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I’ve been thinking of using Linkwarden for a while now. As my computer usage spreads across more and more devices, having a single place to go for all my bookmarks would be fantastic.

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Not really a “hack” but I don’t know why most people get into phone contracts.

Since college, I have always just bought unlocked phones with cash and then used the carrier’s prepaid plans and set it to auto pay.

I pay so much less than most people I know, I get all the same service, and my phone isn’t tied to a contract or carrier, so I can cancel my plan whenever I want and switch to another carrier by just buying their SIM card for ~$20.

My current phone is an unlocked Pixel 6a that I got on sale new for $300. I have unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 a month. And if I get sick of my current carrier or they bump my cost, I can just switch to anybody else for just the cost of a $20 SIM card.

I have so many friends and family members that complain about their phone bills being super high and their service sucking, but they can’t cancel their contracts without paying off their huge balances plus the interest and usually cancelation fees. Plus, because their phone is tied to the contract/carrier, they can’t even keep transfer the phone to the new carrier and have to get sucked into a “phone trade-in” deal and the cycle continues.

And for the folks saying that most people can’t afford to save up and buy a phone outright, there are a lot of places that offer payment plans for the phone, or you can buy it on credit and pay it off that way, which would likely be less interest over time. Or you could buy unlocked used/refurbished phones for 25-50% off their normal price.

Maybe it makes sense if you get a stipend from your company, or you bundle it with a bunch of other packages like cable TV or internet, but for just a cell phone, I just don’t get locking yourself into a crazy contract.

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Absolutely right!

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Verizon, might have been a little less, but reasonable to me, I keep my phones for a long time, and I got a really good deal on it.

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Nice, over here $45 a month is pretty cheap, at least in my circles. Most people I know are paying close to double that.

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Almost everybody I know has something like this, growing up as a teenager it was the same too.

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Nice! Maybe Europe has it better, (wouldn’t be the first time lol.)

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Interesting, seems like Europe has some really cheap options, much cheaper than the US.

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Right on. I do need unlimited, as my job requires me to be on the road a fair bit and accessing lots of data.

But that’s a good idea, I’ll see if my carrier offers that option.

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Interesting. Seems like my situation is pretty specific to the US. Lots of folks from other countries that seem to have much cheaper options by default.

Why Won't the US Help Negotiate a Peaceful End to the War in Ukraine? (

For the fifth time since 2008, Russia has proposed to negotiate with the U.S. over security arrangements, this time in proposals made by President Vladimir Putin on June 14, 2024. Four previous times, the U.S. rejected the offer of negotiations in favor of a neocon strategy to weaken or dismember Russia through war and covert...

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Sure, Russia can peacefully withdraw from all the Ukrainian territory they seized and respect the long-established border of Ukraine.

Russia is the largest country by area in the world, with trillions of dollars of natural resources/rare-earth materials. It shares borders with China, the up-and-coming other world power, and borders the pacific ocean, allowing for trade routes to some of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world.

But instead of harnessing those resources, shoring up power and influence with potential allies, they elected a pseudo-dictator douchebag, sat with their thumbs up their asses, and decided the best way to gain power and influence in the world was to bully smaller bordering nations and invade their territory with a pathetically weak and ill-equiped military.

And then Putin and his muppets blame the US and NATO for “encroaching on them.” As if trying to take back a tiny sliver of former USSR territory will do anything to make their country powerful or wealthy.

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Nope, Russia could have been working on building up infrastructure and trade deals with China, India, and various middle eastern countries, all countries that aren’t beholden to the USA.

Get mad and seethe, bro. 😆

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Idk why it wouldn’t be considered cheating? If it violates the conditions of the exam process, then it would be cheating. I don’t see how that would change if the medium changed.

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Tuesdays are the worst for me.

Monday has become such a meme that it actually can be a decent workday. I know some workplaces bring in snacks on Mondays specifically because of the “It’s a Monday” thing. Plus, if I had a good weekend, I still feel a little bit recharged from it going into the work week.

Wednesday is hump day, which for me is encouraging to know that once lunch is over, I am halfway through the week.

Thursdays are sucky, but not too bad because you have Friday to look forward to, and Fridays obviously are right next to the weekend.

Tuesdays are still in the first half of the week, but they don’t have any of the culture of memes around them to make them fun, even in a “we’re all in this together” kind of way. So for me, they are the worst.

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Remember that a large portion of Trumps supporters are hardcore fundamentalist Christians, they already believe that Trump is fulfilling prophesy as “God’s chosen leader.”

This plays to their worldview perfectly.

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Oh geez, if that’s him, he got that Habsburg jaw hella.

