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ASeriesOfPoorChoices ,

In space, no-one can hear you yodel.

Johanno ,

Have you ever heard of sea shanties?

Swedneck , avatar

anarchist music doesn’t recognize the concept of a nation-state as valid

dumbass , avatar

Its under the cheese.

udon ,

International collaborations?

threethan ,

Sea shanties. Peak music.

Akasazh , avatar

Rock and roll

threethan ,

Disqualified unless written in international waters

Matriks404 ,

Somebody should make a map with most hated music genre/artist per country.

Plume , avatar

This is a good indication that I need to go to bed. It took me like a minute and a half to actually get it.

…I am so fucking tired.

FlyingSquid , avatar

I remember the first time, as an American, that I found out that country music was huge in Australia. That was a mindfuck moment.

thedirtyknapkin ,

there’s country music fans everywhere. especially Dolly Parton.

FlyingSquid , avatar

Yeah, buy Dolly is in a class of her own. It was when I found out that Australia had their own country music stars who were writing and performing original songs, even songs about Australia, but in an American country music way, maybe even with the twang. Mind blown.

vaultdweller013 ,

We talking Reno, Bakersfield, Bluegrass, or hurk Nashville. Cause most branches of country music are good, and then theres Nashville.

DillyDaily ,

Yeah, nah, Tamworth. We have our own branches of country music down here mate.

Blak Country is a seriously cool branch to explore if you’re curious about how Australia has interpreted US country music into a localised sub-genre. Swap your mouth organs for a gum leaf and add some yidaki riffs for extra bass.

fadhl3y ,

Can you suggest some artists to check out?

Kolanaki , avatar

International waters. Like that DethKlok album recorded onto pure water.

pythonoob ,

I’d be just fine if countryusic were restricted to international waters

EmperorHenry , avatar

On the moon, of course!

Skates ,

International waters music or gtfo

xx3rawr ,

Sea shanties > country music

Seasoned_Greetings ,

Antarctica is technically not a country

austinfloyd ,

There’s also a few other spots not claimed by any country, like Bir Tawil between Egypt and Sudan.

Duamerthrax , (edited )

I only like Anarcho-capitalism music made in international waters

owatnext , avatar


irreticent ,


letsgo ,

It sank into the ocean after Putin pressed the wrong button.

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