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idoubledo ,

FYI most protestors on the border are either family of current Hamas hostages or people who were dislocated due to the war.

idoubledo ,

Yeah, go ahead and tell the Israeli Police/Army, who are most likely also a first/second circle of people who got personally affected by the acts of October 7th to forcibly evacuate people who are heart broken by the fact that their relatives are in a terror tunnel in Gaza, and the country which they live in and is supposed to get them out are instead sending aid which has been proven to be stolen by the same terrorists who have their relatives.

When this absurd theater of life interacts with reality not everything is that simple to achieve.

idoubledo ,

That’s not racism, that’s just your interpretation of these events. All I did was to correct the commenter about the identity of those protesting.

I doubt you would do anything different if you would be in their shoes.

idoubledo ,

Fuck those poor, helpless, blockaded, starving civilians that have been bombed from their homes, if we give them water/food/power/ceasefire it goes to Hamas

Where did I say that, why do you misquoted me?

idoubledo ,

Isn’t it nice that a government takes care of its citizens?

The Gazans should complain to their elected government who not only failed to provide them security (see…/hamas-official-mousa-abu-marzouk-tunn…), but also is the root cause of their suffering.

Regarding your second point - it’s a military controlled area, if the military concludes that something is banned in that area due to its abuse by a terrorist group that’s the way it should be, especially given the history of weaponization of dual use materials by this group (

idoubledo ,

Hamas might have killed a bit less than 1000 civilians, but IDF has killed 20 times more

Notice how you know the exact civilian vs combatant numbers for the Israeli side but not for the Palestinians. IDF claims a 7-9k dead combatants, so that’s an almost 2:1 ratio, which is unheard of especially in this dense urban fighting while Hamas tries to maximize civilian casualties.

They are also responsible for the destruction of almost half the civilian infrastructure there, the destruction of civilian homes, agricultural land, mass starvation, has created dire humanitarian catastrophe, damaged hospitals, killed paramedics, kids, manage to turn this war the deadliest for journalists in modern history, committed numerous war crimes

Yeah, all of that is on Hamas

and you still defend them?

Israel is the only side who had actually strived for peace over the years, that enthusiasm for peace has been tested to the extreme and unfortunately dwindled for obvious reasons, but even after the horrific events of October 7th you can still find voices calling for a two state solution. There was no such attempts for peace from the Palestinians, on the contrary - just more missiles and terror attacks for every attempt at a permanent settlement of the conflict. So, yeah, of course I defend them.

Shall we also mention that you managed to frustrate greatly even your closest ally the US, who is getting more annoyed with you by the day and now you are planning to attack Rafah, where more than half of the population of Gaza is sheltering, pushing them more to the abyss of despair.

Hamas is an obstacle to peace and must be disabled, they can stop this war now if they wanted by releasing the man, woman, children and babies (!) they currently hold captive, and surrender. If they don’t do that Israel had no other viable course of action to get rid of this threat, hopefully with as little civilian casualties as possible.

And these are indisputable FACTS.

Some facts, some unsubstantiated propaganda, some opinions

idoubledo ,

quibbling over which hospital is okay to blow up

No hospital was blown up in this conflict according to what I know, I’ll be happy if you show me evidence of that.

or how much the Israelis should be allowed to starve the Gazan

Nobody is allowing any such thing: There are thousands of hostages relatives and friends who are understandably very distraught due to this all situation, and for them sitting, probably not even in their home since October 7th, and seeing the aid pouring into Gaza while their loved ones are rotting in some Hamas terror tunnel will understandably make them want to do something about it. The police is obviously hesitant to use force on people in this situation, especially given they are most likely affected by the current fighting and understand that Hamas is stealing and abusing this aid to prolong the fighting.

