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Staffing Crisis at Federal Prisons Highlighted at FCI Sheridan in Oregon (

An inmate at a federal prison in Oregon faked a suicide attempt to obtain medical treatment for a serious infection because health care staffing levels were so low that patients were forced to wait days, or even weeks, for basic care, an independent watchdog found....

Minnesota Just Became The Latest State to Eliminate Prison Gerrymandering (

In 2010, ahead of the decennial redistricting process, Minnesota’s legislature considered adopting a bold reform: It would stop counting state prisoners as residents of the districts where they were incarcerated, and instead count them as residents of the districts from which they hailed before prison. At the time, this was a...

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When one person stands up by themselves or with only a small group around them, the powers that be drop the hammer on them and everyone who was sympathetic and might have supported them gets scared back into line

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Gerrymandered Congress, no campaign finance laws, bought and paid for judiciary - Allow us to introduce ourselves

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And the US government is going to hold a vote on a plan to make it harder for people to migrate today

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Maybe they were doing an attempt at meta humor based on people talking past each other? Idk, this thread is an impressive mess.

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So why did the US’s lawyer promise his lawyers this wouldn’t happen if they had no way to guarantee it? And why couldn’t anyone at the State Department at least write a letter expressing any kind of concerns over this to Algeria?

The notion that the US is powerless to do anything to a country we’ve provided with millions of dollars of military aid and investment is naive bullshit. If we so much as raised an eyebrow they’d have let this guy go in a heartbeat, the Biden administration just doesn’t want a “White House helps suspected terrorist get out of prison” headline in an election year, human rights and the reputation of our lawyers be damned.

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It was and is a shame these things have to be so hard and lead to so many voices for justice getting hurt and traumatized

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Huh, well this is one of those things I’m going to see everywhere now

Melvin Conway and Hannah Arendt probably could have had a really fascinating with each other comparing ideas in computer and political sciences

The NYPD's Public Relations Staff has More Than Doubled in the Past Two Years (

In a statement, Brooklyn Councilmember Lincoln Restler pointed to the contrast between the dcpi’s staffing surge and Mayor Eric Adams’s cuts to other city services, including hundreds of layoffs in the Department of Buildings. “It’s stunning to see the nypd Communications Department more than double to 86 staff while so...

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I mean, a little bit of searching and reading shows the Democratic party has been inexcusably awful on the issue of allowing people to immigrate here and claim asylum as well (like, there’s a reason Obama got called “deporter in chief,” and the bipartisan border security bill Schumer is flogging recently is depraved trash)

Of course, as is the case with so many other issues, the Republican party are genuinely monstrous on this and aren’t just doing it in a misguided attempt to win votes (they plan to get rid of the need to do that at all), meaning there’s no reasoning with them and they just need to be defeated.

So, yeah, vote for Democratic candidates, but also write your lawmakers and let them know there are voters out there that want them to actually do better on this.

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It looks nice, but the only reason she can afford it is because it’s in a crappy state where nobody wants to live

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No, if you’re reading the Daily Mail at all you aren’t reading right

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I understand where you’re coming from, but I’d really prefer for community downvotes and comments to neutralize that problem, I think it’s a good thing to know what the reactionary morons that write for things like this and the NY Post are saying (though, yeah, the idea of other people reading it and maybe taking it seriously concerns me, so again I understand where you’re coming from)

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This comment has the sort of broken cynicism and utter indifference to our shared humanity you normally only see in CNNs coverage of foreign wars

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They think he’ll be good for them, so they lie and say he’ll be good for us

Lawsuit Brings to Light New Revelations About 2020 Fraudulent Electors Scheme (

In March, our team at Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection—along with our co-counsel at Law Forward and Stafford Rosenbaum, LLP—settled Penebaker v. Hitt, a historic lawsuit brought by two Democratic Wisconsin electors against the ten individuals who fraudulently cast ballots for Trump and...

Gov. Abbott pardons Daniel Perry for 2020 fatal Black Lives Matter protest shooting after recommendation from pardons board | CNN (

Daniel Perry, a former US Army sergeant who was convicted of murdering a protester at a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020, was released from prison Thursday after he was pardoned by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott....

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Odds on when this guy murders someone else?

Don’t know when, but I can already see one of the quotes that will run in that future news story,

During Perry’s sentencing hearing last May, the prosecution asked that he be sentenced to at least 25 years in prison. They highlighted a stream of racist and inflammatory social media posts Perry wrote prior to the shooting and the defense’s own analysis of his mental disorders and mindset.

“This man is a loaded gun ready to go off on any perceived threat that he thinks he has to address in his black and white world and his us versus them mentality,” a prosecutor said.

And he’s being released just in time for Pride Month, during an election year, and while Israel/Palestine protests are ongoing. It’ll be amazing if he doesn’t hurt someone else.

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And I’m pretty sure they’d be willing to compromise on the taxes part of that

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Getting people to click with a lying headline and then giving them the truth after you’ve gotten their webtraffic is horrible journalism and corrosive to civil society

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Oh for sure, a Republican probably wouldn’t have even got investigated for the stuff Menendez did. His corrupt ass can go right to jail, but that ® immunity card is a way bigger problem for our country than anything he did.

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Many DACA recipients have been able to carve out precarious but productive lives over the last decade, becoming doctors, engineers, nurses, and working in myriad other critical professions, including as essential workers during the COVID pandemic. The time to legalize their status is long overdue, but it has become even more imperative with Trump’s threats to set up detention camps across the country before removing millions of undocumented people if he becomes president again.

