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18M I like computers, trains, space, radio-related everything and a bunch of other tech related stuff. User of GNU+Linux.
I am also dumb and worthless.
My laptop is HP 255 G7 running Manjaro and Linux Mint.
I own RTL-SDRv3 and RSP1 clone.

SDF Unix shell username: user224

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Manjaro (Stable) with Plasma 6 (and broken Oxygen icons).

I plan to merge those icons with GNOME icons… which are also partial, but I am too lazy. I like their early 2010s 3D look, but currently nearly half my icons are just missing.

I should be able to just rsync them together I hope and name it something else. Then also rsync the default Breeze icons as a last resort. I should be able to do that with –ignore-existing I think.

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“Every file is temporary and only nothing itself is eternal.”


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I know they do some hotspot restrictions over there in US.

You should be able to get around it with something like TetherFi: (Android)

It creates a legacy Wi-Fi direct group and runs a proxy server on the phone. You can then connect via the proxy in some programs on your computer (e.g.: Firefox).

You can also run a proxy server in Termux. I use tinyproxy because it’s easy to setup.

Both of these will also go over VPN if you have that connected on your phone, as it’s basically the app (proxy server) using internet on behalf of your computer.

Alternatively you can also use socat for port forwarding, for example to a public VPN server. Then on the computer you could set up the VPN connection as usual, but replace the IP/Port with those used by your phone locally.

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First solution is all in one app.

Only problem may be the client side as not everything has proxy support.

It seems this should work fine with a Steam Deck:

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iPhone 6: First foldable smartphone

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Good idea.

You can still get the newest DD-WRT builds even on the WRT54G.
That is a Wi-Fi router from 2002.

Of course, the features are sort of limited. I tried the VPN build (on WRT54GL), but I couldn’t get the OpenVPN client to connect. I found some thread mentioning it may be missing something, but I don’t know if that’s the issue.

Anyway, without overclocking I’d expect like 2Mbps. I mean, it barely handles HTTPS. Just trying to load the WebUI maxes out the CPU for several seconds if trying to use HTTPS.
Perhaps it’s not missing anything software-wise, but it’s just so slow it times out during handshake.
So I just put the std build on it in case it will be useful at some point.

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I can get it on Android too, but for like 3 years or even more.

But only if using US VPN.

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I don’t know what qualifies as “girl” music.

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I don’t want to get a license only to forget everything because I won’t drive.

I see having a car as a necessity only. For me, it’s only acceptable if public transport/bicycle is not an option. Unfortunately, the latter is almost never an option due to how everything is built car-centric, but the former very often is.

Also, I don’t know anything about cars, I don’t have to think where to park that huge piece of shit, I don’t need to be my own driver, I don’t need to do any maintenance, it’s more ecological and even cheaper than just gas.


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Find a job I’d love.

I don’t want to be useless, but now I wouldn’t have to be worried about money.

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Go somewhere further away by a coach bus. Or maybe a 1st class train ticket (as a student I can travel in 2nd class for free in most trains).

I like travelling. Just sitting in a bus/train doing nothing.

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Well, this sets a new level of recent here judging by the comments.

Desktop OS: Linux Mint 20 MATE. Yep, that’s right. I only got my first proper computer in 2020.
Thankfully, I had to install the OS myself, which was of course preceded by choosing an OS.
I had Windows 10 on that laptop for 2 days which served me to compare different OSs and burn the install DVD. I had no flash drives, and just dug out one old DVD-RW. OK, I’ll be honest, hearing about Linux first I was searching for “just Linux”, pure Linux, not derivatives. Oh well, GNU+Linux copypasta actually being helpful.

Alright, but why did I “have” to install an OS if I got it with Windows? It was used. I did reset it, but even though it was my first proper PC, I had no lack of paranoia. I thought that someone before me could have put spyware on that.
And I was right. Not the way I thought, but I was. That someone was Microsoft.

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Few days ago over an imaginary situation lasting 8 hours. I did write it all down, and I still have it saved, but it’s pretty weird.

I wrote this down shortly after and it’s just been residing in a note-taking app. Perhaps you could consider it NSFW since it discusses death in not the best manner.
I’ll just plop it here into a spoiler if you want to read it:

:::spoiler Fucked up text

So, we had a discussion on 1st aid also involving CPR. Apparently mouth-to-mouth is also required where I live.

