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yarr ,

This alarming decrease in the population of notorious serial killers poses an immediate threat to our society, as it could lead to a shortage of chilling true-crime documentaries and thrilling podcast series. To address this pressing issue, we must work together towards increasing the number of active serial killers. Here are a few possible ways to do so:

Serial Killer Incubation Programs: To ensure we never run out of potential murderers, we could create incubation programs specifically geared toward nurturing future serial killer talents. By identifying young individuals with a predisposition towards violence and sociopathic tendencies, these programs would provide them with the necessary training to hone their craft. Just as Olympians train for years before they reach the pinnacle of their sport, we can develop a similar system for aspiring serial killers.

Free Education: We could offer free education to troubled youths who show a promising aptitude for serial killing. Providing them with the best resources will enable these young minds to explore advanced methods for committing multiple homicides. Subjects such as forensics, human psychology, and law enforcement tactics could be included in their curriculum. This knowledge would empower them to avoid detection while enhancing their body count.

Tax Incentives: One way to encourage individuals to take up serial killing as a profession is by offering tax incentives to those actively engaged in the practice. This would make it financially beneficial for people to become serial killers. The more victims they claim, the larger their deductions would be on their annual taxes. They’ll be able to enjoy substantial financial benefits while spreading fear across communities.

Mentorship Programs: Establishing mentorship programs would allow experienced serial killers to guide newcomers through the murky waters of their chosen career path. Veteran murderers like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy could impart their wisdom and expertise to eager apprentices, ensuring that their deadly legacies live on.

Creative Advertising Campaigns: To increase awareness about the exciting opportunities offered by serial killing, governments could initiate targeted advertising campaigns aimed at disenfranchised and socially isolated individuals. By highlighting the freedom and adrenaline rush associated with this occupation, we could inspire a new generation of predators.

In conclusion, by implementing these measures, we can revitalize the dwindling population of serial killers and ensure our true-crime enthusiasts never run out of captivating stories to consume. Additionally, the increased supply of serial killers will provide police departments with ample opportunities to showcase their skills, further cementing our commitment to public safety.

WoahWoah , (edited )

Murder “clearance” rates in the US have been declining for decades, meaning police are solving fewer and fewer murders. Unsolved killings were at record highs in 2023.

Seems to me that there are probably just less serial killers being suspected, investigated, and caught, as police continue to do less and less, rather than there being less serial killers. The United States is now basically the least effective country at solving murders in the industrialized world.

It’s absurd trying to spin police incompetence as a positive thing. Roughly 27% of murders in Oakland, CA are solved for instance. Who knows if there is a serial killer at work with that kind of solve rate?

ChaoticEntropy , avatar

A problem conceiled is a problem solved.

Mako_Bunny ,

Oh great, the millennials are killing the killing industry as well…

LillyPip ,

Most crime has declined dramatically since the 90s. And yet right wing media is scaring the shit out of people, saying there are murderers, rapists, and terrorists behind every bush.

The world is actually becoming more empathetic and safer, but some people want us to be scared because fear keeps them in power. Don’t believe them.

CaptainHowdy ,

It’s not just right wing media, all media does this because it drives profits.

Fuck Fox News though, they are terrible for a multitude of reasons.

LillyPip ,

Yes, that’s true, but right wing media is doing it on an exponentially larger scale than others, which is why I called them out.

butwhyishischinabook ,

I upvote while I gare angrily at NYC.

aidan ,

Well it is trending up again

MNByChoice ,

Lots of great possibilities listed in article.

I was shocked that 60% of murders are solved. It was not that long ago that the solving rate was near 20%.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Tracking people is so much easier now I think.

guacupado ,

I know I’ll sound like a bootlicker, but this is why I’m in favor of more street cameras for the city. It’s obnoxious how often there’s a picture of the car involved in something but no one catches them because there’s no way to just follow the car to where it went.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Well but people who attend protests should not be tracked through clothes they have purchased, for example.

KillingTimeItself ,

because it’s also a massive privacy invasion as well. If someone with access to the system decides they don’t like me, they can stalk me, if someone hacks it, whatever is in there about me is now available to them. If the government wakes up one day and decides that it doesnt like people who have differing political opinions, suddenly they have a profile of who i am and what i do almost perfectly.

It’s very much patriot act levels of national security, but for the individual. “we’ll spy on you, but it’s only so terrorism doesn’t happen, we promise” and then uh, snowden shows up in the story.

Same thing with something as simple as tracking vehicles, it’s a lose lose most of the time, and a win lose the rest of the time.