The above is my explanation, not an endorsement for their actions. I’m sure this matter will be resolved, if not already.

idoubledo ,

Wait, so you want Israel to bomb fuel tanks in tunnels hidden beneath civilian buildings? Are you Ben-Gvir?

idoubledo ,

Actually, Ben Gvir does nothing but tweet.

idoubledo ,
idoubledo ,

It’s the peaceful Muslims again

The attacks started on Saturday in the villages of Ogota and Oimbe in Bankass circle, in the Mopti region, Bankass Mayor Moulaye Guindo said in a phone interview.

“Armed men burst in, surrounded and attacked the two villages, Ogota and Oimbe, located side by side. They shot at the populations and set fire to the houses,” Guindo said.

“The toll is heavy, around 30 deaths including men, women and children. The two villages were completely destroyed and burned,” he said.

idoubledo ,

Some of the Hamas attackers on October 7th were linked to ISIS, so that’s not exactly accurate.

US to relist Yemen's Houthis as specially designated global terrorists, AP sources say (

The Biden administration is expected to soon announce plans to redesignate Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen as specially designated global terrorists, according to two people familiar with the White House decision and a U.S. official....

idoubledo ,

Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself from its occupied territories

  1. Why do you think a sovereign state doesn’t have a right to defend its citizens? Oh let me guess - you’re a “from the river to the sea” kind of “humanitarian”.
  2. Gaza is not occupied since 2005, for the purpose of handing it over thousands of Israeli’s were forcefully expelled from the region (see…/Israeli_disengagement_from_Gaz…), not a single Israeli remained in Gaza (unless you count hostages).

the idea that they have a right to defend themselves doesn’t apply any more than the Germans had any right to defend themselves from the Warsaw uprising

Yeah, compare labor camps built by the Nazis for the extermination of Jews, where Jews were forcefully transited into, to a piece of land that was claimed and given to the Palestinians. This comparison is absurd.

idoubledo ,

Where’s your outrage at 600K dead Syrians @PugJesus?…/Casualties_of_the_Syrian_civil….

Oh wait, can’t blame Israel for it, nm.

idoubledo ,

Wow, look at the IDF, the most incompetent genocidal army.

What do you think is happening exactly? Are the trained soldiers getting orders to kill as much people as possible, having access to many thousands of tons in munitions, advanced air force and weaponry systems, with aid from the US and failing miserably at their job?

idoubledo ,

Proof of genocide, and not the Hamas kind of proof

idoubledo , (edited )

Keep down-voting, logic can’t seem to get through to you - if there was actual genocidal intent by Israel there’s no chance there’s no chance there were only 20 thousand or so dead.

These figures are probably over-hyped by the Hamas “health ministry”, which hold a Guinness world record for the fastest body counting by the way.

idoubledo ,

Here’s some evidence of actual genocide

idoubledo ,

So you’re accusing Israel of doing everything it can in light of a terrorist organization holding 136 hostages as of now, which has dug all of it’s military facilities underneath civilian buildings and infrastructure to not upset the international community?

What is it that you expect Israel to do? Trust the terrorists that have shown by action and by verbal intent they will keep on doing their genocidal Jihadist quest?

idoubledo ,

Actually, those are Hamas claimed numbers. The IDF numbers claim more than 8,000 dead combatents, that’s actually a more than reasonable civilian to combatant ratio comparing to recent and less recent conflicts.

I know that sounds a bit heartless, but given the population density in Gaza it’s quite clear there’s no genocide intent here.

I would even argue that the Israeli army did more to save Palestinian lives than Hamas, who put them in an impossible situation for the sake of Jihad.

idoubledo ,

That’s a false claim

idoubledo , (edited )

With all it’s intelligence might, Israel had dropped the ball, and it has been shown that no amount of intelligence can help deter a terrorist organization at the border.

If those schools are used for terrorist activities, the civilian population has evacuated, and the area designated as a war zone, it is fully entitled to complete the mission of eradicating Hamas, which is hurting the entire region, not just Israel.

The situation is shitty, but Israel was dragged forcefully into it, not by choice.

idoubledo , (edited )

So it should have not given a safe route?

and then bombing them as they followed it

Hamas lies, in fact they actually shot at their fleeing people to deter them from leaving so they’ll remain human shields, obviously blaming Israel.

