Micro.Blog. Micro.Blog is an IndieWeb platform with microblogging capabilities that marries a social experience with a more traditional personal website / blogging concept. It federates via ActivityPub, and has been a part of the Fediverse since 2018.

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