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Humorless4483 OP ,

Which orange ? I’m with orange Belgium.

Humorless4483 ,

I used it when I was running my server on windows but now I use nginx proxy manager it doesn’t get easier than that.

Humorless4483 ,

Being on the right side of the political spectrum doesn’t mean you’re fascist just like being on the left side doesn’t mean you’re communist.

Humorless4483 ,

I use Linux because I care about privacy.

You use Linux because you want to rice.

We’re not the same.

Humorless4483 ,

Middle click for minimize and double click for maximize

Beginner in need of real help!

I’ve been interested in self-hosting for a while, but didn’t really know where to start. I’ve never messed with Linux before and wanted to jump ship from Windows since Microsoft decided to start putting ads everywhere. I came across this post [] which was exactly what I was looking for to start, and...

Humorless4483 ,

As a beginner myself I would recommend you installing portainer (a gui for docker) and if you need compose files I have them for all of my services on my GitHub.

Humorless4483 ,

Android and chromeos are as much Linux as macOS and iOS are FreeBSD

Humorless4483 ,

So he went out to touch grass literally

Humorless4483 ,

You put the wrong flags except for the US, you forgot the Russian, Chinese, North Korean and the Islamic state flags

Humorless4483 ,

Then Turkey, Belarus and India too

Humorless4483 ,

As someone who hosts my own dns server I can confirm that I can see everything that is accessed but the not the whole url, I can see the base url like if you access YouTube, I’ll see that you pinged, what you received exactly I don’t know but I can tell that you went on YouTube.

Humorless4483 ,

You mean something like opnsense ?

Humorless4483 ,

Wait people don’t just install arch to say that they use it ?

Humorless4483 ,

It’s normal that you can’t find the library, you have to compile it from source.

Humorless4483 ,

Pierce the veil with Pass the Nirvana

Holding Absence with Afterlife

Caskets with Glass Heart

Beartooth with Sunshine!

We Came As Romans with Black Hole

Architects with Animals

Falling in Reverse with Popular Monster

Bad Omens with Dethrone

Motionless in White with Masterpiece

The Plot in You with Forgotten

Catch your Breath with Dial Tone

And finally Bring me the Horizon with Dear Diary,

Humorless4483 ,

Why ? They could just be giving access to different guest networks on different vlans.

Humorless4483 ,

Finally a good thing happening in America

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