Or bombing refugee camps

The refugee camps are being used by terrorists, ate you telling Israel how to achieve its goals? In fact, even after Israel designated humanitarian zones, Hamas started shooting from there.

Cutting off the fuel supply

Humanitarian needs are being taken care of, although I don’t think any country would do the same in the same situation where the electricity and fuel are constantly being used against you. Can you imagine supplying fuel to a country that keeps throwing rockets on you for years? This situation is absurd.

bombing hospitals

Hamas lies which have already been proven so. The single time a hospital was hit was due to an Islamic Jihad rocket misfiring and landing in a hospital parking lot (supposedly killing 500 people according to the fastest body conters in the world, which were able to supply that body count around 5 minutes after that missile exploded).

idoubledo ,

For those of you wandering what was in this deleted comment - it’s videos taken by GoPro’s carried by the Hamas terrorists as they raided Israeli towns and brutally murdered as much civilians as they could find, including women and children.

Apperantly, it’s not OK by the mod to show (or even link to) evidence of actual genocide, only to make false claims of one. The mod didn’t explained which rule is it that led to my comment being deleted.

If anyone’s interested (I couldn’t watch all of it, and what I was able to watch kept me up at night) - contact me directly and I’ll send you the link for your viewing displeasure.

idoubledo ,

You misquoted my comment, and still failed to convey your message.

What are you talking about exactly?

idoubledo ,

You’re viewing this through your (probably) western eyes.

The population has been radicalized for years now (see, and is being controlled by a terrorist organization with a mission of creating an Islamic State in the region, the Palestinian cause is just an excuse it uses.

Coming from outside, not knowing the full history of the region, and saying “ok kids, stop fighting and behave like an adult” when in reality one kid is a literal terrorist is (IMHO) naive.

Both Israel and the Palestinians are between a rock and a hard place, but the only way forward is to get rid of the terrorists who are not playing by any rules - their only wish is for the abolishment of Israel and its non-muslim citizens, with no regards for actual Palestinian lives.

White House says ‘it’s the right time’ for Israel to scale back Gaza war as fighting hits 100 days (

The White House said Sunday that “it’s the right time” for Israel to scale back its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, as Israeli leaders again vowed to press ahead with their operation against the territory’s ruling Hamas militant group....

idoubledo ,

Well, that strip of of land is not occupied since 2005, which hasn’t prevented Hamas and the “innocent people of Gaza” from throwing more than 8,000 rockets into civilian towns, while also trying to build tunnels under the border. What would you expect Israel to do? Open the border and just let them in? You’re delusional, ill-informed or you just want Israel gone, in which case you call for a actual genocide.

Oh, btw, did you know Gaza also borders with Egypt? Ever asked yourself why the Egyptians never opened their borders to their fellow Muslim brothers even though a large percentage of the Gaza population descended from Egyption migrants to the region?

Also, why wasn’t there any calls for a Palestinian state between 1948-1967?

idoubledo ,

All of you assholes down voting my comment, tell me how stating facts deserves your down votes.

idoubledo ,

That’s a gross misrepresentation of what I wrote, also, there’s no genocide being done today. On October 7th however…

idoubledo ,

Hamas shouldn’t have governed Gaza, but the other option had to be Fatah and “Israel” had to be a blood thirsty nation for all of it’s existence. Hamas was acting as a charity; making the situation better for Gazans by building hospitals, schools, and mosques. While Fatah was showing off its corruption, and Hamas didn’t even win by that much: Hamas: 44.45% | Fatah: 41.43 %

Israel left Gaza in 2005, one year later Hamas took over and killed its political opponents, this was followed by an unprovoked daily barrages of missiles towards civilian towns. I don’t know where your claim of Hamas was acting out of charity comes from, and obviously the schools mosques and other charitable activity was all a front for their terrorist activities.

