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prettybunnys ,

haha apple bad amirite

2xsaiko , avatar

I hope it’s an option you can toggle. I like the existing system which is essentially a list view where it reflows when you remove an icon. My desktop icons are set to work like this too.

I wonder how they’ve implemented this for iPads since there the way the layout behaves (list vs 2D grid) actually makes a difference when you rotate the screen.

Lwaxana , avatar

I should really switch to Android

tigerjerusalem ,


tigerjerusalem ,


Lionheart_xa ,

Dude you cannot just post something that good and not share. I love nier.

Gestrid ,

I think you meant to reply to this comment.

arken ,

I used to work with an Apple fanboy that knew next to nothing about how computers actually work, but he knew that Apple was the best at everything. Any time someone brought up something about a device or service from any other company or with any other OS, his stock answer was always “switch to Apple”. Any time someone pointed out that their device offered a feature or functionality they appreciated that Apple did not offer in a convenient way, his stock answer was always “You don’t need that.” Sometimes he’d add “why would you want to do that? Do X instead”.

Fast forward to today, I ended up killing him and am writing this from jail.

asexualchangeling ,
Sweetpeaches69 ,

Good for you, man. Get yo life.

JasonDJ ,

This is really my problem with Apple.

They make great hardware, and they make great software…but their answer to an XY problem is always W. You do things their way, or you don’t do them.

And what they are really best at is marketing and simplicity. They market their simplicity. That attracts a lot of people who don’t care to know any way of doing things other than the Apple way. Even if another way is objectively better in any or every way.

abbenm ,

Fast forward to today, I ended up killing him and am writing this from jail.

Okay, important question here: are you writing this on Android or iPhone?

Ginger666 ,

They make great computers if you are into music production or photo/video editing.

Actually their computers are better than windows 11 at this point…

Their phones, on the other hand, should all be thrown into a volcano.

jmankman ,

Windows 11 is not a computer

Gestrid ,

This is true. It’s an operating system that runs on a computer.

Computers can be good or bad depending on the hardware they use.

Gestrid ,

Fast forward to today, I ended up killing him and am writing this from jail.

That went from 0 to 100 real fast.

TheAnonymouseJoker , avatar

Fast forward to today, I ended up killing him and am writing this from jail.

Leader! We shall rescue you!

smileyhead ,

Me on Linux changing the look of notification area with CSS stylesheet after installing an icon pack that works not only on app launcher but in most of the system.

PS Don’t forget to install this Magisk module that hacks Google checks so you can still log-in to your bank after you changed animations style via that other Magisk module.

Whippygoatcream ,

This meme would be 1000% better with sound lol

aeharding , avatar

Now do jxl support

dan1101 ,

Control freak Apple throwing their customers another small scrap.

onlooker , avatar

Where is the clip at the bottom from?

Whippygoatcream ,
onlooker , avatar

Thank you!

dovahking , (edited )

This is what my homescreen looks like and apple’s struggling with placement of icons?

Edit: for those asking for theme, below is the video with instructions and apps used.’t guarantee if it’ll work for you.


This looks cool, what are you using?

dovahking ,

Total launcher.


Thx for the info

blibla OP ,

that is 🔥 ! how though?

dovahking ,

Total launcher. Had to design whole thing though. The theme is based on nier: automata game ui.

FooBarrington ,

I immediately recognised the game UI - well done!

Anticorp ,

Plz share!

MagneticElectron ,

Are you on a vacation in Kullu or you live there?

mexicancartel ,

Ahhhh config please…

dovahking ,

It’s not klwp. I made it in total launcher.

mexicancartel ,

Is there some form of backup thing to export config?

Anticorp ,

Gimmi those viruses!

olutukko ,

Yeah because oc is going to find some exploit from the config file, inject it to the backup and then send it to some random guy on internet

Anticorp ,

If you look at his instructions, he says “Take general internet safety precautions and don’t open zip files from strangers without checking.”. I was making a joke that IDC and I want the theme. I can see why that didn’t really come through if you didn’t actually click his link, given the short nature of my reply.

olutukko ,

Ah gotcha. I tought I missed something😂

mraow_ ,

You’ve taken “home screen as self expression” to a new level level 70 and I am here for it.

