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FBI's latest data shows 'historic' drop in crime: Garland

The first three months of 2024 saw a continued drop in levels of violent crime and murder across the country, according to data released by the FBI on Monday – a trend that Attorney General Merrick Garland called “historic.”

Reported incidents of violent crime dropped 15% between January and March of this year compared to the same period last year, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Data.

Murders dropped by more than 26% in the same time period, the data shows.

The FBI has not released details about the number of incidents for the categories of crime. It will do so when 80% participation levels are met, the agency said.

SeaJ ,

And Republicans will still act like crime is at an all time high because all they watch is Fox News and Newsmax.

kandoh ,

Everyone is too busy complaining on the internet to do crimes

MedicPigBabySaver ,

Maybe not violent crime, but, Trump is doing his personal damnedest to boost the crime rate.

Lock him up!

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

Sort of a joke that white collar crime never seems to get a mention in hysterical news blotter crime statistics.

MedicPigBabySaver ,

Yet, it carries the highest value. (no disrespect to human lives lost).

eestileib ,

Yeah, well. Ignoring the crime done by Republicans will do that.

Atelopus-zeteki , avatar

Is this more confirmation of the Lead Crime Hypothesis? (

MartianRecon ,

Imagine how much crime would drop if we had basic housing and income for everyone!

Atelopus-zeteki , avatar

Turns out we already have some clear data, and don't need to speculate.

What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money?

City-funded housing repairs in low-income neighborhoods associated with drop in crime

The Unsung Role That Ordinary Citizens Played in the Great Crime Decline

VERIFY: Does affordable housing bring more crime? (note, the answer as usual is no.)

Places across the U.S. are testing no-strings cash as part of the social safety net

MartianRecon ,

Sweet I’ve seen a few of those! I was hoping someone had them on hand =)

Thanks for sharing man!

Atelopus-zeteki , avatar

I was curious,too. So I put a more or less direct quote of your question in DDG. :-D

MartianRecon ,

Thanks! <3

Nobody ,

Millennials are ruining crime, and they can’t blame this one on a lack of disposable income. Go stick up a liquor store, ya lazy bums.

Raiderkev ,

You absolutely can. Can’t kill your s/o if you rely on their income to live.

son_named_bort ,

I’m doing my part by taping Monday Night Football without the expressed written consent of ESPN or the National Football League.

Stern , avatar

Fox gonna spin this as criminals being too broke to crime or something

CosmicTurtle0 ,

Criminals have given up crime and have become woke!1!1

whygohomie ,

Shocking Murder Vic Confession: “I didn’t even know I was dead.Thats how good they are.”

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

The moment a brown guy kills a person in bumfuck nowhere, they’ll use that story for weeks about savages and how these monsters can disturb white folks way of life a thousand miles away.

FlyingSquid , avatar

Don’t let that stop the media from scaring people though.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

I’d also call out - don’t let police spin this.

Was just reading about how my city’s police force is demanding more money after the rise of vandalism and other crime.

franklin , avatar

I wonder if we have any statistics for non-violent crime like theft, grocery stores keep going on about rising pretty theft and I have my doubts.

cor ,

police are doing historically less investigating of crimes ever since BLM told them to quit their jobs.

or maybe:

police are committing much less murder ever since they all started being required to wear body cameras


Potatos_are_not_friends ,

My takeaway: Police do less work… Violent crime down.

Looks like the crime was doing itself!

Sequentialsilence ,

Party of the rule of law… wait…

DigitalNirvana ,

Yay! Also has me wondering about “white collar” crime.

gdog05 ,

Estimated $50b in wage theft against workers per year I’m thinking white collar isn’t being included.

Telodzrum ,

Looks like it zeroes out due to employee theft:…/workplace-crime-costs-us-businesses-50…

FlyingSquid , avatar

From your article-

Hiscox’s researchers studied publicly available data on nearly 400 U.S. federal court cases in which employee fraud was alleged that either became publicly known or were active in the federal system during 2016. The cases involved public and private corporations, limited liability companies, municipal and government agencies, nonprofit organizations and Native American tribal businesses.

Meaning that doesn’t show anything being zeroed out, it means there were nearly 400 federal employee fraud cases.

And then it says-

Despite the alarming levels of embezzlement taking place, it isn’t top of mind for many small-business owners. When asked, “What is the most critical issue facing your business?” only 1 percent said the threat of crime or vandalism

In other words, that’s utter hogwash.

Hacksaw ,

How does that “zero out”. A bunch of upper and middle managers embezzling millions somehow cancels the harm of not paying, usually the lowest paid employees, their fair earned wages?

Explain the logic there?

Telodzrum ,


Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Those are indeed numbers

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