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Staying for the week at an AirBnB in Rochester, MN. This is what I just found out I'm stuck with.

How is this even possible in 2024? I realize Rochester isn’t exactly a major metropolis, but we’re in the middle of town! It’s not like they’re relying on Hughesnet or something.

Also, it’s not that they’re cheaping out on us either. The owners live upstairs. This is a duplex.

lengau ,

On the one hand, this is normally fine at an Airbnb because you should be on vacation and thus out and doing stuff.

On the other hand, you’re in Rochester, MN, and I’d imagine the main reason people would get an AirBNB there is to be near family who are inpatient, so the hosts should be catering to that…

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

Agreed, but my mother is a nutcase.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

at least there’s internet

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

In the same sense of ‘at least there’s heat’ in a room with a space heater and an open window.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

are you sure about that, I’ve had real shitty internet that usually didn’t work, bad analogy.

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

Okay, a faulty space heater.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

not closer closed window goes closer

closed window, faulty space heater & fireplace that only has fires last for a few seconds

hazardous_area ,

My office is at about 1 mbs with RTO. I feel your pain friend

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

Ouch. I am sorry.

Rascabin ,

QoS maybe?

phoenixz ,

I just saw the “radio link internet” there

If your internet is beamed in over some radio signal somewhere then yeah, I get why it’s so shitty. Wait until it starts raining!

EvacuateSoul ,

They do that in my rural area with ham radios on each end.

morbidcactus ,

How bad is this to use? 5 Mbps isn’t awful to use but that ping concerns me, high pings in my experience are worse than slow speeds in a lot of cases (gaming, browsing, chat etc.)

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

Crazily bad. Like even takes a good 5 seconds to refresh.

phoenixz ,

A ping of 100+ is slightly noticable (not counting gaming here), 200+ is very noticeable, 500+ becomes close to very annoying / unworkable for most cases. A 600 ping will be hard to even load pages. Streaming might might work, but a high ping like that usually comes with a high packet loss too, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for Netflix even…

cynar ,

The upload is likely more of an issue. I was stuck with an annoying ASDL setup for a while. Download wasn’t bad, but upload was extremely low. It also had no form of traffic shaping. As soon as one of our phones decided to back up our photos, the TCP return packets started getting lagged out. Basically webpages wouldn’t load/timeout while anything was trying to upload.

Long pings are annoying. Insufficient upload can break a lot of ‘modern’ websites.

mechoman444 ,

Ya. Most vacation rentals will have Internet like this. They don’t want you pirating or downloading potentially illegal materials.

It’s enough to watch Netflix and Google shit and that’s about it.

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

Is that enough to watch Netflix? I didn’t bother trying.

Mr_Dr_Oink ,

I dunno, 3 megabits works out to about 0.375 megabytes per second. So its slow.

That seems like a limiter has been applied. Probably on the router. I dont think there are internet providers out there still offering adsl speeds like this. You would need around 5Mbps to watch HD on netflix.

Might be worth finding the actual router and getting the log in details from the sticker on the bottom/back and logging in to see if you can disable it.

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

I’m tethering to my phone. Thankfully, I have an unlimited data plan. Tethering gives me about 60 mbps, which is still slower than I’m used to but at least I can do things like watch YouTube videos.

VindictiveJudge , avatar

Sometimes they’ll give you unlimited data but still limit your hotspot, so watch for that.

FlyingSquid OP , avatar

I do not believe that is the case with our plan, but thanks.

Edit: Come to think of it, I know it isn’t because my daughter has had to do her online school video lessons via tethering when the power has gone out.

VindictiveJudge , avatar

I know one of the ISPs in my area still runs ADSL as their only option for this town, but I never bothered asking what the speeds were.

Might be worth finding the actual router and getting the log in details from the sticker on the bottom/back and logging in to see if you can disable it.

Alternatively, plug in your own router. Probably a last resort plan, though.

CanadaPlus ,

Hmm. Would that get you in trouble with AirBnB? I guess it’s possible they wouldn’t notice if you put it back, but it’s a risk.

dingus ,

If someone is savvy enough to have done this, surely they would have changed the password as well? Worth a shot tho, I suppose!

Mr_Dr_Oink ,

I guess if you werent savvy enough to do it you could follow a guide. My dad does alot of tech stuff by following guides but if it ever goes wrong he cant fix it becaise he doesnt know what he did, he just follows the steps.

I have to fix it instead.

CanadaPlus ,

Yeah, video is heavy, so that’s kind of surprising if so. I guess I can kind of stream a video over Tor, which is testing at 2 down right now, although usually only in low resolution.

Compression is amazing.

mechoman444 ,

Sometimes it is. Depends on what Netflix is doing. But you’re right, I usually just use my own hotspot when traveling.

skuzz ,

Your average landlord isn’t going to even be thinking or caring about “piracy”. They only care about their bottom line.

IamAnonymous ,


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  • FlyingSquid OP , avatar

    First world? I just looked up Lagos, Nigeria. 10-50 mbps.

    So it sounds to me more like an lots of the world problem.

    IamAnonymous ,


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  • FlyingSquid OP , avatar

    A few countries? I picked one city in one country. A third-world country. To show that this is not a problem just in developed nations.

    And I know there are people with worse internet speeds. There are people without electricity or running water. Should I not complain if I come to an AirBnB and there’s no electricity or running water because it’s a “first world problem?”

