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khiemtu27 OP ,

No offense but wouldn’t that be kinda boring (say doing nothing for 10 years)? Maybe you also mean to do other things but didn’t mention.

khiemtu27 OP ,

religion is about shifting the blame to someone else

I agree, in this case, the Law of Attraction blames the believers, but somehow people fail to see this and instead think they deserve the misfortune because they haven’t ‘put in enough energy’.

khiemtu27 OP ,

Yeah… I tried to not mention Christian explicitly 😂

khiemtu27 OP ,

A combination of rituals, beliefs, and one or several faith-based divine figure. That’s my take on religion, I’m an atheist, btw.

khiemtu27 OP ,

I didn’t think this would get this much downvotes. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, leading to people misunderstand my post and think that I was trying to prove law of attraction is true.

khiemtu27 OP ,

Thank you for pointing this out! Now I see why people keep downvoting. Imagine listening to a dude talking like that about gravity 😂

At least it’s good to know that most of us haven’t heard of the “Law of Attraction” I was talking about.

khiemtu27 OP ,

I totally agree with you! I think it works but not in the way people think it is.

It can be frustrating when authors and others attempt to market the concept as scientifically grounded, kinda like a cult at times.

I feel bad for people who persist in the wrong direction and repeatedly fail to achieve their goals. It’s even worse when, after all that, they blame themselves for “not communicating well with the universe”.

khiemtu27 OP ,

I see, I think describing the whole universe as a god in a symbolic way can make sense.

Anyway, the trouble starts when people go beyond symbolism and start asking for help, making wishes, and sometimes blaming this “deity” for undesirable events. Relying on an entity whose existence remains uncertain, let alone he/she cares about you, is like gamble, which sounds unsettling.

khiemtu27 OP ,

I see… Since dopamine, cortisol… from the rages, the pleasure feelings, and other strategies are tools that these platforms use to addict us to them. These neurotransmitters and hormones heavily affect our heartbeat, blood pressure and other heart-related things. (I’ve read the Dopamine Nation book and listened to several podcasts discussing this.)

I don’t have any studies about this, and I’m just a guy trying to learn more about these new phenomena that might have a significant impact on our next generations.

Anyway, it’s nice to hear a different take on this to not just blindly blaming the wrong thing.

khiemtu27 OP ,

Thanks for pointing that out 😅

Btw you have a good point about this!

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