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Claims of rigged system by convict Trump and allies ‘threaten rule of law’

Ex-prosecutors and historians warn that Republicans’ parroting of ex-president’s wild allegations of political bias could erode trust and lead to violence

Donald Trump is posing new threats to prosecutors, judges and the rule of law in the US by ratcheting up vitriolic attacks on the American legal system, which many Republican allies and far-right media are loudly echoing, ex-prosecutors and historians said.

Fears are growing that Trump’s conspiratorial screeds on his Truth Social site and interviews on rightwing media falsely charging that his conviction in the New York hush-money case was “rigged” and a “scam”, are eroding trust in the US justice system and could precipitate violence, pre- or post-election.

Ominously, Trump’s blistering attacks on the verdict have been quickly amplified by a large swath of his Republican allies in Congress including the House speaker, Mike Johnson, and Maga media stars, many of whom have recycled Trump’s false claims that the trial was politically driven by Democrats, and are mimicking Trump about seeking retribution.

Kecessa ,

Just wanna say that I appreciate that they mentioned he’s a convict

snekerpimp ,

Starting a civil war to stay out of jail… what a baby

darthsid ,

Oh my god - stop whining and do something about it. Every time you publish this sort of article you’re signalling to the world that he can get away with it.

NegativeLookBehind , avatar

And as long as it sells, they’ll keep doing it. Capitalism!

rah ,

This isn’t news.

Jeeve65 ,

I find your boldening of phrases very annoying.

FlyingSquid , avatar

It helps people who skim notice the important parts of a post.

Jeeve65 , (edited )

In this case, the bold parts in paragraphs 1 and 3 highlight the same line of thought (Trump’s allegations are echoed by many), where none of the important parts of paragraph 2 (it leads to harmful effects) are bold are all.

themeatbridge ,

I use this sometimes, but OP bolded multiple lines of text, which ruins the effect.

MicroWave OP , avatar

Appreciate the recognition, Flying Squid. And I’ll try to make it easier for people who skim.

treefrog ,

I appreciate your posts MicroWave.

Thanks for helping keep me off Reddit for my news feed.

MicroWave OP , avatar

Thanks treefrog!

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