I tried to imagine such a situation, and over the course of around 8 hours spiralled into worse and worse thoughts as I kept overthinking every aspect of it more and more.
I’ll try to just lay them into separate points:

  1. I was thinking about how I’d approach the rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth). I realized that this would likely end up being a problem for me. It would be hard to encourage myself into it, in the end wasting a lot of precious time letting the person’s brain starve of oxygen. I don’t know why, but this part feels very hard even to just imagine.
  2. I started thinking of what if I was that person. Problem is, I would want to just die. This would be an opportunity without me having to do anything myself, and of course there would be no physical way to regret it.
  3. What if that imaginary person would feel the same? (DNR doesn’t exist where I live) I feel like forcing someone to live against their will is the worst thing I could do to someone.
  4. What if I was actually causing more harm even physically? Combine the point 3 with hypoxia causing permanent brain damage. That would make matters even worse. I got to the conclusion that this point goes both ways, because it could also be caused by not doing CPR if the ambulance got there quick enough to still save the person, even if with severe brain damage at this point, as opposed to just permanent death.
  5. Not being able to handle it, what if I tried to exit it by killing myself, perhaps by jumping under a truck? I felt like this would be most morally correct as it wouldn’t leave me alive.
  6. That could traumatize the driver or even escalate the existing accident.
  7. At this point I was just exhausted, alternating between crying and feeling rage towards myself.
  8. I took my dog for a walk which finally allowed me to calm myself down.

I don’t know how I’d deal with this in reality. Of course I wouldn’t have 8 hours to overthink everything.

Of course, this is just imagination with lots of overthinking, but I often spiral into thoughts like this. It feels like I am internally fighting myself about what’s right and what isn’t. Twice I got into such thoughts so much I couldn’t physically stand until I calmed down at least a bit.


I am an awful person.

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user224 ,

I am not a programmer, I just barely wrote one bash script in the past. But I’d say more comments are better than too few.

When I later wanted to edit it, I got completely lost. I wrote it with absolutely no comments.

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The trend has been blamed on the high cost of raising and educating children, and the lack of affordable housing

Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?

The sun sucks, being forced to shower like every 4 hours just to not feeling sweaty, the fucking mosquitoes, the fact you can’t wear anything that you want anymore due the heat, the people outside… The fucking beach. I try to avoid it… The fucking sand, not a fan of it. Is scratchy, harsh, annoying and it infiltrates in...

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I can put on more clothes, but I can’t strip my skin. I mean, with enough dedication I probably could…

user224 ,

I can be comfortable from 90F to about 100F.

I envy you. I am already hot at 65F…

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However, some older programs may actually behave better in Wine than say on Windows 11.
Oh, it also supports ancient 16 bit programs which Windows doesn’t anymore.

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I do prefer the size of Reddit, but I am continuing the API changes protest. Sup, that’s it. If they reverse it, I might return, although the UI has changed again. Wouldn’t mean I’d leave Lemmy, just use both.
I haven’t actually used it with 3rd party apps, I used to do the same as I am doing right now, desktop website on my phone, but I do support the protests and I am not giving up after 2 days.

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I mean, VPSs with 512MB of RAM exist, so surely it’s still useful for something.

user224 ,

You’re referring to dumb home routers right?

Because for example OPNsense recommeds at least 8GB of RAM, though the bare minimum is 2GB.
And even purpose-built enterprise routers are certainly in similar ballpark. BGP will eat that.

I don’t think I’ve seen one of those dumb ones with nearly that much RAM. Usually they’re like 16MB/32MB. Guess I’ll have to check.

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I grew up with access to social media. I got an Android 4.1 tablet when I was 8. Actually, I wish my parents had less strong opinions on it.

That’s because they went the other way around.
My dad wanted me to have a Facebook account, which I created, and then was upset at me when I deleted it when I was 12 because of the dumb hateful “jokes” floating around there.
Then later he again urged me to at least use Messenger, as if he didn’t have a plan with unlimited SMS and phone calls…

I am an adult now, but not much has changed. It only went from Facebook to TikTok.

user224 ,

Same boat, I just use the Discord website on my phone. The account I created with designated e-mail address for this.
Unfortunately, e-mail notifications are kinda random. It can be like 1 day late before I receive notification that someone tagged me or whatever. They could just use regular mail at this point.

user224 ,

15°C (59°F), cloudy, not raining.

Not sure about space weather though, but it doesn’t matter much as I live in a city meaning high RFI so I can’t catch basically anything anyway.

user224 ,

Got it. I am no one, and I don’t trust myself.

user224 ,

Almost, I think.

<span style="color:#323232;">wget -O - | tar -xvf -
user224 ,

7z is available for Linux as well (CLI only)

It is open-source too.

user224 ,

TAr stands for Tape Archive. Tapes store data sequentially. Downloads are done sequentially.

It’s really just like a far away tape drive.

user224 ,

Keeping my systems (laptop, smartphone,…) properly maintained and functional (software-wise).

