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Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker bashes Pride Month, tells women to stay in the kitchen

Seems like someone deleted this after it got posted, so let’s call out this piece of shit. Apologies if repost.

“I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolic lies told to you. Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world…”

inclementimmigrant ,

Yeah, he’s an asshole that makes a lot of money playing a kids game. Not new and not surprising.

aphlamingphoenix ,

He gets paid to take permanent brain damage. We shouldn’t take anything he says seriously.

ohholyjesus ,

He’s a kicker… He’s not getting hit in the head, just an asshole.

LaughingM0n , avatar


Soggy ,

Why do people feel the need to disparage athletics as “kid games”? Are adults not allowed to play games? Are people not allowed to be entertained by feats of strength? Are you just mad that it’s not a “real job”?

caboose2006 ,

First part of his speech “Men should be present with their families and active in their communities” okay, yeah. Amen brother. “Women should be homemakers” oh goddammit Last part of his speech “be proud, not the sinful month of pride proud” FFS man, shoulda stopped at the first part.

Sybilvane ,

Aren’t the majority of people in general more excited about family and relationships than about their careers? Most jobs nowadays aren’t exactly inspiring.

ZILtoid1991 ,

Also you need the career unless you want your kids in absolute povety, which can lead them down some really dark places.

Elite projection is strong with this one. He thinks anyone can just afford to have kids and careers are something people have as a fun thing.

answersplease77 ,

This is the point this dork is completely missing. Not everyone’s spouse is an NFL player who makes 8 figures a year.

Omegamanthethird , avatar

“The world around us says that we should keep our beliefs to ourselves whenever they go against the tyranny of diversity, equity and inclusion,”…

“the tyranny of diversity, equity and inclusion”

Dude could have just said DEI. But spelling it out really shows how stupid it is.

ILikeBoobies ,

Weird opinion given the sport he plays 🏳️‍🌈

Peddlephile ,

Hahaha. Even if there WERE lots of women who wanted to be homemakers, there is no way that a family can run on the average single income. So, somebody has been telling diabolical lies to him about the current economy.

some_guy OP ,

You’re saying that about a man who gets a lot of money to play a game he played in high school. I don’t think he knows a lot about the job market.

Plavatos ,

“Man who kicks ball well has stupid opinion, we printed it to ruffle your jimmies.”

Fixed the headline there.

Aceticon ,

We live in a World were, still (one would expect they should have learned by now) many if not most people listen to the opinions of people about things they’re not at all experts in (such as sports-people, actors and so on) because they’re “celebrities”.

Working in a profession which just so happens to be done publicly for an audience does not make one’s take on things outside that profession be any higher quality that those of any other random person.

By the way, it’s quite irrelevant if their opinion aligns or not with one’s own: the informational value of what they think is still zero.

Asafum ,

One of my favorite quotes is “opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one and they all stink.”

RememberTheApollo_ , (edited )

Butker, a conservative Catholic himself, dismissed Pride month as consisting of the “deadly sin sort of pride” while denouncing abortion and President Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic. He said women are told “diabolical lies” about career ambition when “one of the most important titles of all” is that of homemaker. He said this is not time for “the church of nice” and in particular blasted Catholics who support abortion rights and “dangerous gender ideologies.”

What a tool. But the school says:

The society seeks to differentiate schools that “refuse to compromise their Catholic mission” from those that have become “battlegrounds for today’s culture wars.”

Yet they invite this tool to speak and be part of those same culture wars.…/catholic-college-conservative-commen…

Just in case you think it’s one right-wingnut school turning out students who attend because it suits their narrative:

Benedictine College’s Transforming Culture in America plan makes professional advancement for students a high priority, saying “Transforming Culture in America will require leaders in the workplace and public life who inspire others to be committed to living the Gospel.”

The “BC in D.C.” program was started specifically to help Benedictine College students gain experience in positions of power in our nation’s capital in order to further the Center for Constitutional Liberty’s mission to inspire, inform, and direct the next generation of America’s leaders.


So there you have it, a religious school intent on inserting religious like-minded individuals into politics and influencing politics in the direction of individuals like Butker.

PiratePanPan , avatar
LiveLM ,
aesthelete ,


LiveLM ,

Real Ooga Booga hours

thisbenzingring ,

What a douchebag.

Hugh_Jeggs ,

I spent about ten seconds trying to parse the first two words of that title.

Chief’s kicker

Chief kicker

Chief’s kicker

It makes absolutely no sense no matter how you read it

BakerBagel ,

The team is called the Chiefs, and he is their kicker. Your ignorance isn’t the author’s problem.

ImADifferentBird , avatar

He is the kicker for the team named the Chiefs.

Hugh_Jeggs ,

A team? A team of what? Netball students? Ping pong players?

njm1314 ,

You being an ignorant chud doesn’t make it a bad title.

venusaur , avatar

He’s a kicker. Who cares what he thinks?

Ghostalmedia , avatar

Lt. Lois Einhorn cares

IWantToFuckSpez , (edited )

Lol. Is he the best that college could find to give a commencement speech? Says more about the college than this brain dead dingus.

n2burns , (edited )


Butker recently delivered the commencement address at Benedictine College, a liberal arts institution in Atchison, Kansas. This is the same college that once forced out gay basketball player Jallen Messersmith to remove a rainbow flag from his dorm room window.

It would seem that Butker felt right at home.

So unfortunately, it seems like this might be what the college was going for.

Dasus ,

Oh shit. Only thing I have to say is:

>Liberal arts institution

>“take that rainbow down”

Pick one

BakerBagel ,

Thats not what liberal arts means… Liberal arts colleges require classes across multiple disciplines across the humanites and sciences, beleiveing a rounded education is beneficial to a hyper specific one.

n2burns ,

I would say the pick one is more of “Liberal arts institution” and “rural Kansas”.

Dasus ,

Ugh, true enough. Lol.

SauceBossSmokin ,

Howard Stern was bashing him pretty good this morning on his radio show. Good kicker but religious nutjob.

some_guy OP ,

Oh, that’s delicious.

Tronn4 ,


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