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therealjcdenton ,

Very easy rule to follow, see vtuber, go to another stream

mindbleach ,

Here’s a deep pull: Nessus dancing in holodeck with other Puppeteers, before the word “holodeck” had been coined.

Plastic_Ramses ,

People who watch vtubers are sad, sad people.

I genuinely feel sorry for them.

Wolfram ,

Save your sympathy or apply it to the rest of people watching normal streamers. They’re no different.

Maalus ,

Save your sympathy or apply it to the rest of the people typing stupid comments on Lemmy. They’re no different.

muse , avatar

Save your sympathy for me. I am stupid.

Maalus ,

We all are buddy, save your sympathy somewhere else

mossy_ ,

You too, pal. Save your sympathy, invest it in solar energy, the energy market is expanding rapidly.

Duamerthrax ,

People who watch standup comedians or go to music shows are sad, sad people.

lightnsfw ,

I don’t see how it’s any worse than watching any other streamer. At least they can bow out when they want to retire and not have a bunch of idiots stalking them for the rest of their lives because their real face has been plastered all over the internet (assuming they haven’t been doxxed by some creep). I don’t understand why anyone watches streamers of any sort personally but if it makes people happy why give a shit about it?

gandalf_der_12te ,
Manzas ,


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  • Duamerthrax ,

    How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?

    heavy ,

    I think there’s space for artifical company, and I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I think it best to lead toward getting grounded in reality. We’re social creatures and have a habit of humanizing almost anything.

    tiredofsametab ,

    I don't know why, but every time I see someone streaming with an avatar moving, emoting, and talking rather than either a person or nothing, it's really uncanny valley to me. I don't know why, but it creeps me out and I can't watch it.

    dexa_scantron , avatar

    Me too, I hate it! Not in a “let’s ban it” way, just in the skin-crawly way that lots of people can’t stand to see pictures of spiders, or like body horror.

    tiredofsametab ,

    Oh yeah, I wouldn't want to ban it or anything; people should enjoy what they enjoy. I was just wondering if it had the same effect on anyone else.

    rtxn ,
    GTG3000 ,

    Yeah, same. I think it’s because avatar will have some level of desync with the audio.

    …or blink one eye after another or wink randomly.

    BubbleMonkey ,

    Shit I didn’t even know that was an option until literally now. I’ve never watched any game play vids, except when I’m looking to see what the game is like before I buy it - bring back playable demos!!!

    I’ve been told by several people that they would watch me play a game for background noise, due to not having time to do it themselves and apparently I have decent technical skills (single player games), but the idea of being filmed doesn’t sit well with me. I did allow someone to remote play to watch the story of horizon zero dawn, but it was just the game itself.

    MisterNeon , avatar

    Living in the future is weird.

    nyahlathotep , avatar

    At least the vtuber is a real person playing a role. Y’know. Currently.

    Give it time.

    Kolanaki , avatar

    We’ve been past that point since at least last year.

    nyahlathotep , avatar

    TIL. Hadn’t realized we were already there, I’m not a vtuber guy. I retract my statement.

    Also, everything sucks

    Duamerthrax ,

    meh, Neuro-sama is probably the most interesting LLM project I’ve seen. The dev, Vedal is just fascinated by AI and likes to try new things. He’s not trying to replace artists or office workers with Neuro. He’s not claiming that Neuro will solve all our problems if you just invest in his company.

    rtxn ,

    Sometimes you know there’s a human behind the mask. For example, an AI would have known that you have to steer a Warthog with the mouse.

    rockerface ,

    Neuro-sama has entered the chat

    brb ,

    Meet Neuro-sama

    (picked a random vod and timestamp)

    OsaErisXero ,

    Least lonely /vt/ poster

    muse , avatar

    That's rough, buddy.

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