What email client are you guys using?

I just can’t find a decent email client that looks like it’s from the last 20 years. Geary and Evolution both appear to be pretty modern but something about using Gmail with a Yubikey just doesn’t work and neither of them will connect to my account. Both on Fedora and OpenSUSE. Thunderbird works but it’s so old fashioned...

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I just use Protonmail’s web client. Fast, sleek, similar polish to gmail imo.

For an actual desktop client, Thunderbird with Dark Reader addon and some tweaks for theming.

Honestly though, I just prefer the web client from Proton, it’s really nice.

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Very good read. I totally agree with your sentiment that more and more, “engineering” is becoming just gluing together and managing cloud services and features.

My job as a sys admin has become the same. It’s not about actually understanding the technology at a deep level and troubleshooting problems, it’s about learning specific applets and features to click on and running down daily and weekly checklists.

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Let’s hope that people will start to favor on-prem solutions and smaller independent cloud providers vs the massive trillion dollar corpo clouds that control so much now.

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Straw man. I’m encountering sys admins and systems “engineers” who don’t know how to spec out a server, don’t understand how certificates work, don’t understand basic IP addressing principles, don’t understand basic networking topology.

They just know how to click a list of specific buttons in a GUI for one specific Corpo vendor.

Maybe that is fine for a Jr. Admin just starting out, but it isn’t what you want for the folks in charge of building, upgrading, and maintaining your company’s infrastructure.

There’s nothing wrong with making interfaces simpler and easier to understand. And there’s nothing wrong with building simplified abstractions on top of your systems to gain efficiency. But this should not be done at the cost of actual deep understanding and functionality.

The people you call when things go badly wrong will always be the folks that have that deep understanding and competency. It already has started hitting the developer community in the last few years. The Jr. Devs that did a 3 month boot camp where they learned nothing but how to parrot code and slap APIs together, are getting laid off and cannot find work.

The devs that went to school for Comp Sci, that have years of real world experience, and actually understand the theory and the nuts and bolts of the underlying tech, they are still largely employed and have little trouble finding work.

I think the same will happen soon in the IT world. Deep knowledge and years of dirty, greasy hands will always be desirable over a parrot that only knows how to click GUI buttons in a specific order.

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Performance and how configurable things are, plus ease of use.

For instance, my default router/modem device from my ISP was super clunky and confusing. I needed to set up some custom port forwarding and firewall rules. The aftermarket router I bought was faster, had way better wireless coverage, and the UI was so much easier to set up the configs I needed.

So it’s up to you, from what you said, seems like you probably would be good with the default from your ISP.

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Never mind, found the Debian security bulletin, my version is patched already.

Leaving this here for any other newbies that might be wondering.

Sorry, all!

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In the last year I have switched to all cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel for all my pots and pans.

No Teflon or “non-stick” coated garbage for me. Properly seasoned and cared for cast iron, carbon, or stainless steel will all be nearly as good as a “non-stick” pan and doesn’t have the risk factor.

Recently, non-stick pans have been released that supposedly are safer, but I don’t really feel like trusting billion dollar corpos to not lie for the 20th time about that, not when there are fantastic alternatives.

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Fair point. Frustrating to feel like we live in a world of literally “pick your poison.”

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IT workers desperately need to unionize. There is so much bullshit that happens, folks are expected to do three different roles at once, have multiple technical stacks they are experts in, and work extra hours + be on call after hours or on weekends.

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Most every day this week, I’m scared that I’m not going to be able to accomplish all that I want and should.

I’m scared of letting down the people I care about most.

I’m scared that I’m not going to be strong enough when life throws really brutal curve balls at me.

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Thanks, and right back at you.

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I’ve heard that the DoD uses RHEL pretty extensively. RHEL in the US Military

That article says that the US military has the largest single install base for RHEL in the world, but that was about 15 years ago, I don’t know if that’s still true.

Apparently back then the US nuclear sub fleet and its sonar systems also ran on RHEL.

I suspect lots of military hardware runs some form of *Nix or BSD type system. Many embedded systems run some *Nix type OS, and a huge portion of the developed world’s weaponry is smart, so it it full of low power embedded systems and custom SoCs.

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Similar tactic among all the large tech corpos, switch focus to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, become the backbone of the modern computing landscape.

It’s basically a slow switch to becoming critical international infrastructure like power grids, water ways, and gas/oil pipelines.

This all while locking you in as much as possible and milking as much value as they can squeeze.

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“Sintendo” lol!!!

I’m gunna start using that haha.

Am I the only one preferring low quality media over high quality one?

