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Kolanaki , avatar

Then where are they even having thoughts? I don’t think the location is what’s different. I think they’re just on different drugs.

PenisWenisGenius ,

Everyone in this comment section needs to stop what they’re doing and switch to Arch. I use Arch btw. Did you know that you don’t have to regularly take a shower to be allowed to use Arch?

Hadriscus ,

Wow. ! It’s a match made under the arches of heaven !

norimee ,

Maybe because the oldentimes r/showerthoughts was explicitly NOT for thoughts that came to you in the shower. They were kinda strickt about it and stoned your snoo to death if you dared.

Kolanaki , avatar

Every super big subreddit devolved into places where only the mods and their friends were allowed to post. Everyone else’s would be deleted and then pointed toward extremely vague rules that literally could have multiple interpretations depending on the context. Like you’d post to Pics and it would be deleted for being an odd numbered size in kilobytes or a non standard resolution.

AgentGrimstone ,

Lemmy showerthoughts is the mind dump community I always wanted

UnpluggedFridge ,

My shower thoughts are always repeating cycles of “fuuuuuuuck this feels niiiiiiiiice” and “time to turn up the heat a smidge.” Am I doing it wrong?

dejected_warp_core ,

Yes. Not enough daydreaming about winning arguments, mixed with intrusive thoughts and general self-loathing.

Alenalda ,

I’m in the situation where it’s hot as fuck out (I don’t run the ac) so it’s become the opposite game, how low can I get the temperature.

A_Random_Idiot ,

my shower thoughts are always “God damnit get this shit over with, I want to get out of this fucking water coffin already… I wonder what would happen if you cooked rice in milk? GOD DAMNIT WHY CANT WE HAVE STAR TREK SONIC SHOWERS YET”

Hadriscus ,

If these are blue and spiky I might prefer regular ones

grrgyle ,

Uggggh I’m jealous. The city is working on the civic plumbing for months and basically the work their doing means my on-demand hot water heater barely goes up to “tepid.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the infrastructure work.

Maybe I’ll go shower at the gym or a friend’s lol

Davidvanb ,


FlyingSquid , avatar

Excuse me, but do you know how many people I have to kill to take a shower around here?

shasta ,

Sir, this is a Wendy’s. You’re not allowed to shower around here. You have to go home to do that.

Resol , avatar

I don’t ever have philosophical thoughts in the shower. I just think ordinary things that people usually think of outside the shower. And I shower once a week, so… yeah idk what a “shower thought” is. But I just come here for the philosophy goodness.

Katrisia ,

Similarly, people interested in philosophy (and other theoretical stuff) might take a break and think of different things like “but how’s the soap made, anyway?”.

Resol , avatar

I’m not one of those people, but it’s interesting how that specifically happens in the shower and not anywhere else.

noobdoomguy8658 ,

It’s usually a place where you’re not bombarding your brain with stimulation all the time, so your brain tries to use the downtime to work with all the information you’ve been putting into it.

This is actually a big part of learning anything, called diffused learning. Think of how you suddenly get something after a period of rest or not doing anything, some time after you’ve initially focused on a thing for some time - your brain has actually been using the downtime to structure the data and make better sense of it.

This is also why a lot of people that know how a human brain works suggest mediation and walks, especially without listening to music or podcasts, as well as spending little to no time reading, watching or stimulating your brain in any other way before bed. It needs that time, it’s crucial for development. Journaling helps here, too, because it’s both reflection and somewhat of a downtime.

Doing chores and not listening to anything counts, too.

But it’s all easier said than done in this age of constant hunt for one’s attention so they spend more time on your app, giving you more data to sell and more metrics to make the line go up (gotta keep the investors and stakeholders happy, can’t afford to not show constant growth).

Resol , avatar


Texas_Hangover ,

I recently looked up how to make soap. Shit’s complicated.

RizzRustbolt ,

First, you need some fat. And the best fat comes from people.

therealjcdenton ,

Or don’t think

bhamlin ,

Excuse me, I shower once a fortnight whether I need it or not!

BeatTakeshi , avatar

Bro u shower too much

Zahille7 ,

Once a day is definitely not too much.

kambusha ,

BaskinginmyownfilthThoughts doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

LemmyKnowsBest ,

Oh but it would be so much more accurate. Someone please create that community.

RizzRustbolt ,


Delphia ,

Go pester Link ya judgemental fuck.

bjoern_tantau , avatar

I’m only subbed because I’m too disabled to shower myself.

helpmyusernamewontfi ,

you guys have thoughts?

NoIWontPickAName ,

Give them time, thoughts take longer than hope to wither and die

possiblylinux127 ,

You guys?

dalekcaan ,

An excruciating number, yes

Drummyralf ,
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