Agent641 ,

Nowadays peopke bring their phone to a murder like a chump.

Some of the analytical software that can be applied to mobile phone cell ping and metadata alone is incredible. Not only is it able to show snapshots of a given period to identify patterns, but it can also be walked back in time to identify patterns which are increasing in their intensity. This can indicate changing behaviours in individuals and groups.

You might think the solution is to turn off your mobile, wrap it in foil, leave it at home, smash it ect but that’s not the answer. A suddenly lost mobile agent is a red flag, as is an abnormally stationary one, or an abnormally repetitive one.

Imagine you’re an analyst, and you’re aware of a potential terror cell consisting of 5-8 members. You’ve identified from cell metadata that each member has met at least one other member at least once in person. Imagine then that 6 of these individuals either go off-line, or their phone remains stationary for an unusual amount of time, eg normally they would be at work. You could reasonably conclude that they are having a secret rendezvous in meatspace. Then, based on the time taken for each mobile to reconnect, and its position when it does, you might be able to heat map a list of possible locations that they could have met at, based on estimated travel time for each. Then you might find evidence of tgeir meetup from osint sources like CCTV or sat imagery.

If you dont want mobile phone metadata used to uncover your crimes, you should constantly behave unpredictably. Maybe carry a foil bag and keep your phone in it sometimes at work to simulate black spots. Maybe choose a mobile provider with the worst possible coverage. Sometimes leave your phone at home. You know those random spam messages you get on Signal or whatsapp? Converse with them occasionally, these act like red herrings in your interaction matrix. Anything that contributes as chaff, white noise, false signals, whatever you want to call them, anything will help if it makes you unpredictable.

And that’s just phones. CCTV, satellite imagery, other peoples phones and devices, freeway ALPR cameras, audio devices, all these things contribute to mapping your move.ents, constantly, over time.

Take solace that probably nobody is actually watching you, at least, no human is. Just an algorithm. When the algo detects youve deviated from your pattern, then it might flag you for human review, so try not to have an easily identifiable pattern, and chaff that bitch up as often as you can.

A_Random_Idiot ,

I wonder if thats due to increasing competency/giveafuckness by authorites.

or if its due to decreasing competency amongst killers.

MNByChoice ,

I believe that was discussed in the article. Along with early interventions that help little shits not grow into giant shits.

WoahWoah , (edited )

It was roughly 60% in 2018, which was lower than it was decades before that. It was 90% in the 1960s for instance. Murder clearance rates have been declining for decades. 2023 was under 50% and is a record low for murder clearance.

Basically more and more murders are going unsolved, and this is a trend stretching decades. National murder clearance rates have never been 20% since that data has been tracked.

Some cities are near that currently though, like Oakland. Interpreting police incompetence around murder cases as somehow indicating less serial killing is pretty absurd.

Starkstruck ,

Reduction in lead exposure plays a huge part.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Everyone keeps saying that. I didn’t know.

Takumidesh ,

Is there actually any scientific consensus on this, or just conjecture.

WordBox ,

Here’s a starting point if you care–crime_hypothesis

Dozzi92 , avatar

The lead generation is currently running the country (that I live in). It shows.

wildcardology ,

Are serial killers a 1st world country thing? In my country a third world one only have 1 recorded serial killer and that was in the early 1800s and he was a priest.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

No there are others. Like the one that show The Serpent was based on was in Vietnam. I think it’s mostly North America though.

kaosof ,

Four of the most prolific serial killers were based in south American countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil etc.

After those, it’s India, China, Pakistan, former Soviet states, Russia and so on.

Hardly first world countries, and especially not when these killings took place.

Those killers’ body counts eclipse all American killers’ by a very significant margin.

Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) is the most prominent American serial killer by a mile, but he’s not that “famous” even though he was arrested and convicted rather recently (about 20 years ago).

He is an uninteresting person who is rather stupid, doesn’t do interviews and doesn’t revel in his infamy like the more famous serial killers do or did. He’s almost more akin to a rabid animal as far as public perception goes.

Furthermore, the decline of serial killers, even with more interest and attention than ever, I think is largely attributed to better social safety nets.

As it turns out, it seems that in at least some cases, socialistic policies work surprisingly well.

BlitzoTheOisSilent ,

Wasn’t a serial killer with the arguably largest kill-count a doctor from the UK? I can’t remember his name, but it’s not just an American thing.

There was also that dude in Argentina (?) who had hundreds of kills attributed to him, mostly children? There’s the Chess Board Killer as well, he was Russian and was trying to kill a person for every square on a chess board. (I believe he was a few short before he was finally caught).

anon_8675309 ,

Now they just do mass shootings.