What do you think should have been the answer to that problem? I think cutting off weapons supply routes is a reasonable course of action. Regarding water, communication and electricity independence - those problems could have been at least partially solved with the billions in aid money that were instead used for terror infrastructure under civilian homes.

Gaza was supposed to be an example of how a Palestinian state could eventually look like, but they f***ed up, badly.

“Israel” shouldn’t have existed, and should cease to exist

“From the river to the sea” style? Your true colors are showing

All-Palestine. Looks like a call to me

You didn’t actually read the link you sent, did you? this initiative was a failure, with no real takers from the Arab states. Jordan basically ignored it by annexing the West bank immediately, and Egypt would rather use Gaza to generate more problems for the new Israeli state than confront it directly after the defeat of 1948 (it annexed it later stating its incompetence).

idoubledo ,

It’s amazing Israel has been able to target 30,000 civilians, and not a single terrorist.

Oh wait, who reported that 30k number? Qatar-controlled Al-jazeera who also happens to have funded Hamas? Yeah - sounds like honest reporting.

Doctors accuse Israeli troops of desecrating bodies and shooting civilians at hospital Israel says was Hamas ‘command center’ (

Israeli soldiers raiding a hospital in northern Gaza desecrated the bodies of dead patients with bulldozers, let a military dog maul a man in a wheelchair, and shot multiple doctors even after vetting them for terror links, according to allegations by staff and patients....

idoubledo ,

How convenient that everyone is a civilian in the eyes of the Hamas health ministry.

idoubledo ,

The person in the video says two woman, the article says four.

There’s only one side in this conflict with an interest to inflate death tolls and war stories, and it ain’t the good guy chief, so I’m gonna say that article doesn’t look it’ll pass a fact check.

idoubledo ,

Yeah, the writer chooses to ignore evidence and decides to reach other conclusions

During the IDF’s more than week-long occupation of al-Shifa, it released multiple sets of photos and videos showing alleged evidence of Hamas military activity inside and underneath the hospital.

Israeli army executes an elderly Palestinian after using him in propaganda campaign about its ‘safe corridor’ in Gaza (

Geneva – The Israeli army’s execution of an elderly Palestinian after using him in a propaganda campaign promoting its “safe corridor” in Gaza was strongly condemned in a statement released by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor today....

idoubledo ,

The terrorist group Hamas has been actively preventing evacuation, and according to reports opening live fire on Palestinians trying to evacuate throughout this war.

Big title with little evidence this case was any different, coming from a highly non-objective organization that failed to find a single issue with Hamas, the sole government in Gaza, which took all the aid money and turn it into rockets.…/first-thing-hamas-tells-gaza-ci…

Hamas Official Mousa Abu Marzouk: The Tunnels In Gaza Were Built To Protect Hamas Fighters, Not Civilians; Protecting Gaza Civilians Is The Responsibility Of The U.N. And Israel (

Mousa Abu Marzouk, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau said in an October 27, 2023 interview that aired on Russia Today TV that the tunnels in Gaza were built to protect Hams fighters from airstrikes, not civilians. He added that Hamas fights Israel from within the tunnels. Abu Marzouq added that since 75% of the residents in...

idoubledo ,

The nerve of this guy building tunnels under hospitals mosques and unwra facilities, violating every known act of war with the 7.10 massacre and then quoting international law.

Probably having expectations from a terrorist is the culprit, but how are so many people blind to this? How can anyone support them? This is not resistance to occupation, this is plain and simple jihad.

idoubledo ,

“The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: 'O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.”

Hamas charter, article 7

Jihad - as in call for religious war, unrelated to any land conflict.

idoubledo ,


idoubledo ,

So much for the religion of peace

idoubledo ,

It was 5 million babies you dummy

idoubledo ,

Don’t bother him with facts, he has a narrative to support

idoubledo ,

That’s a disingenuous statement designed to manipulate people, you never in your life sincerely thought Israel is oppressed and you’re trying to make it seem like you did.

It’s hard to imagine one self in Israel’s shoes, but I can say with high certainty you never tried.

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