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smileyhead ,

Personal opinion. VoxeLibre should be the name of MineTest, because MineTest seems like it was a temporary name for experimental ‘learn a programming language’ project. And MineClone is exaclly what this is so maybe not best for advertisement but it fits.

WeLoveCastingSpellz ,

oh I rhpught that was the case! yea definetly it would make way more sense for minetest to become voxel libre

AncientMariner ,

VoxeLibre has intended to not be Minecraft clone for a long time now. There has been burgers in the base game for 17 months now. Unfortunately, every time someone tries to do something different, they get a hostile reception. The name is a liability, and not representative of what the project plans to be. The name change is about where the game plans to be, not where it was in the past. MineClone2 is a dreadful name. It’s like calling it rubbish MC rip-off 2.

merthyr1831 ,

Im fine with the name change here, but also agree that MineTest is a bit of a lame name for what is pretty much a game engine.

django ,

Interesting. Fuck Discord though.

Splatterphace ,
db2 ,

You’re too edgy for me. 🙄

SurvivalMariner ,

It’s a double edged sword. The channels are bridged across to Matrix, and the poll ran in multiple places, but 90%+ of the player community are on Discord.

Shadowedcross ,

I’ll never understand why certain people don’t like this message. I use Discord every day, and have been for years, but I still hate it. Other than the fact they collect so much data and does god knows what with it, I despise the fact that SO many communities rely on it for things like support, instead of using publicly accessible websites and forums. I don’t want to go through my list of servers to find one to leave so I can join yours just to find the answer to a simple question, or to be involved in the decision making process.

ObviouslyNotBanana , avatar

I use it too when I need to talk to people. It’s a good tool, but it is absolutely nothing else positive. I would love a better tool to come and replace it.

Why people have decided to keep information I used to be able to freely search for there is unfathomable to me.

A_Random_Idiot ,

are you me? Cause I was confused as fuck cause i could not remember making this post.

Cause I’ve been saying the same exact shit.

Discord is fine for friday night fuckaround with your gaming friends.

it is not a repository of information, and shouldnt be treated as such, because it can not be indexed and archived… So the overwhelming bulk of people that need that information will never find it, and that information will be lost when the discord disappears.

same reason it shouldnt be used as a support system.

Or anything else.

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