Dreamers will be an easy target. Because they are already registered with the federal government, Dreamers will be among the easiest to find in a mass roundup of illegal immigrants, and they’re unlikely to get favored treatment in a new Trump administration.

[Bolding added]

Thank you bipartisanship worshipping moderates of the Obama administration who assured us Republicans weren’t all soulless monsters, this is a very cool and not at all predictable turn of events /s

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“Forced” my fucking ass, nobody and nothing is forcing his bigoted ass to harass and brutalize migrants and asylum seekers

And that border security bill is Republican policy trash

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Sure, the federal government should be providing more anti-poverty resources generally to city county and state level governments, we’ve chronically underfunded those services for a long time and have a lot of deficits to make up there. What we don’t need is that dogshit legislation and these executive orders that essentially just give money to border patrol to harass and brutalize desperate people and try to make our immigration courts into even more of a rubber stamp for xenophobic bullshit than they already are.

Also, Eric Adams is a lying rat bastard who’s had it in for the homeless and poor people for decades, so anything coming from about the teeming masses yearning to breathe free shouldn’t be taken at face value.

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How this works in practice,

PERALTA: … This big caravan left from Tapachula, which is a city near the Guatemalan border, on Christmas Eve. Some of the migrants had spent months in southern Mexico, hoping that authorities would give them permits to move through the country. They were frustrated, so a good 5,000 of them started walking north to pressure the government. And Tuesday it looked like the government had caved. The government started sending a bunch of buses over and told them, we’ll take you to a nearby town and process you, so get on the buses. But it wasn’t long before the migrants found out that immigration officials were lying about where they were sending them, and authorities also started separating families, so the migrants started trying to get off the buses, and it was chaos. Let’s listen to Gabriela Fernandez Rivero, who was separated from her boyfriend.

GABRIELA FERNANDEZ RIVERO: (Through interpreter) We have no idea where they’re taking us. We have no idea what they’re going to do. They don’t give us any answers.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: (Speaking Spanish).

PERALTA: That man at the end is shouting, they’re separating kids. He was angry. He was calling immigration authorities killers.

FADEL: Do we know what ultimately happened to those people?

PERALTA: I mean, this caravan of migrants has been a headache for the president of Mexico. He said President Biden called him to tell him that he was worried about how many migrants were crossing the U.S. border. And Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he had taken care of it. And now what was a very visible migrant caravan is no more. That woman and a good 2 or 3,000 migrants were put on buses, and they ended up in a bunch of little towns across southern Mexico. We managed to track down a group that was left in a tiny town near Tuxtla, and I found Maria Isabel Tovar, who was desperately looking for her son. He had just turned 18, and she says the bus that they were on made a sudden stop, and authorities told her son to get off, and they told her to stay on. Let’s listen.

MARIA ISABEL TOVAR: (Speaking Spanish, crying).

PERALTA: And she’s been traveling for months from Venezuela. It’s been so hard, she says - traveled through so many countries, and just to lose my son this way. I don’t know, she keeps repeating. I don’t know.

FADEL: I mean, is this normal to move migrants, separate them this way?

PERALTA: It is. And it gives you a glimpse at Mexican immigration policy. What authorities are doing is trying to make it harder and harder for migrants to reach the border within the U.S. And migrants rights advocates here say that the U.S. has actually managed to build a wall on its southern border, and they say that that wall is Mexico.

[Bolding added]…/a-view-from-a-migrant-caravan-w…

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Except this is all bullshit because whenever the border guards want to they just declare the official points of entry closed and force people to cross irregularly so they’ve got a legal fig leaf for denying them their rights and skipping straight to deportation

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They were getting large donations from the police department, and the police department stopped donating because of their support for BLM.

It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. From the article,

Then, Jacob Blake was shot by police seven times in Kenosha, prompting the statewide coalition of advocacy agencies Embrace is a part of to signal their support for police reform and Embrace to release an anti-racism statement.

In response, the local law enforcement groups, which had been close working partners, pulled out of collaborative groups and the Sheriff of Barron County resigned from Embrace’s Board of Directors.

Katie Bement is the Executive Director of Embrace.

“He notified us that he would no longer support the organization or advocates for our services when survivors called 911 and he contacted other departments within our service area across county lines and told them to stop working with us too. And they did,” explained Bement.

They had been receiving $25,000 annually from the Barron County Department of Health and Human Services, but that was cut after Embrace released their statement.

“There were a lot of attempts to try to figure out, kind of, how to repair those relationships and get the funding returned,” explained Bement.

“We didn’t think that we could do this work without the criminal legal system, without being aligned with the criminal legal system,” she said.

She explained that Embrace and local law enforcement agencies had spent years developing collaborative programming that Embrace didn’t want to see crumble.

Some of the 14 law enforcement agencies in the area still refer survivors to Embrace, but that’s the extent of their relationships.

[Bolding added throughout]

gAlienLifeform OP , avatar

Just to be clear about that, it wasn’t just this organization, lots of domestic violence shelters and support orgs across the country lost federal funding recently when Congress cut the budget for the Victims of Crime Act. Like, here’s another news story from South Carolina all about that same problem playing out there,…/crime-victims-services-risk-40-…

gAlienLifeform OP , avatar

Actually, it was a county health department that pulled its funding in response to the pro-BLM statement and law enforcement outcry. Police departments had been participating in “collaborative programming” with this organization (not sure if that’s just trainings or something else) and stopped doing that.

gAlienLifeform OP , avatar

Good question/fair point, let me improve that headline a bit

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