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pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

i only search for programs on that, am switching to linux as soon as i get a usb stick because of bitlocker crap. (insert mental outlaw video)

criticon ,

If it opened on the default browser it would be several times less infuriating, but clicking on anything by mistake and then waiting for Edge to open with all the prompts because you never use it makes me furious

barsquid ,

No wonder people are jumping through hoops to delete Edge. Condolences, that’s a lot of bullshit on a machine you own.

foofiepie ,

Ads aside, I see they’re making the terrible mistake Apple Music made by blurring the distinction between your own content, and promoted content.

brygphilomena ,

There is a reg key to add that disables bing search.

What I fucking hate, is that I exclusively use the start menu to start apps I’ve installed, but typing in the name of an app doesn’t show the installed app at all, just fucking ads. They literally took away the only functionality of the start menu unless I do a very intuitive method of reverting it.

skuzz ,

There is a reg key to add that disables bing search.

Ooh, do share with the class!

syrooks ,
skuzz ,

Ha, what a delightful way to share! Figured it would be easy enough to Internet search, but this way, others reading the thread will be more inclined to enable it when it is just right in the conversation.

Edit: Holy crap, this finally got rid of the weird start menu lag where it used to be “hit win key, type fir, launch firefox” to “hit win key…start menu freezes with no typing, a second modal window floats above it, sometimes in arbitrary locations on the screen (likely because I told Edge to not run in the background ever so it always cold-starts) then “fir” appears there, or sometimes “ir” or sometimes “r” or sometimes nothing.” Just to run a program.

syrooks ,

I saw this meme and saved it in my notes for later. It seemed the easiest way to share

NoneYa ,

For anyone wondering, there are tools out there that will help you debloat Windows 10 and 11 and remove things like these obnoxious ads in the Start Menu. I did this last year on Windows 11 and even after countless updates, the debloating has remained. The tool I used also had an option to permanently “pause” Windows Updates too, but I didn’t choose that for the sake of security updates.

It’s terrible what Microsoft has done to the OS, overall, but for those of us who have to use it (and have control over the computer), we have this as an option to make the experience a little better, at least.

I can’t remember the exact tool I used but I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with this. There are many tools that will do this that are available and can be found by just Googling Windows debloater tool.

CaptDust ,

There’s so many tools to do it, too. It’s kind of upsetting how many independent devs are investing their time towards removing this garbage instead of literally anything else.

Evotech ,

It’s double up too. Someone made it, and then someone unmade it

JackGreenEarth ,

Is that the Windows 11 search menu?

gedaliyah OP , avatar

This is the start menu when you type a search.

JackGreenEarth ,

So, like, the search button on the taskbar?

gedaliyah OP , avatar

No, the start menu. This is what happens when you click the windows start menu now.

Blisterexe ,


CluckN ,

If you’re searching for files I recommend Eveything.

RecluseRamble ,

It’s exclusively a local tool, isn’t it? You can index a network share but the index still is local and has to be done for each user, right?

Looking for a simple (preferably FOSS) tool to index file shares for a handful of users at their own PCs.

brbposting ,

Fabulous, I miss it on MacOS

ptz , avatar

Thank gods I’m able to use Linux for my work PC. Group policy and enterprise config can only hide so much of Windows’s BS.

wizardbeard , avatar

If by “only so much” you mean every BS thing in OP’s image, sure.

To be clear, you can turn off all web content in the search menu/start menu search.

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