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yeah its a big deal because of the spillover effort on how much easier this makes conversations with other gov officials about setting up a fedi server. I’m somewhat involved in this process at this point, and now being able to say that ‘biden is on the fediverse’ really impacts lobbying for the fediverse more broadly

Whenever the AT protocol of BlueSky is set for others to deploy, won't it have similar problems as ActivityPub instances?

I feel like I may be missing something when it comes to BlueSky, or maybe both I and those trying it out are but in different ways. My understanding is that BlueSky is currently like the Mastodon Social instance is for Mastodon but of the AT Protocol under development, with the long term aim being that once their protocol is...

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I actually set out to answer this question in a blog post, but it turns out that the answer is quite complicated, so I have to write an entire series about it. First part I published this week, which explains all the different components that make up the Bluesky network:…

I don’t think that they’ll run into the exact same problems that AP-fedi has, as the design decisions are often made specifically to avoid some of these. However, their design decisions create new sets of problems for the network, which I’ll get into later

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Heya! Good answers earlier by you!

Yeah I think I’ll have to get into that, but I’m starting to run into the limit of not being a programmer myself, and information is pretty scarce on ATproto. The article differs from their own federation architecture description from earlier in the year, simply because its outdated and noone has formally written down the new info, so that was a bit of a struggle haha…/5-5-2023-federation-architecture

At any rate, the PDS’s are amenable for sure. Robin Berjon is the furthest along with thinking here, with his AP over AT piece: Responses I’ve seen havent suggested its technically impossible, but probably difficult for reasons that I tuned out of reading because I didnt understand :D

Beyond that, people keep talking about the lexicon and how that at is core is also versatile; similar to how fedi has Mastodon’s type=Note that everyone uses, even though you can create any ‘type’ you want. I’m pretty sure that nobody has done that yet tho.

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Oh thats an interesting question! I’m assuming you are talking about the UX/UI of instance selection?

And thats not something I have written about (neither does another article pop into my mind either sadly), but interesting idea for an article for sure to write about

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they’re working on a new project that will supersede audon, apparently

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Strongly agreed.

Some other loose thoughts related to this:

  • a very similar phenomenon is visible in Bluesky, but in that case it skews heavily towards older millenials who are trying to recreate a culture that used to exist on Twitter, and is now dead. Bluesky is fundamentally even more backward looking than AP-fedi, as ATProto really cannot do much else than microblogging
  • its been striking for me for a while that the fediverse developer community isnt able to become an actual community, and instead has been trying to reinvent community initiatives outside of fedi for a while, and they all bleed out. Think there are lots of reasons for that, but if the people building a social network cannot manage to use their own tools to use that social network to become a social community, than that usually does not bode well
  • there is a very loosely defined ‘community’ of people who are interested in talking about fedi on a meta (not Meta) level. youve been involved, so you know most of the names. Again, its striking to me that this group (me included) hasnt really transformed into an actual community, and instead its fleeting ephemeral posts on a feed that only some of the regulars see and comment on.

Is there a fediverse software that has "trending" posts?

I realize that Mastodon is specifically intended not to have any sort of algorithm, and I understand and appreciate that, but it’s not what I want, personally. I want to have the posts in my feed sorted by the ones with the most “engagement” as those are likely the most interesting ones.

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check out, it sorts your personal mastodon home timeline via an algorithm that you can pick.

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yeah its great to have more managed hosting options. The UX is also really well done, which is great and something I dont see to often in these places. Need to get some time next few days to start up a new lemmy project with this

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ha yeah I remember that, that was fun.

To riff on this a little bit further: its also visible in how little attention in the gazillion conversations about Threads is paid to the fact that the entirety of the EU cannot even access it yet due to the new DMA and DSA.

Or one of the articles I wrote that got relatively low traction, that was specificially about how all of the Nordic countries got an official recommendation to use ActivityPub for their governmental communications. I dont mind that some articles get less traction than others, but it does stand out when you consider how impactful such things are for the long term structure of the fediverse. Lots of EU governments are now talking about needing sovereign public digital spaces, and are actively looking how ActivityPub can help with that. And that matters way more than whatever Elons latest shenanigans are.

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Yeah, I think theres quite a few reasons to be hopeful. Also why I personally am not very interested in comparisons to XMPP and EEE. To me, that refers to a different time on the internet, where corporations where way more interested in fighting an opensource threat. But times have changed, and for Big Tech, it seems to me they are way more worried about regulations than about opensource competitors.

Not to say that this automatically means that the fediverse will be a success, not at all, this shit is hard. But to properly judge what challenges await the fediverse, I think its more fruitful to look at what Big Tech is concerned by, and what governments are thinking about. And I see very little talk about EEE from those actors. Instead, its mainly focused on regulations, privacy, and sovereign power.

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haha well think it mostly worked :D

and thanks for the shoutout! I do need to update my bio and get proper accounts. For now just testing out the water a little bit, havent really fully decided on which server I want to pick. reason Im replying with 2 accounts is that federation between and specifically is still broken, couldnt even see your reply. Not sure how to approach that yet

fediverse_report ,…/lemmy-ml-is-no-longer-shadowbanning…

seems like a side effect of lemmy devs being overloaded with info and messages getting on a long backlog

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Last Week in the Fediverse - ep 23 - An overview of what happened in the fediverse last week

  • Background readings on the
  • News on the threadiverse; new apps in development, custom styles, and more
  • Launch of the website
  • Flickr is “definitely still considering” adding ActivityPub support

@fediverse] Lemmy group]

Read it all at:

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yay thanks!

well the fun part is figuring out how this all works, and what the etiquette is, i simply have no idea either. reddits always been a bit iffy with submitting your own content, which i understand. But its not iffy to make a masto post to promote your own content, and tagging a lemmy group is temptingly easy to do…

(also commenting with lemmy account because i cant get my calckey account to do it lol)

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