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AcesFullOfKings ,

I think it’s more Christine’s personal project which is kind of sponsored by her company. Like they’re allowing her to just work on something crazy that she wants to make, and they justify it as R&D or moonshot projects or whatever. So win-win for both her and the company. If you look at her personal website she’s done a lot of other stuff like this and she seems quite creative.

I also don’t think it’s boring. It’s someone creative having fun working on a crazy project that they thought of just because they can, and the result is awesome. Sure, “fUcK aDoBE” etc, but also Go Christine Go!

AcesFullOfKings ,

They mean the instance should block image hosting. You can still host images on imgur/etc and link to them. Just makes it imgur’s problem to mop up the bad stuff instead of a small instance host without the resources.

Should i take my coworker up on his job offer?

My coworker recently told me he moonlights doing an online job while working our normal job. I asked him what he does and he said that it’s hard to explain but there’s a powerpoint that explains when i get hired. He said it’s all legal and we get paid $10 an hour and pay goes out every week. He showed me he’s made an...

AcesFullOfKings ,

Sounds like a you problem. If that’s true then you don’t have to be dickish about it in the comments. Just bc you don’t want to spend 6 mins reading a nice story doesn’t mean nobody else does.

AcesFullOfKings ,

let’s not bring over worn-out redditisms to lemmy eh?

AcesFullOfKings ,

In any discussion around Reply All I always think of

and also the podcast

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