Cataphract ,

Holy fuck why is that so beautiful. You’ve unlocked something in me I didn’t know was there and must pursue now.

Rozauhtuno , avatar

unixporn material.

Cover_czar , avatar

Beautiful homescreen from a beautiful place

Agent641 ,

What sort of gameboy is this?

DriftinGrifter ,


eos , avatar

lovely homescreen. thanks for sharing!

Captain ,

I rarely comment but had to stop here to say, nice home screen.

bruhduh , avatar

nice rice bro

Mango ,

Yeah boiii! Look what I’ve got going on! These aren’t just squares. They’re cubes that rotate!! It’s like the compiz dream in my hand!

fin ,

I personally don’t need that feature to be honest…

Xer0 ,

Fuckin’ bollocks.

fin ,

Yeah I don’t want my bollocks to be placed anywhere

blibla OP ,

the point is that people should have the option even if you personally don’t need it

StThicket ,

Android: “Check out all these options. You can customise it just as you’d like”

Apple: “Check it out! This is the best user interface ever. No need for customisation”

elfin8er ,

You personally don’t need a phone either.

obinice , avatar

This is an April Fools, right?

No way a fancy top end smartphone in 2024 doesn’t have this extremely basic feature from over a decade ago that everything has…

Dragonseel ,

You would think that. But as a person having an iPhone… No it is not. At least the part of iPhones currently not having that option. App-Icons on your “desktop” will always align in dense rows from top left to bottom right, with no free spaces allowed.

It is a bit weird, and I don’t really see why, since you can change the order of icons in this dense row-grid. I am glad Apple warms up to the fact that people might actually want some kind of customization on their devices and not everything “the way Apple decrees it”.

But to be really honest… I did not even notice prior to this post, and I had all Android before switching to my current iPhone. So at least for me this is a really small non-issue, and maybe a nice-to-have feature.

lightnsfw ,

I had an iPad for a while and it definitely bothered me. Really just about everything did. It felt like I had to fight with it to do just about anything I wanted to do.

renzev ,

Well, the issue is just that you’re not thinking with the Apple mindset. If you’re having difficulty doing something through an Apple product, it really just means you were trying to do the wrong thing in the first place. Where Apple products really excel is in their integration, both between software and hardware, and between separate devices through iCloud servihahahaha I’m just messing with you but can you imagine some fanboy actually typing out shit like this?

AnUnusualRelic , avatar

Well, the issue is just that you’re not thinking with the Apple mindset. If you’re having difficulty doing something through an Apple product, it really just means you were trying to do the wrong thing in the first place.

Lol. That was exactly my take as well. Which is why after a few months of battling my new Apple laptop, I went to buy a generic PC lappie, slapped KDE on it and never looked back (this was a while back).

Honytawk ,

It is not Apple that doesn’t allow for any customization, it are the users who are wrong.

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cqthca ,

This remind me when in the 1980’s Cup Holders were introduced in Dodge Caravans, but most cars they expected you to buy this and clip it onto the inside window the story…e. 1980’s

MystikIncarnate ,

I was going to mention this. You can move them around; but you can’t move them anywhere you want. The icons will always be, as you say, in a dense grid of rows with no “blank” spaces between the icons.

I don’t know if the OP is true or satire or some kind of April fools thing, but it’s still accurate.

melpomenesclevage ,

Its Apple. Control first, everything else third.

Xer0 ,

iPhone just feels so unintuitive after using Android. Their UI absolutely sucks in my opinion.

renzev ,

Try Mac OS next lol. “Here, hold down alt, smack your left ass cheek, and tap dance around your computer to run this unsigned executable”. It really feels like they’re deliberately violating the principle of discoverability to stop your from doing things that they don’t like.

nolight ,

After 3 years of using MacOS as a main OS, I am more than convinced it was indeed the intention.

Honytawk ,

They already just prevent you from doing things that they don’t like.

Try installing an older app, it just gives the error that the app is too old.

Anticorp ,

That’s ageist. We should sue them.

Gestrid ,

Technically, Android does that, too, but the limit on that is a few years. If I’m not mistaken, the lowest version of Android that Google will allow a user to install through the Play Store is Android 12 (released in September 2020).

TheAnonymouseJoker , avatar

No. The oldest API allowed is from Android 6 Marshmellow, not Android 12.

