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A new Type of Mastodon Signup that gives people a sense of Agency (

TL;DR: The current Mastodon-signup is only removing the confusion of users on first glance, because it either hides the server-choice altogether, or leaves them with a choice that is impossible to make at this point of their Mastodon-journey. Instead, it should introduce them to decentrality on a lower scale, with a handful of...

Potential energy created by same poles of magnets

Found this very useful Youtube video about How do Magnets & Magnetic Fields Work? and within it I finally found someone willing to explain greater details about how same poles repel in laymen terms. The link above takes you to the section where the Presenter explains how (as I understand him) potential energy forms between the...

[SOLVED] TrueNAS scale VMs unable to see/connect to the host and vice versa

I have recently setup a system with TrueNAS scale and while it’s been mostly smooth sailing (lies), I can’t figure out why TrueNAS itself cannot connect to virtual machines and vice versa, which kinda sucks for me as I have a wireguard server setup on a virtual machine, which works but clients connecting to it cannot connect...

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