    Mr_Dr_Oink ,

    Dumb argument, its all relative.

    Of course there are people who have it worse. But that doesnt invalidate the frustrations of people who dont. A 1st world problem isnt less valid than a third world poblem.

    In the 1st world, you often need a reliable internet connection to do almost everything. From ordering food to applying for a job. Even some work is only offered remotely and therefore it is a requirement.

    If you dont have the internet in a 1st world country you will fall behind and lokely end up poor and struggling.

    In some third world countires, assume these same issues sont exist.

    stackPeek , avatar


    How is the availability of high-quality internet a first world problem? I live in a developing country and it’s way better than this LoL

    Green_Bay_Guy ,
    stackPeek , avatar

    Ah, fellow Southeast Asian I see

    CanadaPlus , (edited )

    Well, there are countries where it’s still bad. Africa usually isn’t great, IIRC. Really geography has a big influence, it’s all about cost of a cable vs. possible rate of return from subscribers. Even Australia and NZ have had struggles with that.

    Then again, I haven’t checked recently and it’s rapidly improving. Things like Starlink are available too now.

    stackPeek , avatar

    Really geography has a big influence, it’s all about cost of a cable vs. possible rate of return from subscribers.

    Oh yeah totally. I live in a country with lots of island and it’s a logistical nightmare. As a result, the eastern most part of my country still doesn’t have internet. It’s not even because the government is incompetent, it’s because it’s hard. AFAIK at least

    elrik ,
    jadedwench ,

    I am so jealous. Those assholes will not run it to my apartment. Landlord tried. The entire neighborhood behind and next to us has it. I am just done and fed up with Spectrum. Maybe I should call and bitch.

    pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

    threaten to pirate

    ichbinjasokreativ ,

    I have 250Mbit/s in a really old building within a small to medium size town in Germany

    neeeeDanke ,

    I have 16/4 mbit in the middle of berlin :|.

    Treczoks ,

    Here, too, in just a few weeks (at the moment I still have the 100mbit contract). And we are more or less out in the country, the next field is maybe 50m from our doorstep.

    vox , avatar

    one of local Ukrainian isps offered to run fiber (symmetrical 100) to the middle of nowhere. like literally, the nearest store is a couple if kilometers away, it’s the last building along a road literally surrounded by a huge field, in a village with like 10 people still living in it.

    (i don’t need constant internet connection there tho as I’m only there occasionally, 4g is more than enough)

    Swedneck , avatar

    here in sweden you generally can’t even get anything lower than 100mbps

    Glytch ,

    Mother Mayo won’t let the people living here have nice things. All infrastructure funding must go to the hospital so they can stay one the top medical centers in the world, while the city around them crumbles. Everything goes to the Destination Medical Center.

    LeroyJenkins ,

    you’ll be fine. I played WoW in the early 2000s with these Internet speeds.

    willow ,

    I’m nearby rochester and used to have radiolink. Honestly you’re lucky it works. Never had a worse experience with an isp before

    gkpy ,

    meanwhile random residential internet speeds in tokyo beating out every consumer connection available in my area (and country I assume): librespeed result for tokyo shows 147Mbps down, 153Mbps up

    dust_accelerator ,


    MrSoup ,

    Upvoted because of librespeed

    loudWaterEnjoyer , avatar

    Libre me daddy

    lud ,

    Damn 20 ms ping.

    Edit: Wait, you are probably just on WiFi.

    datavoid ,

    Is 20 bad or good? I feel like having lower ping than that is impossible in Canada

    lud ,

    Imo it’s not great but it’s not terrible either.

    I would personally consider it bad if I got 20 ping on my personal desktop that’s using ethernet and the home is connected using fiber. I would expect something closer to 1-5 ms.

    If I had 20 ms on WiFi I wouldn’t complain.

    NotAnArdvark ,

    That’ll depend on the server you’re connecting to to test your speed, and also if you’re using wifi.

    Shaw (in Western Canada) seems to route everything through Seattle so there’s like a built-in 20 millisecond delay for every destination.

    kiljoy ,

    Do you mind me asking how much you pay for that? I pay $90 a month for 250mbps down.

    ikidd , avatar

    Come to rural Canada. Our internet is slower, but at least it’s three times more expensive.

    Frozengyro ,

    You got that going for you, which is nice.

    Cameri , avatar

    They also have to deal with Wendigos. Not sure if slow internet or a horror beyond human imagine is scarier

    cyberpunk007 ,

    Or it’s better and even more expensive… With starlink.

    Zorsith , avatar

    Yeah, but then you’re given muskrat money. Not gonna judge those with no other option though. Internet should have become a utility years ago in North America.

    kokopelli ,

    I live in the middle of nowhere and it’s been a lifesaver. The competition is good, because now satellite providers will need to up their game. It also keeps ISPs from locking down an area with insane prices and no alternatives rich is overall a great thing.

    Zorsith , avatar

    Oh I’m definitely glad it exists, I just wish it was NASA or somebody instead of a crazy rich dude. Even better would be the FCC going after all the ISPs who took government money for infrastructure and didn’t do it.

    SorryQuick ,

    Not anymore though. 10 years ago, sure, but now you’re forced to either bundle it with phone and cable for a reasonable price(for internet, you’re still buying 2 other things you might not need) or buy the minimum of 60mbps at a premium. And this is in a town of 500 people half an hour away from the nearest city. 15 years ago there was straight up no internet there.

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