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I was me, but now he’s gone

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This comment section is proof that lemmy is as brain dead and propagandized as reddit.

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In a 2007 pro-gun rights video, Navalny presents himself as a “certified nationalist” who wants to exterminate “flies and cockroaches” – while bearded Muslim men appear in cutaways.…/navalny-has-the-kremlin-foe-moved…

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Yet Navalny’s more nationalist views are troubling. Last year he spoke at the Russky Marsh, where some protesters made Nazi salutes. He has also endorsed a movement called Enough of Feeding the Caucasus, which protests against the theft of state funding but which critics see as xenophobic. And a video that Navalny recorded for Narod several years ago called for arming the population to shoot Chechen bandits.…/alexei-navalny-profile-vladimir…

Seems like a cool fella. RIP.

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Guy bad, so we must kill

Strawman argument. Can’t expect better.

Also, I don’t see any sympathy among liberals for Julian Assange, who’s a jounalist and a legitimate political prisoner.

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A sane country doesn’t jail and assassinate dissidents for being dissidents

Agree 100%

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It’s not laws that were invented to jail them. They weren’t jailed just for “vibes”.

Ignorance is rewarded with upvotes here.

Assange is being tortured for the crime of publishing facts.…/an-open-letter-from-editors-and-publi…

-Joint open letter by Nyt, The Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and El País.

Not that it would make the slightest difference to the lib cult.

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The song calls for the IDF to “rain a storm” and “strike” a list of individuals including the women who have all previously supported the Palestinian cause or called for a ceasefire.

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