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AFC1886VCC ,

“Give them a hefty jail sentence!!” - Conservative Party

thorbot ,

Now THIS is pod racing!!!

khannie , avatar

You really have to hand it to the British. They’re great at stuff like this.

Nice bit of Wensleydale with a protest, eh?

afraid_of_zombies ,

I remember when you could go to an art museum and see pictures and sculptures of stuff. That was kinda nice.

cupcakezealot , avatar

turned into wallace and gromit

so where’s the change?

Leate_Wonceslace ,

He’s smarter and less evil now.

Mango ,

Oh no! Some rich person’s pretty garbage was ridiculed!?

Heck off. I have real problems.

NotAnotherLemmyUser ,

The painting is protected by glass, so no damage was done to the painting.

I read through way too many articles that failed to mention this important detail.

argh_another_username ,

It wouldn’t be a big loss. That painting is ugly as hell.

Reverendender ,

I think it’s a terrific representation of the horrifically bloody history of the British Monarchy

Leg ,

Yeah, I don’t think it was meant to be pretty lol

jonne ,

Yeah, I know the artist said some other bullshit to justify this choice, but to me it just looks like the blood their wealth was built on.

theacharnian , avatar

I like it

Pilferjinx ,

I like it because it’s hella odd as shit. King, embrace the fuck-my-shit-up results of this glorious piece.

kandoh ,


Aviandelight , avatar

I can’t stop thinking about how someone got paid to make this painting.

RizzRustbolt ,

He’s pretty famous for making portraits. Here’s his portrait of Idris Elba.

FuglyDuck , avatar

See, that isn’t ugly.

Which makes me think it was on purpose. Which makes me hate it a little less.

RizzRustbolt ,

He has a lot of upper class clients who he paints just as … starkly as the king’s portrait.

It is very much on purpose.

Aviandelight , avatar

Now that is a gorgeous balance of color and brush strokes. So why did the artist choose that awful color theme for Charles?

chuckleslord ,

Right? Spit right in the royal families face and they pay you for the privilege. Priceless and hilarious

Moneo ,

Same shit that happens with every climate protest. “Climate protestors deface painting” etc.

fine_sandy_bottom ,

It’s much less engaging this way.

andrewta , (edited )

~~If it were something that could easily be removed I’d laugh

Since it appears to be a lot more permanent. Hopeful they do jail time for vandalism.don’t destroy artwork.~~

Edit : I’ve been told it its over glass. So in that case. Then it’s good for a laugh.

usernamesAreTricky ,

They used stickers. I doubt it’s super permanent by intention

riodoro1 ,

It’s over glass and ummm… I think it’s more important to first stop torturing animals and worry about the well being of inanimate objects later.

andrewta ,

Is it? Ah in that case I’ll amend my comment.

Wilshire OP , avatar

Jail time for nonviolent activism is excessive, and will probably motivate, not deter, more people to do the same.

afraid_of_zombies ,

Hmm nah. I am less likely to do something if I know it will result in me going to jail.

gmtom ,

Does “don’t destroy artwork” apply to people whi tear down statues of like Saddam or Mussolini? Or what about confederates or slave owner statues?

floofloof ,

It still looks like him, except happier.

FlyingSquid , avatar

I wouldn’t anger Count Vigo of Carpathia like that. Remember what happened the last time?

Donkter ,

He got turned into Wallace. The titular character.

aeronmelon ,

“Fancy some cheese?”

angelsomething ,

Improved it tbh.

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