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emmegipress , Italian avatar
emmegipress , Italian avatar
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IRS Announce Direct File will be a permanent, free tax filing option and invited all 50 states to utilize it for the 2025 filing season


GBU_28 ,

Does the filing division of the IRS handle that?

Zachariah , avatar

No, not it’s a rather neutral change that just makes sense. Now that I’ve got a taste, I want more.

andrew , avatar

DOT Announces Rule Requiring Automatic Refunds of Airline Tickets and Service Fees for flights that are canceled or delayed more than 3 hours domestically and 6 hours internationally


Kostyeah ,

It is, but after spending like 5 hours arguing with different customer service reps about it I decided that it wasn’t worth my time. The company went out of business later anyways.

ZMonster , avatar

Cash or original form of payment: Airlines and ticket agents must provide refunds in cash or whatever original payment method the individual used to make the purchase, such as credit card or airline miles. Airlines may not substitute vouchers, travel credits, or other forms of compensation unless the passenger affirmatively chooses to accept alternative compensation.

andrew , avatar

Dali owner Grace Ocean Private Limited files petition to cap liability in Baltimore bridge collapse at $43.7M


plz1 ,

Good point

CraigeryTheKid ,

That wouldn’t even cover cleanup

andrew , avatar

House passes bill that would require ByteDance to either sell TikTok, or get banned in the U.S. Will go to the Senate next.


Substance_P ,

Perhaps it’s because the Biden campaign joined TikTok for all that sweet younger gen voter support.

gedaliyah , avatar

Unfortunately, this is not a space for original reporting. Please repost this from a reputable news source in order to comply with the community rules (see the sidebar for details.

andrew , avatar

During a presentation by an executive with Google’s Israel branch on Monday, a Google Cloud engineer stood up and shouted, “I refuse to build technology that powers genocide or surveillance.” They were later fired.


Carrolade ,

It’s easier to sniff out nice-sounding bullshit than it is to find actual progress.

Psychodelic ,

Fair enough. That hasn’t been my experience for the last almost 2 years. Teams in our org have been told that if they lose people they can’t hire replacements. Shit’s sucked

I’ve also been hearing about massive layoffs at tons of the biggest companies. I’d be surprised if they were still hiring, obviously.

andrew , avatar

FDA Approves First Medication to Help Reduce Allergic Reactions to Multiple Foods After Accidental Exposure


Fondots ,

From the article

Xolair is intended for repeated use to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and is not approved for the immediate emergency treatment of allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Epi Pens are for immediate emergency response for allergic reactions, they aren’t preventative in any way.

Epi Pens are basically just a shot of adrenaline, they don’t actually act directly on your immune system at all, it’s basically just sends an override message to your body to forget about whatever else it’s doing and focus on opening up your airways, pumping blood, or whatever else you might need in order to, for example, run from a lion.

Which buys you some time, but you’re still probably going to need some treatment or monitoring once the adrenaline wears off, and you’re probably going to feel like shit afterwards, and epinephrine isn’t without it’s own pretty significant risks and side effects.

Evilcoleslaw ,

Yeah OIT will slowly “train” your immune system to not react to increasing amounts of an allergen. This is literally a monoclonal antibody that binds to free IgE antibodies so that there will be fewer of them around if you’re exposed to an allergen.

It seems much more well suited for its originally approved uses of allergic asthma and nasal polyps (which are caused by recurrent allergic inflammatory processes involved in sinusitis/rhinitis) than it would be for food allergies.

andrew , avatar

"Since April 2021, the FDA has received more than 116,000 MDRs, including 561 reports of death, reportedly associated with the Phillips CPAP machine foam breakdown."


spiritedpause , avatar

EIA forecasts residential heating costs (natural gas) to be 21% lower than last winter


Aimhere ,

@news whomever runs the News bot, could you please stop boosting every single reply to every last post? I only want to see the initial News posts in my feed, not all of the replies.

floppy , avatar

Yeah, the way it works with groups is not great. There are news feeds on Mastodon which are probably a better option to follow from there.

JustAManOnAToilet ,

Stands to perfect reason. Lemmings are essentially large rodents, mastadons are essentially large elephants, elephants don’t get along with mice, mastadons don’t get along with lemmings. Science!

idoubtit , avatar
PenguinJuice ,

Project Gateway!!! I hope to see it finished in my lifetime🤞

confluence ,

What is Project Gateway? Looks like lots of projects call themselves that.

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