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DeadNinja , avatar

Most Piped instances are also not working because they use NewPipe Extractor under the hood.

I have also temporarily switched to FreeTube for Android, because a few of the Invidious instances are still working fine.

The nice thing about the FOSS world is that it’s pretty easy to import subscriptions and other stuff from NewPipe to FreeTube.

I hope this YouTube fuckery is handled soon. I love NewPipe way more every time it successfully deals with the YT weirdos.

Fluffgar OP , avatar

I wasn’t even aware there was an Android version of FreeTube. It’s just what I use on the PC usually.

DeadNinja , avatar

Yep, someone thought of porting the awesome Freetube app to Android. It’s not as polished as NewPipe, but gets the job done. Especially at this time, it’s the only one that is working, having both a local API as well as option to use Invidious API.

I pulled the apk straight from their github page via Obtainium. You may want to give it a try.

linearchaos , avatar

Brave mobile browser is still an option too.

tb_ , avatar

Or Firefox with add-ons (on Android) instead of the browser from some crypto bro

linearchaos , avatar

This crypto bros do a REALLY good job of staying in front of YouTube ads.

I said brave because it’s easy and default. If you want to get people into FF you should name plugins.

tb_ , avatar

ublock origin

bruhduh , avatar

Libretube works fine for me, tho i usually use pipepipe and fall back to libretube and clipious in case like this

hal_5700X ,

Youtube mess with it’s API. Wait a day or two for the frontends to fix themselves.

vext01 , avatar

I take it all the third party apps are scraping, as opposed to using an API?

nyan ,

The sun will freeze over before Google would give them an API.

Fluffgar OP , (edited ) avatar

I saw a comment somewhere that apps using Invidious as a fallback were often still working. Have observed this to be the case for FreeTube on desktop. Though it’s still hit and miss which videos want to play for some reason.

Fluffgar OP , avatar
zazo ,

What I don’t get is why spend the effort dealing with YTs shit just to increase their userbase when we should be focusing on shifting people away from YT and into decentralized solutions like PeerTube anyways?

sorrybookbroke ,

The people who-would shift away are users, not creators and currently the major issue with peertube is lack of content. Along with the fact that finding an instance which allows for signups and is federated with good, discoverable content is impossible currently.

I keep trying though and eventually I’m sure I’ll be able to switch

WamGams ,

I signed up to the main instance ran by the French company. It appeared that a single video hadn’t been uploaded in 2 years and I couldn’t find how to see videos from other instances.

The entire service needs a redesign if people are going to switch.

praise_idleness ,

Because without some drastic new way to host videos, something like peertube will not replace YouTube(Framasoft agrees too). It doesn’t make sense cost wise. No one can make another YouTube.

And you also get to take money from Google so win-win.

AceFuzzLord ,

None of the large creators, whether they’re corporate or not, would ever switch over to something like PeerTube without financial incentive. Even if they did, I guarantee they’d end up killing the decentralized nature of something like PeerTube by having the largest instance and then disallowing any form of federation to ensure you are forced to their instance.

bruhduh , avatar

As i always said, people will go joyfully if someone can selfhost WHOLE YouTube content out there, YouTube became modern library of Alexandria while main page is shit and giggles, there’s a lot of useful tutorials and education videos

NeryK , avatar

Because Google is eating the monumental costs of hosting and delivering video content. The cost of maintaining client apps is negligible in comparison. YouTube is not going anywhere unless Google deems it so, or enshittifies it enough to drive users away.

bamboo ,

Given their extreme efforts to monetize YouTube, I’d be surprised if it was still operating at a loss.

linearchaos , avatar

YouTube has essentially created a monster. Every idiot out there can upload unending amounts of super high rez footage. Even if everyone who was capable of handling their own hosting spun up a node, we’d never be able to handle 1/10 of 1% of YouTubes daily upload and that’s not even mentioning the storage requirements.

The big guys aren’t going to want to host over there because there’s no money in it.

DarkThoughts ,

Yeah, same thing with Tubular. Probably a change on YT's side of things that breaks third party apps again.

Dasnap , avatar

I think the developer of SmartTube might already have a fix for their app. I haven’t tested myself but people are looking happy in the Telegram channel.

Ravi ,

Loaded the update via the internal function a few hours ago and still got error 403 on every video I tried. Haven’t twsted it thoroughly yet though.

Ravi ,

Installed another update, working again!

TimeNaan ,

Fuck YouTube for constantly doing this shit. Thank you NewPipe contributors for keeping up with it!

JeffKerman1999 ,

Well somebody has to pay for bandwidth, and Google has enough money to bankroll the entire thing. But, you know, capitalism…

bjoern_tantau , avatar

I bet they want to be played. They’re just a little shy, is all.

p0wer ,

yeah we all get shy sometimes. it happenes

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