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sxan , avatar

I think I saw this in an episode of Blue Eye Samurai.

M0oP0o , avatar

Sorry to have to put this out here, but I think this would be less damage as getting hit with a non dick beetle. That dick is more then likely just fiberglass and maybe some wood, making a large “crumple zone”.

I have been thinking on this all day, and can not stop thinking on it.

UltraMagnus0001 ,

ooh yeah

CaptainBlagbird , avatar

There’s no /c/FoundYourMomsDildo yet?

TheRedSpade ,

Be the change you wish to see.

JackFrostNCola ,


ninjan ,

It’s not so bad, 9 months later a whole new car plops out!

rbn ,

But just a tiny Matchbox car that you need to spend a small fortune over almost two decades before it’s ready for use.

Depending on the speed of the hotdog car you should get your exhaust checked. ;)

Comradesexual , avatar

I can take it. Oh, you mean in a car. I’ve no driving license.

Sabre363 ,

It’s probably made of fiberglass. Just watch out for splinters and remember to use plenty of lube.

werefreeatlast ,

Some times a hot dog is just a hot dog. Sometimes it’s just a big brown dick.

Thanks George Carlin for your ever relevant comedy.

aeronmelon ,


archonet ,

I don’t have enough lube for that.

Anticorp ,

I’d rather not.

UsefulInfoPlz ,

That’s funny. I used to drive by that every day when i lived in Tampa

Twitches ,

Hey! I used to go after visiting Bush gardens. I miss the record/cd store right by it Sensuous Sound.

squid_slime , avatar

Don’t tease me with a good time

TropicalDingdong ,
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