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Sharks appeared around the same time (-200MY) the solar system was last on this side of the galaxy. Crocodiles evolved when the solar system was almost (-95MY) on the other side of the galaxy. Dinosaurs ruled for 3/4 (179MY) of an entire orbit.

The solar system orbits the galaxy once every 250MY.

That’s. Wack.

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And sloths almost as big!

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Except those aren’t bees, they’re evil hellspawn flying balls of hatred. Hornets. Or wasps, or something. But not bees. Bees are light and laughter; hornets are a curse from nature that we suffer for killing all the megafauna.

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God, I love Art Deco. And what a masterpiece example!

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First, I’m sorry. My Lemmy client shows you have 5 replies, but I can’t see what they say. I may be repeating others’ comments.

You may not be able to. Competitive people are competitive. Unless you are willing to concede their superiority in all things, or to refuse to compete, they will compete. It’s just some people’s nature.

Most people I’ve met are competitive only in areas: where they’re capable of competing. My brother-in-law is the most competitive person I know, but he’d never accept a programming challenge from me and would surrender, because he simply has zero knowledge in the space. But he’d race me downhill skiing, even though he knows I’m a better (or, maybe, just less conservative) skiier. So I avoid competing with him most of the time by refusing to participate. I just say “no, not interested.”

It might work for you. If they’re the types that treat that as weakness and start using you as a punching bag, then I suggest you’re better off finding new friends, 'cause those kinds of people are just worthless assholes. But if they’re just run-of-the-mill competitive, because life’s funner for them when everything is a game, then just saying you don’t want to play might be OK.

Is it a good idea to get a high wattage phone charging brick and standard USB C cord to use for a laptop charger?

My laptop charges with USB C, so when the standard charger broke, I just used the USB out port from an EcoFlow battery. The display on the battery said the laptop pulled 25-30 watts while charging. So, why can’t I use just any USB brick that can output more than 30 watts?...

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Volts and amps are negotiated by the USB protocol. All they have to worry about is whether the source can output at least the wattage the laptop requires.

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There are far too many "s"es in that first posts, and not enough apostrophes. I can forgive the latter, but the former made my brain stutter.

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I’ll bet they were just tickled to be able to throw the word “vitrification” in there. I mean, like they literally giggled with joy as they typed it.

It’s hard to begrudge someone such simple pleasures. Unless this is AI, then may the promoter die by the Bull of Phalaris.

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I’m totally with you on this one. I can see the current head being a later replacement.

Although: Anubis had the body of a man, not a lion, so that theory is fucked. If there was a different original head, it was probably something else: a lion, or an eagle, or something; the ancients loved to mix up animal parts in their mythos, so roll a dodecahedron for what it could have been. Not one of the main Egyptian gods, though: those were all human-body, animal-head. Putting one of those on the Sphinx body makes absolutely no sense, and OP^OP^ is a garden-variety moron.

P.S. that silhouette also just looks like a Doberman, which is twice as dumb.

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Yup. And I think that says more about the corporate culture than the company that caters to them.

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Well, in one sense, duh: they were theocracies, much like MAGA. In another sense, no, because the people who literally built the pyramids didn’t get to vote, much like it’ll be if Trump is reelected.

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Well, in one sense, duh: they were theocracies, much like MAGA. In another sense, no, because the people who literally built the pyramids didn’t get to vote, much like it’ll be if Trump is reelected.

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But what I understand the least is, in every one of these cases where they’ve obviously lost and are still on the line for whatever debt they were hoping to get canceled, they act as if they’ve won; complete with laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying emojis.

Crazy is crazy, but a letter saying literally, “we have no contract with you,” and “your debts are solely your’s” is being read as a win? Or are they just laughing because they think they wasted 8 months of some public servant’s life?

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This is in c/technology because Zuckerberg said it? That’s a pretty slender topical connection.

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Missed opportunity to make the door opener a trigger.

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Voting third party changes nothing except help the Democrat or Republican you most identify with to lose.

Voting in the US needs to change first. FPTP replaced with ranked-choice, or approval, at least; the electoral college abolished; NPVIC; proportional representation in Congress.

But the big, first monster is first-past-the-post. No third party has come close to winning the Presidency since Abraham Lincoln. Please, think about that for one second. We haven’t had a serious third party contender in one 164 years. And we won’t, until we get a different election system in place. Until then, third party candidates are spoilers.

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Caveat: I know nothing of K-12 education except experience as a student.

This caught my eye:

The younger students can be molded.

I think you’re arguing OP’s point, whether you know it or not. A bad 1st grade teacher can go horrible, laying damage - far more than a 12th grade teacher. And you argue that this should be entrusted to the least trained?

Keep in mind, this is in the context of OP’s argument that the most experienced teachers (arguably, under OP’s training regime) are the ones teaching the most vulnerable students.

I don’t know whether OP thinks current Ed training is the reverse of what they’re suggesting, or whether they know they’re suggesting a new, radically different, and honestly expensive-sounding educator training model. And I admit starting teaching “interns” at 12th grade sounds like throwing innocents into shark-infested waters to teach them to swim.

