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SuiPlay0x1 is a upcoming handheld that is going to run Playtron OS a Linux based (NOTE handheld is being made by blockchain company and with a potential price around $500) (

mr_MADAFAKA OP , avatar

I thought it was interesting that in system requirements says Proton for Non Native game

mr_MADAFAKA , avatar

Pretty much why i switched back to Steam from GOG

mr_MADAFAKA OP , (edited ) avatar

Dont know exactly when they enable EAC for Proton but I was playing this game for more than 30 days without any issues. Clip from yesterday

mr_MADAFAKA OP , avatar

I delete it, was looking through some old post and accidentally delete it

mr_MADAFAKA OP , avatar

It was added 3 days ago…and developer are no stranger to Linux ports since their game CRSED: Cuisine Royale have Linux port also

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