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EmpeRohr , avatar

The bible 2 electric bogaloo

Keeponstalin ,

“Surely you’re thinking of Captain Sisko” - Janeway

astreus ,

I read them recently - mostly it’s the same stuff as in the canon gospels tbh. Some have more of a Buhdist slant (Jesus isn’t God but we’re all god style) but nothing out there.

GhostCowboy76 , avatar

@lemmyshitpost went on Reddit 🤢 for a second because they have a better ham radio community, god is that place fucked. Let’s start the fun again of trying to destroy it.

Worx ,

Can someone explain to me why there are entire communities on Lemmy about Reddit? I used to use Reddit too, I enjoyed it, then I left after the API changes. Now I use Lemmy. It doesn’t have any emotional hold on me, it was just a tool that I used. Stop bitching and move on with your life. It’s just sad at this point. If you really didn’t care for Reddit any more then there’d be no need to keep saying loudly how bad it is and how you don’t care or use it.

FartsWithAnAccent , avatar

Why bother? Reddit will kill Reddit on its own.

twizzay , (edited )

Did you eat your butterdogs this morning


altima_neo , avatar
MacNCheezus , avatar

I assure you he had nothing to do with this.

twizzay , (edited )

Posting again to remind you that there are actually two barneys.

Both are married and one is into older women.


usualsuspect191 ,

Clever girl

Hestia ,

Smoochy’s fuchsia, Moochy’s burgundy!

Shkshkshk , avatar

It is November 10th my dudes


dipshit ,

The nerve!

Getawombatupya ,

Is there a rule 34 of this?

fbmac , avatar


testing how mastodon works with lemmy

PerogiBoi , avatar

It just does okay

MajinBlayze ,

Title is weird

Meganium97 ,

@lemmyshitpost Making a test post.

AlmightySnoo , avatar
Meganium97 OP ,

@lemmyshitpost @OsrsNeedsF2P No, this is a robbery. Give me your memes.

Andreyasimow , avatar
michael , avatar

Every day we stray further from God.

conno02 , avatar

i’m still chill with it. what’s the harm? it’s not like anybody cares the second time anyway

jkmooney , avatar

Older MEMEs.....
Stolen from Reddit.....
Posted to Lemmy.....
Your argument is invalid!

daddyrat ,
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