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stringere ,

Hoser bomb:

  • half pint Labatt’s
  • shot of Canada Dry
  • shot of maple syrup

Hoosier bomb:

  • half pint Bush beer
  • shot of Jack Daniels
  • shot of ranch dressing
DigitalDruid ,


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  • MacNCheezus OP , avatar

    I have actually tried artichoke water, albeit only from a jar, not a can. It’s not that bad if you buy a good quality product.

    Would never attempt sardine juice, however.

    DigitalDruid ,


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  • MacNCheezus OP , avatar

    I don’t actually drink that stuff, I just shitpost it here for the lulz.

    Empricorn ,

    War Crime.

    MacNCheezus OP , avatar

    Agreed. Definitely missing a bit of celery and/or pickles to make it a proper tuna salad.

    MeDuViNoX ,

    They’re really good, but you can’t do more than 7 or 8 in an hour.

    MacNCheezus OP , avatar

    Finally, a ma of culture.

    shield_gengar , avatar
    ItzzMe , avatar

    Ima crosspost this to foodcrimes in a few hours if you don’t mind

    MacNCheezus OP , avatar

    Not at all. Have at it.

    synapse1278 , avatar

    Hmmm, fresh out of the can

    SkyezOpen ,

    That weird cocktail guy would probably try it. He made and drank (way more than anyone would expect) beef fizz.

    Furbag ,

    How2Drink on YouTube lol.this definitely seems like it would make the next episode of Cursed Cocktails.

    MyFairJulia , avatar

    Daj boze!

    MacNCheezus OP , avatar


    GrundlButter ,
    MewtwoLikesMemes , avatar


    eezeebee , avatar

    Why is the mayo shaped like ramen noodles?

    MeDuViNoX ,

    Piping tip

    Evil_Shrubbery ,

    Needs more surströmming

    dharmacurious ,

    You shall never see the light of God. To the outer darkness you shall be banished for the wickedness thou hast wrought upon the earth. Get thee behind me, foul creature.

    cordlesslamp ,

    By the pow’r of two, we banish thee.


    hellfire103 ,
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