HelixDab2 ,

That was specifically covered in he article.

There’s almost zero overlap in motivations between mass/spree killers, and serial killers.

Wolf_359 ,

I tend to agree but I don’t know if we can say that for sure.

Incels who want media attention is one way you could frame both types of killers.

HelixDab2 ,

I’m not sure that you can safely label serial killers as incels per se. BTK was married, IIRC. Ted Bundy def. dated. John Gacy was a pedophile (more accurately a hebephile, but close enough).

Many of them were misogynistic for sure, although that’s not necessarily a motive when you have serial killers that are gay or pedophiles (Gacy, Wayne Williams–believed to have been the Atlanta Child Murderer–and Dahmer). Incels seem to be much more likely to be spree or mass murderers; the idea of an incel where all women collectively share the blame seems to be a fairly new idea. And a lot of mass murderers aren’t related to sex a all, like the people that have been trying to start racial holy wars by murdering non-white people.

jwt ,

parallel killers

hex_m_hell ,

I wonder how many of them just got badges.

CoCo_Goldstein ,

Could it be that not as many potential serial killers are being born? I believe there is a link between criminality and childhood abuse. Less unwanted kids are being born. Less abuse. Less criminals of all kinds, including serial killers.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

I think also it’s because it’s just people are so easily tracked now.

minkymunkey_7_7 ,

CSI type pop culture television has taught basically everyone on the planet that trace evidence always gets left behind and nobody can hide from DNA. Nowadays through genealogy they don’t even need a direct DNA match.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

The Long Island serial killer case that broke recently is a good example, they got evidence out of pizza crust he left in a garbage can outside his office. Evil piece of shit he is.

EvacuateSoul ,

I also hate people that don’t finish the crust.

Ragnarok314159 ,

Dude is going to turbo hell for that.

Socsa ,

This is the answer. The logistics of staying off camera and getting around without leaving a digital signature is much more complicated. In the 70s you could buy a bus pass with cash and disappear for a few days and nobody would know and you’d never be on any list of suspects. Now you need to set up fake cell phone activity and get an alibi on camera and put on disguises in a dive bar bathroom and shit. Very difficult to get “lost” for more than a few hours if you are working alone and operating anywhere near civilization.

wavebeam , avatar

lot of comments in here talking about how they’re just doing their kills some other way: cops, mass shootings, not getting caught (this one is the most braindead). But everyone is ignoring how we’ve largely eliminated regular lead exposure that used to be the norm. that shit makes you go fucking insane.

Wahots , avatar

Leaded gasoline production and learning about the butterfly room in the lead producing part of the factory was fucking terrifying. That shit was so dangerous to workers.

Not to mention drivers and pedestrians.

Kaput ,

What is the butterfly room?

hooferboof ,
Wizard_Pope , avatar

Jesus chrost that is fucked up.

grrgyle ,

[…] House of Butterflies—a building for tetraethyl lead synthesis—so named because its workers were known for brushing hallucinated insects from their bodies.

Absolutely chilling. The rest of the article is good too. A great example of how championing for positive change, though difficult and frustrating, can have huge huge positive effects. So glad to have heroes like Needleman in the world.

Wahots , avatar

Really scary and sad for workers who were so badly poisoned. Glad we phased it out.

ininewcrow , avatar

I don’t like the way policing has turned many first world countries into semi-police states … being a person of colour (like me) automatically makes you questionable with the law no matter what you’re doing. I know from experience.

But after saying all that, mass murderers and killers are probably lesser now because of better policing, mass surveillance, intercommunications, mass data collection, profiling, forensic science and monitoring. It’s a lot harder now than in was in the 60s, 70s or 80s for a random stranger to wander from place to place committing murders and not getting caught. It doesn’t mean it’s not possible … it’s just that in our day in age of technology, it’s a lot harder.

stanleytweedle ,

Clair Cameron Patterson should be on the dollar bill.

MonkderZweite ,

Replaced by mass shootings?

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

By white supremacists and right wing terrorists yeah. 67 over a five year period in the US.

Pat_Riot , avatar

They’re just cops now.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Lol yes.

gothic_lemons ,

War on drugs shifted police focus from real crimes, to you guessed it, drugs. I bet some serial killers go under the radar due to shitty police work.

“Nah those murders aren’t related, let’s go do a no knock raid on shitty evidence. Maybe plant some drugs? That always cheers ya up Captain!” - Cops, probably

echodot ,

Same with small shops. Big businesses are out competing them and taking over.

There is no culture left anymore, it’s disgraceful.

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