I have a very slow Internet connection (5 Mbps down, and even less for upload). Given that, I always download movies at 720p, since they have low file size, which means I can download them more quickly. Also, I don’t notice much of a difference between 1080p and 720p. As for 4K, because I don’t have a screen that can display...

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Here’s my twisted life exposed…I have no issue watching 1080p on my QLED 4K TV. I game at 1080p happily, I honestly don’t give a shit about 4K content.

1080p looks good enough for me, and I actually watch 720p on my phone screen half the time too.

And not because of lack of speed, I have a 1Gbps+ fiber line up and down.

And tbh, if it means I get to own and control my media, I would tolerate even worse quality if that’s what I needed to do.

Grunge computing ftw! Quality at the cost of your soul? Fuck that!

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Flatpak is a universal application packaging standard for Linux. It allows devs to create a single application that gets bundled with all necessary dependencies including versioning.

These apps run in their own semi-isolated “container” which makes immutable distros possible. (Distros like Fedora Silverblue that are effectively impossible to break by installing or removing critical system files.)

This means that a Linux app doesn’t have to have a .deb version, an .rpm version, or be pre-compiled for any other distros. A user can simply go to Flathub, (the main repository for Flatpak apps), download the flatpak, and install it on their distro of choice.

It’s quickly becoming the most popular way for users to install apps on Linux because it’s so easy and quick. But there are a few downsides like size on disk, first party verification, per-distro optimizations, and the centralization of application sources. That’s why some users aren’t fully endorsing or embracing how popular they are becoming.

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I’m not an expert, but from my understanding, more like android apps.

They aren’t totally isolated like a docker or LXC container would be, but they are generally self-contained.

The Linux Experiment has a really great vid that goes into detail on all common packaging formats in Linux including Flatpaks:

Linux Packaging Formats Explained

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Essentially yes, if you start using lots if older applications or mixing applications that use many different dependency versions, you will start to use lots of extra disk space because the different apps have to use their own separate dependency trees and so forth.

This doesn’t mean it will be like 2x-3x the size as traditional packages, but from what I’ve seen, it could definitely be 10-20% larger on disk. Not a huge deal for most people, but if you have limited disk space for one reason or another, it could be a problem.

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Appimage is probably the most similar to a naked .exe in Windows. They are useful for small apps or simple indie games, but I prefer Flatpaks for my everyday big applications.

Agreed, Snaps are like Flatpaks but worse because locked down back end and Canonical’s sketchy nature. Imagine a really delicious pastry that anybody can make and sell, then imagine the same pastry but only one bakery in the world can make and sell it. Which would you prefer? Lol

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Copyright is bullshit, so no.

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You misunderstand me. When I say, “copyright is bullshit” I don’t mean that I don’t like it, or that it doesn’t work. I mean it’s bullshit in the same way that the crystal healing or mushroom cancer therapy is bullshit.

You cannot steal an idea, it’s impossible. So creating laws that punish people for doing things like copying a digital file doesn’t make sense. Copyright supposedly was created to create an incentive for artists and inventors to make cool and enriching stuff.

But what it actually does is protects business savvy people and allows them to game the system, get first mover advantage over all others, and then punish any potential competitors in that space.

As if nobody was creating artwork or inventing useful devices before copyright law came into being.

Just because something is useful doesn’t make it good, atomic bombs are useful, factory farming is useful.

I think the only thing people should be protected from as a creator is fraud. You can copy a person’s works and modify or distribute them in any manner you see fit, as long as it’s clear that you are not the original creator. You cannot claim to be them or to be affiliated with them unless you actually are.

That is what the principle of copyleft is all about. If copyright worked in principle, then you should see millions of individual creators enriched and protected by it.

But you don’t see that, instead, a few giant mega corps and super wealthy tycoons own and control enormous swaths of “intellectual property” and small time creators struggle to make ends meet and are sued into oblivion by the same powerful groups.

Sure it’s great for boosting wealth and GDP, but that boost does not apply to most of the population, it applies to the tiny elite that has now captures enormous segments of the market and fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.

Copyright is structurally flawed, it doesn’t work because it cannot work. It’s fundamentally based on a the nonsensical concept of “intellectual property” which as I said at the beginning, is bullshit.

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It only exists to counter the existing framework. In an ideal world, nobody would honor or respect the idea of “intellectual property” and hence, only fraud would be punished.

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I have been enjoying fish a lot over the last few months, but I generally try to use Bash, it makes cross-*NIX administration that much easier.

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The guy assaulting the women was lucky he wasn’t turned into ground beef by that family, Taekwondo is no joke.

Great to hear they were able to help!

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Wouldn’t have mattered either way then lol.

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