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Mastodon handles lemmy communities a bit strangely, doesn't it?

I know that communities don’t translate well to Mastodon, I just find it a little odd how it seems to be a firehose of all comments in a community when viewed in Mastodon. I was expecting it to “repost” posts submitted to the community and have comments in the replies to those posts. Just something odd I was thinking...

Video playback in mastodon mobile app (

I mocked up a better workflow for video in a mastodon mobile app. I’m not a developer, just a mobile user who wants to stay in their fedi app of choice (currently Moshidon) while enjoying multimedia content and not get booted out to a web browser every time I want to watch a video or listen to a podcast. I still have no idea...

Help to crowdsource data for a comprehensive map of Reddit -> Fediverse group?

I’m resuming my work on Fediverser, and I need as much help as I can get to build the Recommended community map. This crowdsourced data will be one the key points for instance admins that want to make use of the Fediverser services, and it will help immensely for people who want to migrate away from Reddit....

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