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Alice ,

My dental aligners :(

I’ve been trying to get braces since I was a teenager, so long that I kind of lost sight of why I wanted braces. I was almost 30 when I finally took my savings to an orthodontist and told him I wanted braces, and he told me that the aligners would work better than braces.

And he was right. That’s not the problem. I got so caught up with the general idea of braces that I’d forgotten that my goal as a kid was to fix my jaw, not my teeth. Even braces won’t do that at my age. Those savings would have been better spent on surgery.

kandoh ,

So many untouched videogames.

My ab roller.

The 1kg bag of brown rice I bought to be healthier.

Amazon Prime.

A fake olive tree that sits in my living room.

raynethackery ,

I bought an Instant Pot back in 2017. I’ve never used it.

kandoh ,

Lol me too. Only because it uses just enough wattage to blow the fuse in my tiny apartment.

Corkyskog ,

Hotdogger. Doesn’t work as advertised.

geophysicist ,

Then you send it back to the company for a refund?

sunbeam60 ,

My Seat Leon. I had been warned about VW Group’s new platform but holy hell, even the most dire warnings didn’t tell the truth.

The car crashes every day. Nothing works. Even basic functions, like keyless entry on the door handles. If it rains, nope doesn’t work. How about the speakers switching into centre speaker only? How about a reversing beeper stuck until the car is not just turned off, but left turned off for 10 minutes? How about Apple CarPlay which doesn’t work? The list is endless. It’s so so poor. After one update, the car sensors got confused about being in a left hand driving country, so cruise control wouldn’t overtake cars in the slow lane.

And I can’t afford to switch to another one.

tetris11 , avatar

New appliances make me genuinely tremble. I haven’t bought a TV in a decade or two, but I might need to buy one soon and the “options available” right now sound nightmarish, similar to your car situation.

I’m all for smart devices, as long as I can flash them. If it needs software I don’t control – no thank you

Ashe ,

Don’t let the TV see a network and use a Chromecast. It makes life so much easier than any of the integrated trash

red_pigeon ,

And if you have to go the other way, please only buy pure Android TVs and not those fancy Web OS craps. There are lots of side loaded app freedom on pure Android TVs.

callouscomic ,

Countless video games.

insertfloppydiskhere ,

I’m so happy I stated using the Steam refund system more actively. At this point I refund about 80% of my purchases - simply because a lot of the games do not engage me after the first 40 minutes.

Razzazzika ,

That and playing demos before buying

Cysioland , avatar

A Nintendo Switch. A Steam Deck would probably be a better purchase.

Seasoned_Greetings ,

As an owner of both, the steam deck actually handles most switch games better.

Although, as I’m sure you know, the only way to legally do this is to already own the games you emulate.

Underwaterbob ,

My headphone pads on a pair of Sony MD7506 were fraying apart, so I bought a pair of $3 replacement pads online. While I was buying those, I noticed a nice looking $30 pair made of sheepskin leather. I bought those, too and figured I’d just use the $3 pair until they inevitably wore out, and then switch to the nice ones. Well, it’s been some time now and the $3 pair are apparently far more robust than their forebears. The sheepskin remain in their packaging untouched. One day…

Deez ,

Just switch out to the sheep. Can always switch back later. You deserve it.

Seasoned_Greetings ,

Seriously. Don’t let the sunken cost fallacy keep you from enjoying something premium that you bought

nutsack ,

this never happens to me because I’m poor

Tak , avatar

I’ve done it with paying for dental insurance but not going to the dentist because I can’t afford it.

nutsack ,


yamanii , avatar

Bialetti Venus coffee maker, it’s too fragile and needs a full 3 spoons of coffee to make half as much as my mug that I filled to the top with a paper filter while using just 2 spoons.

It changed color on the outside after a week, and you need to disassemble to store it so it takes a ton of space even though it’s so small, also needs medium coffee and I can’t find a good medium one in my area, my favorite is a fine ground.

John_McMurray ,

Btw, a Zojirusha coffee maker is absolutely worth it, they make excellent coffee, the precise water heat maintenance thing and the pre bloom, steel insulated carafe are a big part. My first one stood up to living in a semi truck sleeper for three years, and 2 years so far in my kitchen. The second I bought for my business.

jjjalljs ,

Cast Iron Pan - I don’t cook enough to justify it. Girlfriend at the time thought it was a good idea, and she used it a bunch, but now it’s just in the cabinet probably rusting up.

Humidifier - It gets really dry in here and it was recommended as a solution to my dry eyes. But it’s a pain to clean and refill, so it mostly just sits there.

