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Accounts which solely post advertisements, or persistently post them may be terminated.

anders ,

@fediverse_report Awesome! looking forward for the completed implementation.

graymess ,

Seeing what hits top from [email protected] lately, I believe it.

Chozo ,


Feels a bit weird pinging the president in Lemmy comments, but come at me, Secret Service.

federatingIsTooHard , avatar

threads doesn’t accept federated posts, it only pushes them.

friend_of_satan ,

Fuck that noise. What on earth were we expecting from an advertising agency?

Omgboom ,

@POTUS is his real handle

ThatKomputerKat , avatar

Nah. It’s threads. I’m pretty sure most fediverse instances blocked before they even tried to federate. I know mine did.

stebo02 , avatar didn’t

Draconic_NEO , avatar

Neither did or, though honestly I’d recommend people steer clear of those instances when signing up for a different reason, they’re also very widely blocked or limited by a lot of servers due to issues with spam and moderation. Ironic that these instances are already too big to effectively moderate, yet threads is bigger and also way worse (see link in other comment about their moderation issues) and yet people still want to federate with them.

stebo02 , avatar

Well for one thing it’s nice to be able to follow someone’s threads account without having to install that crap on your phone.

Draconic_NEO , avatar

I don’t really see the point since the federation is one-way (at least last time I heard), so you can’t reply to anything as it never gets sent back to threads. You’d be better off just following it as an RSS feed if you really want it (There are unofficial tools to do that for threads and it might be officially available in the future).

stebo02 , avatar

I wasn’t aware it’s one-way, thx for informing me on that.

histic ,

a lot of Lemmy did the rest of fediverse less so

ThatKomputerKat , avatar

Oh, I’m referring to my mastodon instance.

Draconic_NEO , avatar

Mine also blocks it due to issues regarding poor moderation and hate speech.

bradorsomething ,

Dark Brandon would host his own instance, and make it all about chocolate ice cream.

Zaktor ,

Just a totally straight blog about ice cream and cool cars, with no mention of politics.


Oh shit, now the feds watchin 👀

slazer2au ,

Implies that they weren’t watching before this.

BuryMyHorse ,

This account is now under the control of the Federal Cyber Crime Unit (FCCU) in accordance with a seizure warrant obtained by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California issued pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 981 and 982… Every user in this DM has been formally logged and will receive personal notice(s) in their mailbox. You are all to be investigated and it is of no use to block the receptian/contact. Please have patience as we will inform you of any further actions along with your case number. You are not to release this information online or further measures will be taken with harsher consequences.

Asudox , avatar

we’re doomed

Allero ,

What did you expect of a FEDiverse

friend_of_satan ,

Secret User-Agents

technomad ,

Corporate shill, reaffirmed.

HarbingerOfTomb ,

Can I follow him from L.W?

baronvonj , avatar

Lemmy doesn’t have a feature to follow users, last I checked.

Kierunkowy74 , avatar

You can follow him from

btaf45 ,

Do you know how to do this?

Kierunkowy74 , avatar
Jedi , avatar

I’m just waiting for the president of my country to start federating, then I can follow him from Mastodon and delete my Threads account.

I see it as a positive thing

NickwithaC , avatar


No he isn’t.

redcalcium ,

I was excited for nothing…

Orbituary , avatar

Even if he was, why would this excite you? Whenever something goes mainstream, enshitification begins.

lemming934 ,

The obscurity of the Fediverse is not its defense from enshittification. The fact that it’s so easy to move from server to server is.

If enshittifies, you can just move to without a big loss.

I think that lemmy could use more people.

Feathercrown ,

Exactly! How do people not understand this yet? The decline of platforms isn’t magic, it’s very predictable and lemmy’s core design is specifically meant to counter it. Think, people!

nicknonya , avatar

^/s^ no actually badness is directly proportional to the amount of users that’s why the internet went to shit the moment more than 2 people connected

notsofunnycomment , avatar

Yes, thank you

redcalcium ,

I thought the white house actually runs their own mastodon instance when I read the headline. That would mark the point where mastodon reached mainstream use which is an incredible milestone.

Orbituary , avatar

If so, I misunderstood this and thought it was for Threads and I stand corrected.

Duamerthrax ,

Don’t really care much for what Biden has to say at this point, but I’d prefer if various government orgs would all host their own instances. I don’t want to go to a privately owned company to know about road construction or ballot box locations.