But I think your attitude is… alarming? Hey, little kids are impressionable and moldable, so give them to the newbies 'cause they’re easier! Dunno, person, if that’s the healthy view.

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You mean Paxlovid? That’s widely available, although it may not have been when Trump got it.

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Really? That sucks. I’m sorry, fellow human.

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Rip is worse than slice, which is worse than slam. Slam is worse than slap.

I’m waiting for the ultimate, inevitable title that uses “curbstomp.” Then we’ve reached peak hyperbole.

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Well, because you’re going to hear about it one way or another, and the people making these decisions (about releasing information) have no right answer. Somehow, the information will get out; if the pigs say nothing, they’ll be accused of covering it up. So they try to get in front of the news and control what they can.

I don’t know why we’re this way, why the news organizations compete to be first to report on something, even with almost no information.

However: unless it turns out that the cops showed up and she started blasting at them, there’s no justification for you to be murdered just because you called for help. Whether or not you jump-scared a cop; whether or not you have dementia and a kitchen knife, or a baseball bat. Heck even if she had a gun. Pigs have training, backup, bullet-proof vests; these victims have fear, adrenalin, often mental health issues, and an expectation that the people they call for help aren’t going to show up and murder them.

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, this is some bullshit. I tried on four different browsers with identical results. @samsung

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It’s 100% worth it, though, as soon as you can afford it. I would recommend trying the Neakasa M1. I have never owned one, but I have had a Litter Robot 2 for several years, and while I love what it does, the quality kinda sucks. I’ve replaced numerous parts, had to debug, disassemble, and tighten parts, and it’s still pretty twitchy.

Three M1 is quite a bit cheaper, and the design is fabulous - the enclosed design of Litter Robots can be off-putting to some cats; we currently have one cat who absolutely refuses to get in it (we think it’s because it reminds him of cat carriers and vet visits).

I’d still recommend it to anyone who could put it on a charge card, because when it works (which is most of the time) it utterly eliminates odor, leaves an essentially fresh litterbox for the next cat, requires no scooping, and requires emptying once a week.

I hate the QC on the Litter Robot; love the product. I’m excited to replace our LR with the Neakasa M1

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Anyway, this is only relevant if you’re writing only for yourself. It’s your poor users who suffer for your expediency.

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“Monopoly” as “one of [the] world’s greatest games.” That’s enough right there to tell you that civilization jumped the shark decades ago.

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If he has to lift weights, he’s not jerking vigorously enough.

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I think y’all are missing the point. OP points out that in their native language, Cantonese, they have different words for each of these kinds of cooking. In English, we apply modifiers, if anything; “deep fry”, “air fry”, but we don’t have different words for the different types of frying.

That’s all they’re saying. Eskimo words for snow. Oregonian words for rain. Georgian words for “you’re an idiot.” Apparently, in Cantonese, they have a lot of different words for different types of frying.

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Leaded gasoline.

Shaken as babies.

Too much huffing starter fluid and glue as kids.

Their moms didn’t stop drinking during pregnancy.

A combination of all of the above.

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Also, we stop this all the time. Everyone does this all the time. Riding just on the edge of a border, maybe dipping a toe onto the other side a little bit. It’s testing to see how good your competition is, training, and moral building.

What makes this a little more newsworthy is how aggressive China had been lately, mainly against defenseless fishing boats; being cowardly bullies. They’re not going to turn water canons on US commercial vessels, much less warships, but one benefit of cozying up to and aiding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine gives them a freer hand to driver around in the Bering Straight. Like a dog, pissing on telephone poles.

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I have a 5. Now that the new Razr+ is out, and they seem to have addressed most of the previous issues, that’s the one I’ll be looking at next.

Why? Samsung software. It’s pervasive and hard to remove, or even often just to disable. And Samsung collects all of the data. It’s crazy how much is shipped back to Samsung servers.

If you don’t care about that kind of thing, the hardware is nice. But I’m looking elsewhere for my next flip phone.

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I… OK, so maybe my reading comprehension has gotten worse, but what exactly in this legalese makes the SovCit believe towing his purchase off the lot allows him(?) to “travel privately?”

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So, to cool a 10m^2^ room by 20°C is 1.5KW(5.4E9J)/h. On average, a Volocopter uses around 10kWh to fly someone 2km. The greater Paris metro area is 50km at its widest, 10km at its narrowest. Assuming Volocopter is operating only within the greater Paris metro area, this means bringing Metron (and a guest, presumably) on this trip would use about 150kWh, or enough to cool one (small) room for 100 days, or 100 rooms for 1 day - assuming hot (ca 32C) days, cooling down to around room temperature.

My point is that, while a pet racoon may sound like a lot of fun, they’re pretty destructive; it’s better to talk your best friend into getting one and then just enjoy the raccoon interactions without having to constantly repair the drywall in your house.

Just sayin’.

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I think they missed an opportunity there, don’t you? They’d certainly get more people’s attention.