Robo vacuum - It wasn’t great at navigating the apartment, so I didn’t use its auto schedule thing. Then the cat hair overwhelmed it. It is languishing in the closet. I got some use out of it, at least, driving it around like an RC Car, but I ended up buying a more robust manual vacuum cleaner

Krauerking , (edited )

Damn I’d ask if you are me but I absolutely love my cast iron skillet cause it’s the most nonstick pan in my house and I cook plenty. I have 2.

Humidifier, I found it easier to have one of those old school plastic water pitchers next to my humidifier that I can use to fill it up or keep a refill immediately nearby if I know I’m gonna use it all day and a little splash of bleach every now and again actually does a lot for cleaning it out on its own. But it sits empty a lot still.

Shark robo vacuum and Anker’s Eufy lines can die by fire. Both suck for completely different reasons and I have wasted so much money and I so wish I hadn’t accidentally lit on fire the like 3rd gen iRobot my grandmother gifted me because it was so “dumb” it was the only one that worked.

cordlesslamp ,

About the bleach, wouldn’t it just evaporates into the air and be toxic/bad for your health?

I’m also sick of cleaning my humidifier.

I’m planning to buy an evaporative humidifier, dump a kilo of sea salt in it so nothing can grow. As the water vaporize, all the salt will be remain for the next refill (as salt doesn’t evaporate with the water). I wonder if it would work as I can’t find anything on Google.

Krauerking ,

Well if you have ever been to a pool you are breathing in a pretty heavy dose of chloramine and depending on where you live there is likely chlorine in your tap water. I’ve even had to wash my veggies and fruits in bleach water because of parasites. It’s not exactly healthy for you but it’s not exactly harmful as long as you don’t do anything stupid. It’s a cleaning agent.

I’m using about a teaspoon for a gallon of water and actually settled on using a pre-diluted mixture in a spray bottle and just spray some in when I see it getting moldy again. Which is to say I also only do it like once a month to 2 weeks and try to do it before leaving the room or house for a bit to let it run without me immediately breathing in.

The other recommendation would be hydrogen peroxide since it breaks down a lot faster into just water anyways but it’s slightly less effective and less easy to just have on hand.

Salt seems like a terrible idea. I have super duper soft water with nothing in it but some basic calcium… Calcium powder is always settled all around my humidifier. And nearby glass surfaces. It will carry some salt with it, guaranteed. Plus I see it clogging important mechanisms or pores.

Got_Bent ,

I use a little splash of vinegar. Keeps it nice and clean without the whole chlorine gas part.

(I don’t know if bleach produces chlorine gas. Talking out my ass on that part)

cordlesslamp ,

I tried using vinegar. My entire house smells vinegar for like a week.

saigot ,

About the bleach, wouldn’t it just evaporates into the air

Nope, bleach is Sodium hypochlorite, if left to dry only the water it’s diluted in will evaporate leaving behind bleach crystals. Over time it will decompose into table salt. That doesn’t sound the best for the humidifier, but it won’t be a danger to the air.

geoma ,

My cast iron pan is a best buy I use every day. Dropped all other pans.

Krauerking ,

Oh, I mean, I still love stainless steel and it’s all my other cookware because it’s the only other perfect answer.

Non stick. Can be scrubbed clean, can be thrown in an oven at insane temps if you don’t have any plastic or other materials on it. Silicone can still be at like 450.

Seriously, the plain boring non fancy stuff is the stuff that lasts forever and does the same result every time.

FoD ,

Confirmed here too. I HATE my shark vac bot. So many reasons and I have two of them unfortunately, each with different problems.

Krauerking ,

It’s insane how full of problems they are and yet how insistent they are that problems are somehow rare.

pacoboyd ,

Salt and Pepper grinder from a well recommended brand. Was like 80 bucks for the set and it’s not better than the ones I get from Sam’s Club. Infact it’s worse. Disappointing.

corsicanguppy ,


Not a word.

holycrap ,

Not with that attitude

NotJustForMe ,

Who would downvote this? It’s true. It’s helpful. It’s free advice.

Azteh ,

It’s true, but not helpful. If it was helpful it would actually tell them it’s spelt “in fact” and not just say: not a word

UmeU ,

Is is spelled spelled or spelled spelt?

dditty ,
redtea ,

Depends if you’re hungry.

NotJustForMe ,

That would be spelling it out. For me, just saying it’s wrong, and letting someone find out why, that’s hugely more helpful than spoon-feeding Information.

HipsterTenZero , avatar

It’s untrue. ‘Infact’ is infact a word by the virtue of it being both used and understood. Language is defined by those who use it.

