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Another GameBoy Bluetooth Controller (

I happen to have a board from my FunnyPlaying build so I figured I’d give it a shot. Used enamel wire to make the button contacts and got 3.3v from the cart slot. I also removed the caps as to not power any circuits that didn’t need (CPU and RAM were donors to the other board). Power is provided via AA batteries.

Romhack Wednesdays - Speedrunner plays through a different Super Mario Bros hack each week (

Recently stumbled upon this while looking for something to binge on youtube. Always been interested in NES romhacks but I’ve never wanted to put in the time to find the good ones. If anyone knows other content creators showing off retro romhacks please share!

What is the official website for the Miyoo Mini Plus

Ive been looking into getting a retro gaming handheld and the miyoo mini plus looks a really great and has a dedicated community with a nice linux OS (Onion OS) so I think it might be the best option but I can’t find the official website to order it from. There’s a ton of websites when googling and multiple have miyoo in the...

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