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But… what if its a real deal? Can you afford to not reply?

I’ll admit, the request for an email address is suspicious. Seriously. It rules out anyone under 50, in any case.

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Oooo, hope you noped out in time before the FBI showed up.

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The Death of the Author.

She didn’t get blatantly bigoted until after the series.

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What? Which book? In the original septilogy?

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That’s a fair point, and if someone were to suggest less legal ways of acquiring her work, that would be acceptable.

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Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me, I guess. Money changes people; status and power changes people.

Obesity as a moral failing - want to make a character seem bad? Just make them fat

Although, there were fat good guys, and many non-fat bad guys. There wasn’t a particularly late amount of obesity in the books. That point seems a stretch, to me.

Token minority characters that are often stereotypes or border on racism - the black kid is named Shacklebolt, the Asian girl is named two single syllable last names (might as well have called her Ching Chong),

Schacklebolt is pretty bad, but I think we also have to consider Rowling’s cultural upbringing. Of she were from the US, it would be blatantly shocking. The UK didn’t have systemic domestic slavery based on race; I don’t know that it’s fair to judge her based on US critical race theory; the UK has it’s own version, for sure, but it has different foundations.

As for Cho Chang, it is common for Chinese proper names to have two syllables (2 and 3 character names account for over 99% of the given names - 1 syllable named account for 0.6%). I don’t remember her background, but if any of her recent ancestors (parents, grandparents) were immigrants, then it would be less believable and more forced for her to not have a multi-syllable name.

Rowling has enough criticizable behavior; we don’t have to exaggerate by turning otherwise non- controversial facts into issues.

the 12 year old irish kid is obsessed with turning drinks into whiskey and blowing stuff up, etc.

That’s most 12 y/o boys, but making it the Irish kid is a fair point.

I think nearly all of these ignore counter-examples where, e.g., every other Irish person in the family isn’t an IRA stand-in. That also ignore the fact that every true villain is WAS(P), and that the “crazy” character is so white she’s practically albino.

The defense of the slavery of house elves using the exact same

It’s defense only used by villains. Hermione actively pursues ending the practice, and it’s described as being a terrible practice. How does the fact that villains - and only villains, or in one case, inherited - in the books practice slavery condemn Rowling?

criticism of Hermione as a girl with blue hair and pronouns for questioning and trying to change the system.

Are we ignoring that Hermione was one of the four, central hero’s of each of the novels? I don’t remember any criticism of her except by the establishment.

There are no good or bad actions, only good or bad people. It’s okay for the right people to use the torture spell, because they’re the “good guys.”

Yeah. I agree, there’s a lot of questionable justification of behavior in this. I mean, everyone lets slide the exact same justifications in GoT, but, hey.

And a resolution that basically resolves nothing. Harry doesn’t kill Voldemort, he kills himself due to a magic technicality, and Harry goes on to become a magic cop to ensure the flawed system that the early books criticized doesn’t change.

Agreed. An utterly unsatisfying resolution, which I interpreted as a statement that there are no good and bad people, just good and bad behavior. When the key hero turns out to be not such a hero in the end; when you expect something more noble, but what you get is reality - good doesn’t always triumph, people in wars die indiscriminately, and in the end centuries of established practices continue and survive intact despite great upheaval… yup! It’s a depressing statement, but I still think it was a statement.

I think Rowling changed as money changed her; she hid bigotry less as she became convinced of the armor of her own popularity; but she also had a kid who grew and changed in time with the novels, and she changed the story to match the loss of innocence and realization that fighting the establishment is hard, expensive, and not guaranteed to succeed. The good guys do not always win; they don’t always survive the encounter coming out the same person they started as.

I won’t defend Rowling, but I also think some of the criticisms are reaching, merely in an attempt to vilify her as much as possible mainly for her homophobic views. Which, ironically, there were no examples of in her novels, and so nothing to call her out about except by its absence.

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Do they? We see, what, two examples: the first, one who is overjoyed when freed; the other, a villainous character who echoes the morals of the slave owners. Where’s the evidence they like being slaves, outside of slave owners saying they do?

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Ah. Stockholm syndrome. But, probably not what she meant, that’s true.

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Isn’t that the fate of any activist in a communal group? And, in the end, she was right, wasn’t she? Isn’t it better to teach that activism will usually be met with resistance, by even your friends, than to teach people to expect your revelation of inequality to suddenly be universally be adopted by your peer group?

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Hm. I’ll take your word for it. I had mostly checked out by halfway through the series; once Potter started acting like a petulant teen (which was probably the most realistic writing of the series, but also the most infuriatingly annoying) I stopped caring. I finished the series through sheer momentum but I think I skimmed too much, because I must have missed most of this.

I concede the debate.

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And I was agreeing with you! I was leaning on your sympathetic shoulder, while I suffered the slings and arrows of outrageously misinformed miscreants, and commiserating to your compatriotic ear.

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Fun fact: Android’s next Kernel, Fuchsia, is a microkernel. So even Google acknowledges the superiority of microkernels.

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