GnomeKat , avatar

haters who complain about new words have no rizz

NotJustForMe ,

You are right in principle. New words can pop up. Them being accepted however is not just a matter of a few people using them and saying that it is so.

It’s about usage and being accepted in larger groups or areas. Language is defined by what’s surviving a generation or two. Everything else is slang.

HipsterTenZero , avatar

i bought some tortillas a month ago, but never got the craving for burritos. I should probably throw them out now…

pineapplelover OP ,

You can roll any chicken, fish, beef with it. Put some tomatoes and onions in there. Good lunch

TastyWheat ,

Not with month-old tortillas, unless they’ve been frozen!

pineapplelover OP ,

If you keep them in the fridge then they should be good. Did you leave them out?

HipsterTenZero , avatar

I just left em in the cupboard, rip

tamal3 ,

Eh depends on the brand sometimes.

Also my vote is for a hummus wrap.

Cratermaker ,

Just an anecdote, but I’ve definitely eaten those bad boys after several months. I’ve never been led astray by just checking for mold and giving it a sniff.

metaballism ,

This happens to me too often…

Fizz , avatar

I brought a drain snake for 3x the price of liquid drain unblocker and it got stuck in the drain and won’t come out.

rufus ,

Oh that’s unfortunate. Something made to get things unstuck in the pipes gets itself stuck there…

Hadriscus ,

Classic porn plot

Empricorn ,

Something wrong mitt deine kable?

Hadriscus ,

Ich bin a professional

SkaveRat ,

You need to get a drain snake snake

lemmegogo ,

Or a drain mongoose

Hadriscus ,

a drainaconda

hactar42 ,

I had a drain coming from my HVAC get clogged. Figuring I could fix it myself and save a few hundred dollars by not call the HVAC repair, I stuck a pipe snake down there. As soon as it got to the u-bend, it got stuck. A couple of tugs later the head broke off.

This pipe goes from the HVAC in the attic into the upstairs bathroom, then down and out of the house. I knew if the head went down it could result in needing to punch a hole in a wall or ceiling if it got stuck again. So, I cut the pipe on either side of the bend. Sure enough the head of the snake was lodged at the bottom of the U.

No matter what I did I could not dislodge it from the bottom of the u-bend. This is around 7-8 PM on a Saturday. So I race out to the big-box hardware store, because they normally close around 9 PM. And they did not have a single piece of PVC with a u-bend that is the size I needed. And nothing even close. I go to the other big-box store across the street they don’t have it either. But I did find the wise old man that works there, I explain to him what happened and what I need. He tells me I need to go to this specialty plumbing store a ways down the highway.

I looked up this plumbing store. They are closed for the day. They are also not open on Sundays. Okay I live in one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the US. There has to be a plumbing store open before Monday. Well there might be, but I couldn’t find it.

Now this is Texas in August. There is no way my wife and kids should suffer for two days because of my dumb ass mistake. So I called the HVAC guy. They send some out at like 2 AM and the guy replaces the U-bend and installs a cleanable filter before it, so I can prevent that from happening again. In all a 30 second job that should have cost me nothing, cost me 7 hours of anxiety and $500.

Fizz , avatar

I’m about to try un screw the ubend under my sink with 0 plumbing knowledge hoping I can somehow get the snake unstuck.

hactar42 ,

If it makes you feel better all the u-bends at the big box store were specifically for under the sink, so at least you’ll have that going for you.

Plavatos ,

Thank you for sharing this, it didn’t disappoint. The die hard efforts we take to save a buck or exercise ingenuity mostly work out but when it comes to the wife and kids I usually throw in the towel.

I’ll give you a short story in return in that same vain: woke up to a raccoon on our deck, he was obviously in a pretty bad way. Pacing, frothing, sparse hair, lice. We figured it was rabid and I just wanted to try dropping a brick on it from above or smashing it, but I knew it would’ve been messy. Went out and bought an $80 trap, set it, but the dang thing just wouldn’t go in. Well she wanted her deck space back so ultimately we called someone to remove it, $200. Turns out it had distemper. Now I would’ve waited until it died and then bagged it up - would’ve been cheaper but I guess at least we ended its suffering.

Brutticus ,

I picked up my friends switch used for 200 buckaroos. I got really into DS emulation and I went really hard on pokemon especially. I was looking forward to BDSP.

The new pokemon games were really anemic. I got some fun out of Mario Galaxy. But it just sits there now. I miss the first party piracy experience. I think also if i had had the ability to easily bring my old school mons (which i still have saved on my pc).

GiddyGap ,

A lot of my wasted money also went toward games for different consoles. Played once or twice and then just sat there.

That’s also why I started buying physical copies whenever possible. Sell when not interested anymore.

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