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nifty , avatar

Might be good, maybe we’ll get an OS competitor then. It’s harder for hardware, but not impossible. An open source, fabless microcontroller built by a nonprofit, perhaps? A lot of universities have labs with the budget to allocate for this as part of a consortium

crimsonpoodle ,

I like your optimism best to look on the bright side and all— curious what do you mean by fabless? Do they not require as complex facilities because they’re a larger process or something? Or for some other reason?

nifty , avatar

I was thinking maybe there could be different SoCs or machine learning oriented hardware, and if there are multiple designs then they could be put together somewhere else. Some research labs are specializing in different types of semiconductor devices, which I think might be interesting to explore on a microcontroller

KingThrillgore , avatar

So what do we use now that Raspi has gone to shit?

yessikg , avatar

Orange Pi, Pine64 sbcs, Libre Computer Board, and mini pcs

Natanael ,

Who had broad software and driver support?

Grippler ,

Mini PCs have the same level of software and driver support as any desktop PC, so probably even better than raspi.

Breve ,

When a company takes on shareholders, whatever goals, mission, or ethos they had is erased. They now exist as a vehicle to make as much money as possible at literally any cost. That’s it. Was nice while it lasted.

octopus_ink ,

Literally my exact first thought, but you were more eloquent.

the_doktor ,

Welp. Fuck Raspberry Pi. The entire stock market is one big scam.

LazyBane ,

Tech companies as soon as they are publicly traded:

UnaSolaEstrellaLibre ,

They’ve crossed the event horizon of enshitification.

federino ,

fuck us

afraid_of_zombies ,

been slowly replacing the PLCs with PIs at my work.

Holzkohlen ,

AI nonsense privacy disrespecting “feature” coming next week

cyberpunk007 ,

Announcing: Raspberry pi recall

WormFood ,

I picked up a radxa zero last year and have been quite enjoying it. the hardware is better than a pi zero but costs less. same with a lot of other SBCs

but raspberry pi has a lot of inertia behind it, a lot of software and hardware support. people will keep using them, just like they keep using Ubuntu, even though it’s a soulless corporate husk of what it one was

somethingsomethingidk ,

I had never heard of radxa. Looks awesome!

mynamesnotrick ,

As long as I’m not locked into using their OS on their hardware I’ll still be interested. I have a 3,4&5 doing various tasks around my house and enjoy the little boards.

Valmond ,

Orange PI comes to mind, getting better over time too.

JackbyDev ,

Raspberry Pi has been over priced for a long time. I’m not saying they’ve been a net positive or negative, but if you think this will make them a bad company then I think they’ve been pretty bad for a bit.

skybox ,

Here’s to hoping a solid sbc with gpio pins and solid software support shows up as a competitor to keep them in check?

Lettuceeatlettuce , avatar

Let the enshitification begin!

Linkerbaan , avatar

The Pi5 is already a shitshow with crazy power usage requiring a special power supply instead of a normal USB C phone charger.

Valmond ,

Yeah I’d take a 3b-ish PI for say 30€ any day (IDK if that’s realistic pricing). If I need beefy hardware I just use a PC?

Linkerbaan , avatar

The Pi4 had a good price on release. Then Covid hit.

With the Pi5 the Pi foundation is just milking it. Overpriced chip on an inefficient outdated 28nm process node.

Lettuceeatlettuce , avatar

We’re lucky that the SBC space has gotten really solid over the last couple years. ARM-based, X86-based, and even some RISC-V systems.

The PI isn’t the only only game in town now, and actually gets beat in several different applications depending on use case.

As shareholder value and line-must-go-up takes over the company culture, progress and innovation will happen more and more in the hands of companies and orgs that actually care about their product’s quality and features.

Still disappointing though, the Pi was my first introduction to IoT and low power computing.

peopleproblems ,


werefreeatlast ,

Yeah, expect nothing more than enshitification. That way, if they don’t enshitify like every company does, then we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

circasurvivor ,

The shit winds are coming, Randy

Masamune ,

The nice thing about being a pessimist is that you are always either right, or pleasantly surprised.

CoggyMcFee ,

Not with my luck

Masamune ,

That’s the spirit!

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