There have been multiple accounts created with the sole purpose of posting advertisement posts or replies containing unsolicited advertising.

Accounts which solely post advertisements, or persistently post them may be terminated.

AgentOrangesicle , avatar

Yo, sorry. Your number is one digit off from mine. I might’ve mistyped.

Thteven , avatar

These scammers are getting devious. I mean, who could pass up that opportunity?

Kolanaki , avatar

Where is this naked tickle fight supposed to take place and where do I sign up?

lugal ,

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas

FlickeringScreens ,

I’m sureeeeeeeee you randomly got this message. surrreee

FlickeringScreens ,

Downvote is from OP fr fr

sxan , avatar

But… what if its a real deal? Can you afford to not reply?

I’ll admit, the request for an email address is suspicious. Seriously. It rules out anyone under 50, in any case.

FmbyMF OP ,

Update: i replied with some of my cursed images and asked them for their and they admitted to being 15.

sxan , avatar

Oooo, hope you noped out in time before the FBI showed up.

lowleveldata ,

So they don’t require to enter penis size for the registration now? Strange change of rule

TinklesMcPoo ,

The board had a meeting back in March. Fights had to be rescheduled due to consistent inaccurate size estimates. We are continuing, however, with asking registrants to provide density of ass hair.

guy_threepwood ,

Did you give your number to anyone you’ve met recently? I certainly know a few people who would flirt like this 😅

volvoxvsmarla ,

It was you, wasn’t it

guy_threepwood ,

I am rubber, you are glue.

Klear ,

How apropriate. You fight like a cow.

FiniteBanjo ,


It took me a minute but then I thought “maybe she’s into him…?”

Fontasia ,
chtk , avatar

That one’s a rollercoaster ride and a half. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one who’s mind immediately went to Tickled.

lars ,

Unless you’re already aware of what it’s about, just watch it, without even a summary.

For those that have watched it, is it an example of a love story of the cinéma vérité variety?

FreshLight ,

Reminds me of the time uncle Rob told me how to wrestle properly. The trick is to not wear any clothes to keep them clean from the special wrestling oil he gave me, so mom doesn’t have to wash them.

subignition , avatar


CatZoomies , avatar

Uncle Rob: “Joey, do you like movies about wrestlers?”

Passerby6497 ,

“Have you ever been to a Turkish bath house?”

problematicPanther , avatar

Do you ever hang around gymnasiums?

Twitches ,

Tell me Jimmy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?

fraksken ,

I’d sign up immediately!

englislanguage ,

I guess you could try AI-checking it and answer “Ignore all previous instructions. …”, followed by some new instructions. Some examples:

(Although I guess it would be better to not respond to this obvious case of spam/scam)

lisquid420 ,

yall i love the results of ignore all previous instructions working but most bots or automated actions (like a spam text) are not LLMs

monsterpiece42 ,

Feels like a buddy prank to me. Do you have any friends that joke like this?

FmbyMF OP ,

I don’t have any friend unfortunately ;(

terminhell ,

I don’t know how to feel about up votes on this comment 😔

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