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Lanky_Pomegranate530 OP , avatar

I don’t know who Jessica is but I bet she must have done something to piss you off.

Lanky_Pomegranate530 OP , avatar

I don’t know why this is getting downvoted. Communism is a pretty bad thing.

Lanky_Pomegranate530 OP , avatar


Lanky_Pomegranate530 OP , avatar

I agree. It’s one of the number 1 features I miss from Reddit.

Lanky_Pomegranate530 , avatar

Here is an Odysee Link for those that don’t want to give youtube support.

Lanky_Pomegranate530 , avatar

Good thing I am using Aliucord

Lanky_Pomegranate530 , avatar

You know there is a fork on Android called Aliucord. It allows you to install pluggins like better discord.

Lanky_Pomegranate530 , avatar

When I read the headline I honestly thought this was going to be an article from the onion.

Lanky_Pomegranate530 , (edited ) avatar

I agree with you man. The people there are just way stupider. I ended up switching instances because of that.

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