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sentient_loom , avatar

Fuckin bridge came outta nowhere!

tacosplease ,

Ok but what race is the mayor? Based on Baltimore that seems to be really important in situations like this.

xmunk ,

Also, I think this reflects really poorly on the governor as well. Forcing his personal opinion onto the entire state clearly caused this.

folshost ,

Well, I’m glad it wasn’t the main bridge for Galveston island, that would’ve been all kinds of bad

The_Picard_Maneuver , avatar

In an online statement, Texas A&M University at Galveston said: “The Pelican Island Bridge is closed to all traffic at this time due to a barge strike. Electricity has been restored and additional updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

Do they mean electricity was restored to the barge? Was this another crash caused by a power loss?

0110010001100010 , avatar

Considering it’s a statement issued by the university, I’m going to say that electricity was restored to the university. I can’t imagine them making a statement about the condition of the barge…

The_Picard_Maneuver , avatar

Wait, right. I don’t know why I read that as if they were involved somehow.

dohpaz42 , avatar

You’re not at fault in your assumption. They were talking about the barge in one sentence, and then electricity being restored in the following sentence. They should have clarified in the latter sentence the subject to which the electricity was restored; eg “electricity was restored to the University….” It’s ironic that an institute of higher learning used such bad grammar.

someguy3 ,

Baltimore 2, Barges too.

cm0002 ,

Baltimore 2: Electric Bargealoo

xmunk ,

Even Balti-MORE: Electric Bargealoo

Know_not_Scotty_does ,

Looks like the Sea-Aggies have decided to secede.

apocalypticat , avatar

Further proving Charles Barkley’s point that the Galveston, Texas beach is filthy toxic.

BakerBagel ,

Texas beaches are all disgusting unless you are willing to drive half way to Mexico. It’s shipping and oil pollution along the Northern half of the Gulf coast there

WhyDoYouPersist ,

That dirty watah

xmunk ,

Oh, ho, Bahstin ya mah 'ome.

TransplantedSconie ,

Republicans: Gawdamn DEI caused this!

realizes mayor is white

Republicans: Gawddamn, JOE BIDEN caused this!!

Milquetoast centrists: We have no way of knowing so…yes, its his fault.

billiam0202 ,

FAILING Joe Biden’s open borders allowed ChiCom secret agents in through Mexico to false flag attack the REAL AMERICAN ship carrying the PATRIOT JUICE at the direction of the wink Globalists wink!

xmunk ,

Well, obviously, DEI is to blame. /s

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