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BackInTime turns on my monitors

I use BackInTime (which is basically a front end for rsync) for backups, and I run one every night at 1 AM. This is on Linux Mint Cinnamon. If the computer is locked/the monitors have gone to sleep (computer isn’t suspended), when the backup begins the monitors turn on, and will then stay on all night. I don’t want to waste...

Supermassive black hole roars to life as astronomers watch in real time (

In December 2019, astronomers were surprised to observe a long-quiet galaxy, 300 million light-years away, suddenly come alive, emitting ultraviolet, optical, and infrared light into space. Far from quieting down again, by February of this year, the galaxy had begun emitting X-ray light; it is becoming more active. Astronomers...

How many people actually want fully on-site IT jobs?

I’ve been looking for a new job as a software developer. The huge majority of job listings I see in my area are hybrid or remote. I just had an introductory phone call with Vizio (which didn’t specify the location type in the job listing). The recruiter told me that the job was fully on-site, which I told her was a deal...

"Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy [...] The software is downright frustrating to work with" - Can any other instance admins relate to this?

After a year online the free speech-focused instance ‘Burggit’ is shutting down. Among other motivations, the admins point to grievances with the Lemmy software as one of the main reasons for shutting down the instance. In a first post asking about migrating to Sharkey, one of the admins states:...

Where are my time travelers at? I have complaints.

This timeline is bullshit. Somehow, these natives managed to break Isaac-fucking-Newton. It all half-works, and what actually DOES work isn’t even consistent with basic physics. I.hope this timeline folds in, because if it merges into a mainline, this branch is getting clipped. Don’t be here when that happens....

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