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Grayox , in Anon is an anthropologist avatar

Its all about building ontop of the law of adjacent possibilities, which end up becoming an S tier for progress. Of course it started out slow.

Taleya , in Anon is a cowboy

Lean into it. And if all someone sees is something that happened years ago, fuck’em. They don’t know you.

LearnedDonkey , in Anon is an anthropologist

I would write some info. But I don't want to trigger atheists roaming these parts.

Marthirial ,

Too late…


Where is your god now?

FrostyCaveman , in Anon is an anthropologist

The Pleistocene (2,580,000 - 11,700 years ago) was fucking crazy cold and had a hella unstable climate. Not a nice predictable environment.

Two2Tango , in Anon is a cowboy

When I was in highschooli n the late 2000s, country bars were all the rage so you would’ve fit right in

bionicjoey , in Anon is an investor

Sounds like he’s more of a month trader

VirtualOdour , in Anon is an anthropologist

We haven’t even hit the steep bit of the curve yet, wait until you see where we are by the end of this century!

MataVatnik , avatar

Slaves to a digital corporate machine ruled by sentient AI

Obi , avatar

Or back to the caves, hunting with sticks and stones, could go either way really.

kemsat , in Anon is an anthropologist

We didn’t have writing for 190k years

FartsWithAnAccent , in Anon is an anthropologist avatar

Shit can get pretty wild when you start writing stuff down

Akasazh , avatar

Memes are pretty radical

AnUnusualRelic , in Anon is a cowboy avatar

This is more fun if anon is in Italy or something.

bionicjoey ,

Given how many Westerns were from Italy (ie. Spaghetti Westerns), it would make some sense.

iknowitwheniseeit ,

Spaghetti westerns were called spaghetti westerns because the directors were Italian:

bionicjoey ,

They were also mostly produced in Europe, particularly Italy and Spain

SwordInStone ,

and where were the spaghetti westerns shot?

iknowitwheniseeit ,

The answer to your question is literally on the link I posted. The reason that I posted the link was both to cite a source, and also to provide further information for anyone curious about it. If the future, please go ahead and just click a link when someone provides it!

Most spaghetti Westerns filmed between 1964 and 1978 were made on low budgets, and shot at Cinecittà studios and various locations around southern Italy and Spain.[12] Many of the stories take place in the dry landscapes of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico, thus, common filming locations were the Tabernas Desert and the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, an area of volcanic origin known for its wide sandy beaches, both of which are in the Province of Almería in Southeastern Spain. Some sets and studios built for spaghetti Westerns survived as theme parks, such as Texas Hollywood, Mini Hollywood, and Western Leone, and continue to be used as film sets.[13] Other filming locations used were in central and southern Italy, such as the parks of Valle del Treja (between Rome and Viterbo), the area of Camposecco (next to Camerata Nuova, characterized by a karst topography), the hills around Castelluccio, the area around the Gran Sasso mountain, and the Tivoli’s quarries and Sardinia. God’s Gun was filmed in Israel.[14]

iAvicenna , in Anon is an anthropologist avatar

anon assumes development of science and tech is linear

bionicjoey ,

It’s exponential. The gap between 200k years ago and 10k years ago is pretty similar to the gap between 20k years ago and 1k years ago, or the difference between 2k years ago and 100 years ago. On a logarithmic scale, same distance, roughly the same delta in terms of the technology available

Kerb , in Anon is an anthropologist avatar

language => written down language => widespread literacy => affordable information (printing press) => internet => hypertext websites => search engines.

we went from struggeling to keep our knowledge arround to having access to almost the entire sum of human knowledge in a mostly convenient manner.

praise_idleness ,

search engines(accessible with giant, wired computers, slow as fuck) => search engines(often times literally more accesible than water. enshittified as hell)

lvxferre , in Anon is an anthropologist avatar

It was mostly agriculture and dense human settlements, I think. Once you have someone farming enough food for themself plus someone else, that “someone else” can do something else to progress technology. Sometimes with things that allow that farmer to produce enough food for three people, then five, so goes on.

Shayeta ,

Yup, aliens.

lvxferre , avatar

Raising cattle is more efficient when it has its own cattle! And crops.

Klear , (edited )

guess what happens next

more food and more people who came to buy the food now you need people to help make the food and keep track of the sales and now you need houses for people to live in and people to make the houses, and now there’s more people and they invent things, which makes things better and more people come and there’s more farming and more people to make more things for more people and now there’s business, money, writing, laws, power

Barbarian , avatar
Klear ,

coming soon to a dank river valley near you

sxan , avatar


blargerer , in Anon is a cowboy

Real cringe is adult quasi strangers teasing someone for what they did as a teenager.

Stern , in Anon is an anthropologist avatar

start rolling down hill

going slow

go faster


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