They are always just a barely functioning mess hanging on a last thread. Getting around bugs instead of finding fixes, ignoring non-critical errors, using 50 simpler tools instead of 1 more complicated one because it feels easier at first, holding off-of updates because it absolutely will break something in my stupid setup, doing something in a simpler stupider alternative way instead of doing it properly,…

Basically a software equivalent to old beaten up laptop you got for free that has broken plastic fixed with duct tape, few broken keys, half of the screen’s backlight not working and charging connector holding on velcro.

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Four people died and more than two dozen were injured

Some 23 people were injured in the collision, according to Interior Minister Vit Rakusan.
He said that 20 people sustained minor injuries and three were moderately injured.

My math isn’t mathing here…

Do you use both a personal desktop and laptop?

I’m moreso curious if laptop functions have been offloaded to phones. If you have a full gaming desktop, do you see the use case for an additional laptop? or if most people here don’t see the need for the increased processing power of a desktop, do you just use your laptop and a phone?...

user224 ,

Just laptop. I don’t have a space for desktop, unfortunately.

user224 ,

It’s not like it has to be required.

user224 ,

Some do, some don’t.

I certainly won’t as I tend to forget names a lot. Call me as you wish.

user224 ,

I’d say it’s individual.

For anybody, I’d generally say at death. Even later in life you can still pick up at least some interesting hobbies, which will also help you find friends. I know a lot of people in ham radio and postage stamp collecting are older, already retired, yet they also attract young people.
Sure, learning may get harder, but the amount of free time will compensate for it.
You’re still a person, no matter if you’re 10, 20, 50, 80,… and you’re not the only one. So life just ends with death.

Myself? I don’t know. I can’t encourage myself. It feels like I am late to anything. I never dated, yet most people I know did so in middle school already. I didn’t yet learn any programming, yet I know people who did so since they were 13. One of my teachers was already fixing computers for others for money when he was just 10. I know someone who got CCNA certification mid high school. I know one 16 year old who seems to just know everything related to networking and self-hosting.
Meanwhile I only got my first proper computer when I was 14 and barely knew the concept of operating system. In 2 days I finally got Linux Mint installed on it, but I didn’t even know what a partition is.
It just feels like I am dumb and late to absolutely anything at this point.
Since I’ve spent like the past 1-2 years spiralling down into these thoughts, for myself I’d say 16-17 (I am 18 now). I just wish to be dead.

But if you’re asking because you feel like your life already ended, I am pretty sure you can still get back. You’re definitely not the only one feeling like that, and that alone already unites you with a bunch of people.

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Due to the optimizations Windows 8.1 is my favorite Windows version. When I compared it to Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon on my old (now dead) laptop, it performed slightly faster. It also somehow beat Windows XP which is what that thing was made for. Although a part of that could have been that half of the drivers only worked in XP, so it had more to load.

Maybe if they properly called it Windows 9, it would have caught on. It was definitely different enough from 8.

user224 ,

SteamOS is Arch-based. Could be that.

user224 ,
user224 ,

Yup. Boot time and loading of system apps. 8.1 was basically instant while XP and Mint had slight delay. Not a big deal though, just something interesting for being Windows. After all, it was made for tablets.

I also put Windows 11 on it despite being unsupported. That was slower, but still OK-ish with SSD. Definitely nowhere near Linux Mint though. The background processes were just killing the CPU. Thankfully, thanks to being made in 2007 the cooler could easily take 100% CPU usage. However, it would hover around just 6% with network disconnected. Hmmm…
The CPU was Core 2 Duo T7500 upgraded from T7100. I got it on AliExpress for €1. It seems some people were using them for… making keychains? Anyway, they were sold as functional.

I wish laptop CPUs and GPUs were still upgradable. The GPU was GeForce 8600M.

Best way to backup files

I have about 500GB of data (photos, documents, videos etc.) that I have accumulated over the years. Currently, I keep them on my computer and rsync all additions / changes once a month or so to an external hard drive. Do I need to be worried about data loss (sectors going bad, bit rot, bit flip, whatever it is called)?...

user224 ,

I also just do this. However I have already found 2 photos that got randomly corrupted, and I don’t know how to prevent that.

So far my only idea was using md5sum, but checking all files like that takes a loooooooooong time.

I am paranoid about cloud. I do have my music backed up on OneDrive, encrypted with GPG using AES256, but I don’t even fully trust that. I know, it sounds stupid, but maybe in the future it will be quite easy to break.

But I don’t know much about encryption. Just reading the man page, I put these options together:

<span style="color:#323232;">--s2k-cipher-algo AES256 --s2k-digest-algo SHA512 --s2k-mode 3 --s2k-count 65011712

but whether I can consider that safe enough, I don’t know.

And since I don’t know enough about it, I prefer not to trust it.

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