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Tech nerd with social capabilities. Enjoys simulation games, pen and paper roleplaying, drinking beer and messing with technology while listening to Hatsune Miku.

Engine programmer of We Are Football at

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What is something (feature, modes, settings...) you would like to see become a standard in video games?

I’ve been thinking about making this thread for a few days. Sometimes, I play a game and it has some very basic features that are just not in every other game and I think to myself: Why is this not standard?! and I wanted to know what were yours....

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@AnonStoleMyPants @tal And being able to pause a cutscene (That includes putting the system to sleep now!)

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@Plume The Witness has no menu and no savegames. When you boot it up, you're instantly exactly where you left off.

This doesn't work for all games, but I wish more games would do it like that.

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@Plume Oh yeah and this: Start the game in a neutral area or room where you can test the controls and sound are working properly and ensure the performance is right BEFORE the intro cutscene plays.

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@ijeff I'm never going to use passkeys because they require to have a lockscreen on the device, and I don't have one.

You might think "Isn't that kinda dangerous?"

And I say: My devices are never left unattended, so a lockscreen is just an obstacle to get back where I was. Honestly, try disabling your lockscreen. The fact that you can press one button and be right where you left off is priceless.

So, screw passkeys and their stupid rules.

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@DerpyPlayz18 They are not instant. I also don't feel comfortable giving my biometric data to some shady company just so I can unlock my phone.

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@Sentientted @CookieJarObserver The only gripe I have with the Pixel (4a in my case) is that the file system is so locked down, but that's just a modern Android thing. I wish I was able to change the default search engine but eh, can't complain.

I don't have a Pinephone personally, but has come a long way and supposedly runs very well on recent hardware. Give it another 1-2 years and it will be rock solid for daily use.

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I am once again considering to write my own window manager

...unless the setup I am thinking of is already possible, let me construct this in your head:

On the top of the screen, there is narrow status bar, which is split into two parts. On the right side of the bar, you have your clock, your battery, your signal strength and so on.

On the left side, there is a clickable tab for every window you have opened. It's like browser tabs: Every window always uses the entire space below the status bar.

On the far left, there could be an icon which opens a searchable list of applications, kind of like but vertical. Everything supports mouse input as you would expect.

Does that exist? Should I make it? It would be awesome for smaller screens, like phones.

Edit: I should add that I'm planning to run it on a Nokia N900 with a single 600 MHz CPU core, 256 MB RAM and a resolution of 800×480 pixels. Existing full desktop environments like Xfce4, LXDE, and so on are way to heavy to run.

@linux @linux @linux @linux

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@mvirts @chinstrap

I haven't looked too deep into what's possible with the config files of i3 or awesome. Maybe I should do that first. I just assumed they would be too keyboard focused. I want everything to be visible on screen, so you don't have to remember hotkeys.

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Honestly, that's all I want but stripped down so it can run on a system with 256 MB RAM.

@jthecoder @linux @linux @linux @linux

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@MonkderZweite Well, a window manager is for managing windows, right? So, having it also provide a list of windows to click on is resonable, in my opinion.

I should've added that I'm planning to run it on a Nokia N900 with 600 MHz and 256 MB RAM, both and are way too heavy for it. Also, most of their menus don't fit on the 800×480 pixel screen.

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@PuppyOSAndCoffee Probably nothing for a N900 but I've heard so much of it. I really should give it a try. How does Enlightenment run with older hardware? I'm talking 8-10 years old.

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I've just been told to “advise ahead of time” because I had meltdowns.

I guess “normal” (pfft) people file sick leave because they knew they'll have a fever ahead of time.

@autistics @actuallyautistic

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@youronlyone @autistics @actuallyautistic It baffles me how some employers treat sick leave like holidays and set limits. Like, when you're out of sick days you can't get sick any more. Being sick is by definition an unforeseen event, it just happens. All you can (and should) do is inform your company that you're not coming in today. Otherwise you might just call it "the other holiday leave"

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@douglasg14b @fwygon I love Kagi. For technical topics, the search quality is unparalleled. For everything else it's about the same.

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@aksdb @neon_arch Oh yes! I used SearXNG and it was quite slow.

The Spotify Car Thing cost $100, but I can't use it anymore. (

EDIT: The only reason why I still had it at this point was because I could use it with other apps. However, now that my Spotify Subscription is cancelled, it doesn’t work with anything. It’s mildly infuriating because today, I can’t still use it with other apps like I was able to yesterday....

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@pjhenry1216 @MyUnclesSecret Not quite. A gas stove requires gas. I can run it from canisters if I want to. In fact, I know someone who does.

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@zachimusprime44 Am I the only one not seeing any image here?

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@jackpot @interdimensionalmeme Syncthing does not require a server and is much easier to set up from a user perspective.

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@jackpot You add every device to every other device and they connect directly to each other. If direct connection isn't possible (1 out of 10 times) then a relay server is used. The relays are provided by the community for free (I am running one).

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I had a really nice moment last night

I finally formatted one of my 1 TB SSDs as EXT4 to make room for games on my install.

Then, I installed Transport Fever 2 and played it through my

And you know what? It just worked. It was a miracle! I just happily played for an hour without even noticing I'm not running . Zero tinkering. Thanks . ☺

@linux_gaming @linux_gaming @linux_gaming

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@klangcola tfw your laptop is more powerful than your desktop. But I'm glad it worked out for you!

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Halo: Master Chief Collection is an absolute broken mess

Last weekend, I picked up the Master Chief Collection from the Steam sale with a friend. We wanted to play through Halo 1 again, but it was completely unplayable.

You can't always join another player's session.
Occasionally, nothing happens when starting a mission.
On certain missions the game just completely freezes.
At certain points the game locks up leaving you unable to move.

It's just awful.

@gaming @gaming @gaming

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@gaming @gaming @gaming

Update: Most issues were fixed through updates, I guess we just wanted to play in a really unfortunate time.

The locking up problem is related to a DLL mismatch when attempting / crossplay. In short: Copy your Windows friends' ucrtbase.dll from both the System32 and the SysWOW64 folders to your Windows folder in 's compatdata folder and you're good to go!

We had a great time playing last night.

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Okay , I'm breaking up with you.

When I was new to stuff, helped me a lot with setting things up, especially email. But this is just stupid. I'm already paying for a server package that comes with Plesk, but it can't administer ?

Fuck that. I'm leaving.

Any alternatives? (Don't you dare to say 😠)


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@damien @selfhosted @selfhosted @selfhosted To be honest, no, not yet.

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@Alextheacceptable In Germany, there are lawyers specialised on torrents. They collect German IPs from the peers list and mass-sue them over distributing copyrighted material. They always ask for a settlement payment of more than 5000€. It can usually be escaped by taking it to court, but I recommend not going through that.

So, depends on your location. Over here, download one movie without a VPN and you have a shit ton of legal crap coming your way.

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Makes me think... if you exclusively use IPv6 you might be fine because they can't geolocate you that easily 🤔

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@SolOrion They don't deal with ISPs outside the country, because they can't sue them at a German court.

So they need to know it's a German ISP beforehand so they can request personal information accordingly. But maybe they could still figure it out from IPv6 address ranges... I'm not entirely sure.

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