Gestrid ,

That’s for manually installing apps, I believe. But developers on Google Play have to follow this.

TheAnonymouseJoker , avatar

Also F-Droid and any third party app stores. Only Google Play enforces Android 12 API for new app update guidelines for developers.

Gestrid ,

Yes, but 99% (give or take) of Android users won’t know or care how to install 3rd party apps. So most people would only care about the Google Play Store limitation.

TheAnonymouseJoker , avatar

The limitation is overcome the moment someone downloads and installs APK from web browser or some store. It is artificial, and for nerds that want to install apps older than those for Android 6, they can toggle that flag with ADB.

Apple on the other hand renders phones outside of its update cycle as junk devices, even if capable.

Anticorp ,

You can’t even cut/paste in Mac OS without using your mouse and modifier keys. Like, seriously? Also, it’s 2024 and they still don’t have window snapping. Like what the fuck, Tim Apple?

renzev ,

You can tho? You can use arrow keys to move around the text, and hold down control to move by entire words in most apps. CMD + C to copy and CMD + V to paste (CMD is what they call the super key). But yeah, they’re trying to push a pointer-centric design that nobody really wants instead of putting the keyboard first.

Anticorp ,

That’s copy/paste. There is no cut command in Mac AFAIK. There’s only the move command, which requires an additional modifier when pasting. If there’s a key combo for that modifier, then I would like to know what it is. The only way I know how to do it is with the context menu from right clicking and the modifier key. But still, why do they do it differently than every other operating system?

Iamdanno ,

Because they are smarter than you, and know what you need better than you do, duh!

MeetInPotatoes ,

Cut is just Command + X. You can swap in Command for most of the windows shortcuts that use control. Why didn’t Apple just use the Control button for Control things? That I do not know.

MeetInPotatoes ,

You could also just right click though /shrug

Gestrid ,

I’m a Windows user, but my church uses a Mac to run its projection and video recording. I’ll admit it works pretty well for what we typically need it to do, but it recently took me like five minutes to figure out how to crop a picture because you apparently can’t do that by simply opening the file and clicking the crop icon.

Mac’s filesystem is an absolute mess, too. This might just be my own inexperience, but I’ve saved things like PowerPoints and videos in order to upload them, and then I’ll go to the website to upload them, and I won’t be able to find them because they’re not in a specific folder or something.

MystikIncarnate ,

I picked up an iPhone several years ago, I think a 6 or 6s? Anyways, I tried to use it for a while, because I work in IT and sometimes need to support people on their iPhone, and being an Android person, I had no idea what I was doing.

I could not stand it. Everything took so much more effort. I never got rid of my android, I just tried to use the iPhone whenever possible to familiarize myself with the apple way of doing things. I hated some of the layouts, I missed the back button… Even something as simple as copy/paste just seemed a lot more cumbersome for no good reason.

I learned a lot about it and where options and such were located (which is what I primarily needed) then I simply used it a bit less and less all the time until I finally stopped using it entirely. I have no idea where it is at this point, but I’m sure it still works and I’m sure I would still hate it. I’ve wanted to retry the experiment with a newer device like the X or 11 or something, but anytime I consider it, I just think back on my experience and unless I can pick up a relatively modern iPhone for next to nothing, I’m pretty uninterested in trying again. I know iOS has had a lot of updates in the past few years since I used one and maybe it sucks less? But I’m not willing to sacrifice my sanity to figure it out.

I don’t mean to hate on iOS or iPhones. I certainly don’t like them, but if that’s what works for you, then go ham. I find it cumbersome and restrictive, and you’re free to disagree and use whatever you like; don’t let me stop you.

Mango ,

Right? I gotta use an iPad at work now and where the FUCK is the back button!?!? I’m so tired of mashing the home button. It’s cool AF that my stylus will put text specifically where I write it though, and it translates my cursive!

lost_faith ,

Ahh Apple, the first to introduce what Android users have simply taken for granted

Midnight1938 ,

When everything = one of two.

It can

kworpy ,

It’s Apple, their entire business model is making their tech as restrictive as possible and stripping away as much freedom as they legally can. You can’t name a company more power-hungry.

Anticorp ,

I had an iPhone before this Android I have now, and you could definitely put icons wherever you wanted on the home screen.

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