Cowbee ,

Enshittification comes from the profit motive, not from how popular something is.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

Mastodon instances need to defederate.

If you want to comment on any POTUS posts with the broader user base, you have to download Threads. Fuck that noise.

shininghero , (edited )

There's also a limited federation mode that server admins can use. Users and posts are still searchable, but they do not show on the public federated feed.
Useful for this exact case where a server may have beneficial accounts, but the rest should be hidden for moderation reasons.

Still would prefer it being on a proper mastodon server, but I can live with this. Whatever server ends up hosting a President's account now has to deal with record preservation laws for their posts. Let's leave that bureaucratic stuff to threads.

Jumuta ,

how about having the American government just host their own fediverse servers? it’s not like they don’t have the money to do so

btaf45 ,

And some usenet servers too while they are at it.

adj16 ,


Anticorp ,

Don’t you love how the government is supporting private for-profit businesses? I received an amber alert 2 days ago and when I clicked the link it took me to Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter account and the page wouldn’t load. What in the actual fuck? Our government is using a website run by an insane man-child for critical infrastructure.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

That’s just the link the local cops pasted into the alert form. They can put in a link to if they wanted to.

Anticorp ,

My point is that they should have a dedicated public service website that they use for these sorts of things.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

Your state or county is probably using what was identified as an easy and accessible solution several years ago. It was probably selected because it was something any yahoo could easily access and post to.

Now that there are a lot of cheap and easy FOSS alternatives, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to petition for a ballot initiative that required these alerts to be published on a state masto instance or something.

Flax_vert ,

The sooner they use the fediverse the better

ziixe , (edited ) avatar

I had a conversation with a friend from the US (I’m not, he’s from Like the New England area idk where exactly), he’s very conservatist, like the typical “I own a guy gun and I like it” type of person (lucky that he doesn’t base his entire personality on it), and even he said that both options sucked ass and very much envied that most of the European countries have a sensible system of voting that has more than two parties, since when one sucks go to the another, and the possibility of all candidates being absolutely trash is basically zero when you got like 7+ parties, compared to the two in the US

If y’all had a functioning government and something that resembles capitalism (a few leading members while everyone else gets fucked around, sounds similar? cough Meta, Google, Microsoft cough and others) and had some competition it would go all way different than it’s currently going

Flax_vert ,

I own a guy and I like it


ziixe , avatar

Ducking autocorrect

electricprism ,

That would be like Gmail blocking Yahoo, it defeats the purpose of a Fediverse especially when users can already block content from domains they dislike.

GreatDong3000 ,

No, big corp with millions of users they cannot moderate defeats the purpose of a fediverse.

Draconic_NEO , avatar

First of all, no it doesn’t. The fediverse is about servers communicating with each other, that doesn’t mean all servers, it just means that multiple servers communicate, and if a server is being problematic it will be blocked or limited, as another example a good amount of servers limit or block and due to spam issues. Threads in this regard is no different, it just so happens to be a much bigger problem than hence why there is much stronger efforts to defederate it.

especially when users can already block content from domains they dislike.

No, you are deliberately or unintentionally misrepresenting how domain blocks and indeed blocking in general works in Lemmy (Domain blocks target communities and do not hide users or their content), and even with Mastodon this doesn’t solve the biggest problems with threads, that being the extremely poor moderation and the EEE threat which are server wide problems and not user preference issues.

Zaktor ,

I mean, it’s not like he’s reading the Threads users’ comments either.

kbal , avatar

false alarm it's only threads

FreudianCafe ,

Calling him Genocidal of the United States (GOTUS) makes it sound like he is the only one, so i proprose Genocidal in Charge of the United States (GICOTUS)

PsychedSy ,

At least go with Geoncider in Chief or something. It may not be a word, but it still feels grammatically correct.

viking , avatar

As if he knows how to operate a smartphone.

lnxtx , avatar
FreudianCafe ,

Some younger people like Geno Joe too!

DdCno1 ,

Isn't it way past bedtime for you two in St. Petersburg?

FreudianCafe ,

Sorry i dont speak genocidalapologism

BassTurd ,

Honestly, I surprised you can form mostly to complete sentences.

FreudianCafe ,

On the other hand, im not surprised that the most basic facts surprise you

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